Glass door Double Block Lock for commercial doors

Commercial Deadlock Glass Doors

Glass door Double Block Lock for commercial doors
Double Block Lock

If you have a shop with double glass doors and are looking for a better way to secure your door then the a Double Block Lock might be exactly what you are looking for. The Double Block Lock is suited to double doors with an aluminium frame. It can be fitted to both swinging doors and sliding doors.

The Double Block Lock has 3 main parts. There is the main keyed block lock which has a locking cylinder which is fitted to the door on the right (if it is fitted on the outside). The smaller part of the lock bolt is fitted to the door on the left. They are fitted close enough and in alignment for the locking bolt to fit through the hole in right side of the door and into the main locking block.

When the bolt is inserted and locked, the bolt can not be removed unless the key is turned. The bolt locks the two doors firmly together. The key must be turned in order to lock the bolt so there there is no way to accidentally or intentionally lock the door without having a key

The locking cylinder in a Double Block Lock is a standard 6 pin C4 design. The Double Block Lock can have its cylinder changed to match most popular commercial locks sold in Brisbane and Australia, including Lockwood, which are the premium manufacturer of commercial locks in Australia. It can also be put onto a registered or high security key system, making it a very high security locking system for commercial doors.

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