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Lock Boxes – Weld In Type

Weld In Lock Boxes

Weld in lock boxes make it easy to fit a lock to any steel door or security door.  The lock boxes come pre-drilled and cut out to suit the lock of your choice.  The holes match up with the face of the lock and handles will line up with the cut outs.  Cylinder holes all line up as well to make it a simple task to install a lock in a gate.

The gate should be designed to fit a specific lock and the lock box should be welded in at the time of manufacturing.  This allows for the proper finishing of the gate and lock box to be seamless and look perfect.

For older gates this is also a good option.  Many older gates were made for locks that are now obsolete and are not made any more.  The easiest way to fit a lock to an old metal gate is to cut out the old lock mounting and weld in a new lock box.  This saves a lot of time trying to match up the old handle holes and you will end up with a much better job when you are finished.


Lock Boxes are available for a wide variety of lock models. This is a small sample of available Lock boxes.

Bds Lock box for lockwood 570 series locks

BDS Weld in Lock Boxes

BDS Lock Box to Suit Lockwood 3570 with Cylinder and Spindle Holes DN961

Zinc Plated.

Adi Lock box to suit deadlock 24 hour locksmith brisbane

ADI Lock Box To suit Deadbolt DN968

ADI Lock Box To suit Deadbolt DN968

Gate Mount.

Suits Most Standard Deadbolts.

ADI entrance lock weld in lock box

ADI Lock Boxes to Suit Entrance Lock DN969

ADI Lock Box to Suit Entrance Lock DN969

Suits Most Standard Types of Knob Locks and Lever Handle locks.

weld in lock boxes for whitco security screen lock

Whitco Security Cage DN973 Lock box

Whitco Security Cage DN973

Suits Tasman Security Door Locks.

Ideal For Decorative Gates.