restricted lock cylinder and key

Secure6 Restricted keys

Secure6 is a restricted keying system designed and available to locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand. The design of the key is protected against illegal duplication until 2024. This gives peace of mind that your keys can not be duplicated READ MORE

Locks changed Locksmith Brisbane lock shop 24 hour locksmiths

Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing Locks Brisbane Locksmith Often when we change locks on a house or business in Brisbane it is so the occupants can be sure that other people with keys to their doors can not open the locks. This is by READ MORE

Electronic Locker Lock

Electronic Lockers

Upgrade your key operated lockers to an electronic lock! If you are looking for an electronic lock for lockers then the Code Locker series of locks is what you have been looking for. Open the locker with an electronic code READ MORE

Logan Central Nightmare

Cheapest Price Locksmith cost more then bargained for! Around midnight we were called to an apartment at Logan Central to unlock a door. It was a standard sounding type of locksmith job, so we thought.  We unlock a lot of READ MORE

Garage door security

Garage doors are often an overlooked part of the home security. If the garage is not attached to the main house then it might not be thought of as a safety issue. Maybe the garage door lock should be more READ MORE