Locked out in Brisbane

It has been a busy Friday night in Brisbane. Tonight we have performed lockouts in Chermside, Upper Mount Gravatt, St Lucia and Kangaroo Point.  We were able to unlock all the doors tonight without any problems.  The number of people READ MORE

Door unlocked Toowong locksmith Brisbane

Locked out in Toowong

Door in opened Toowong Brisbane It has been a busy end to the school holidays.  Here in Toowong we just helped another customer unlock her door as she had locked the keys inside.  Locking the keys inside an apartment is READ MORE

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How to unlock apartment door house door

Need to know how to unlock a house door or apartment door? There is an easy way to unlock a door on an apartment or house that works on a lot of doors in Brisbane. It wont work on all READ MORE

Logan Central Nightmare

Cheapest Price Locksmith cost more then bargained for! Around midnight we were called to an apartment at Logan Central to unlock a door. It was a standard sounding type of locksmith job, so we thought.  We unlock a lot of READ MORE

door lock opened for student at Kangaroo point. Registered key system lock picked

Lock picked Kangaroo Point

Another student let back in to his room Providing a 24 hour locksmith service in Brisbane, sometimes it is easy to forget just how essential the service is and how it helps so many people in their daily lives. Helping READ MORE

Kangaroo Point door with lockwood deadlatch. 24 hour locksmtihs can pick these locks and unlock the door

Kangaroo Point Unlock Door

Another door opened at Kangaroo Point Other locksmiths in Brisbane who do emergency locksmith work at Kangaroo Point would understand that it is a suburb of Brisbane that is rather special in many ways. One way that Kangaroo Point is READ MORE

lock bumping brisbane locksmith

Lock Bumping

You are probably not the only person with a key to your house or business. Lock Bumping is a covert way to open a lock when you do not have a key. It is similar to lock picking in that READ MORE