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Cash and Deed Boxes

Cash boxes are used to keep cash and money safe in certain situations.
Deed boxes as the name indicates can be used to keep documents safe.  They can be used in a safety deposit area inside a bank or kept inside a safe for extra security.

All cash boxes and deed boxes are lockable and come standard with a wafer type lock installed.  Most of these boxes can be upgraded to a higher security lock that can not be easily picked with simple tools.  Ask about a higher security lock when you purchase your cash box or deed box.

Make sure when you purchase a cash box or deed box that it is the correct size.  Ensure your papers or documents will fit inside the box and that the box will fit in your safe or other secure area.

BDS Cash box 24 hour locksmith brisbane
BDS Cash Boxes DN296

BDS Cash Boxes DN296

Sturdy Steel Construction.

Modern Design with Rounded Corners.

Removable Coin Tray.

Carry Handle.

Available in 4 Sizes.

150mm x 90mm.

200mm x 95mm.

250mm x 130mm.

300mm x 175mm.


sws deed box
SWS Deed Boxes DN299

SWS Deed Boxes DN299

Solid Steel Construction.

Carry Handle.

Finished in Black Enamel.

Available in 4 Sizes.

90 x 300 x 375mm.

110 x 355 x 200mm.

210 x 355 x 200mm.

150 x 400 x 275mm.

We are in the process of updating our ranges of cash boxes and deed boxes.  We might not have all these models in stock and we might not have the same brands available.  We are continually checking for better quality products and better suited products for the Brisbane market place.

If we do not have the cash or deed box you require, we can order it in a short amount of time.