Lockwood 3572 in box

Lockwood 3572 Vestibule lock

Lockwood 3572  Review The Lockwood 3572 mortise lock is one of the most common lock found on apartment doors, government buildings, commercial premises and many other places in Brisbane.  I hope this helps explain a little about this lock Supplied READ MORE

Logan Central Nightmare

Cheapest Price Locksmith cost more then bargained for! Around midnight we were called to an apartment at Logan Central to unlock a door. It was a standard sounding type of locksmith job, so we thought.  We unlock a lot of READ MORE

door lock opened for student at Kangaroo point. Registered key system lock picked

Lock picked Kangaroo Point

Another student let back in to his room Providing a 24 hour locksmith service in Brisbane, sometimes it is easy to forget just how essential the service is and how it helps so many people in their daily lives. Helping READ MORE