Security door lock in Brisbane fitted to door new or repair Whitco Tasman mk2

Whitco Tasman Mk2

Whitco Tasman mk2 security screen door lock is the most popular security door lock used in Brisbane. It replaced the Tasman mk1 which used a more conventional latch design which had no deadlatching pin. The Whitco Tasman mk2 has proven READ MORE

security screen door lock Brisbane locksmith

Brisbane Security Doors

Repair and service of security doors in Brisbane Security screen doors in Brisbane are used much more then other doors in the house. Especially in summer months they get opened and closed constantly. Often they have an automatic door closer READ MORE

Lock pick set to pick locks you can buy online.

How to Pick a Lock

Picking Locks Picking locks is the technique used to open a lock without a key by lining up all the pins or discs to allow the lock barrel to turn. Well, we have all seen it in movies. You just READ MORE

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Lock Bumping

You are probably not the only person with a key to your house or business. Lock Bumping is a covert way to open a lock when you do not have a key. It is similar to lock picking in that READ MORE