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Locked out in Brisbane

Locked out in Brisbane

It has been a busy Friday night in Brisbane. Tonight we have performed lockouts in Chermside, Upper Mount Gravatt, St Lucia and Kangaroo Point.  We were able to unlock all the doors tonight without any problems.  The number of people locked out side of their homes increases quite a bit this time of year as the weather heats up and it gets closer to Christmas.

Locked out in Brisbane. Need a locksmith to unlock a doorUnlocking the door at Upper Mount Gravatt tonight was an interesting job. We were not the first locksmith to attend the property. The first locksmith called could not unlock the door. The tried for over an hour and could not pick the lock. The tenant of the property informed us they used a pick gun to try to open the door. It was quickly evident that the lock they were trying to pick the pick gun would never have opened. It was a new style Lockwood 001 deadlatch. These locks use security pins that can not be picked with a pick gun or bumped with a bump key. We use a unique opening techinique to unlock a locked door with these Lockwood deadlocks. The customer was very happy to be back inside their apartment within a few minutes of our arrival.

It is normal that we can unlock a locked door within a few minutes. There are situations where it becomes very difficult to open a locked door. High security locks a challenge, which often can still be opened. The biggest challenges when opening locked doors are caused by lock malfunctions, broken locks and very weird situations. A broken lock can make it impossible to open a door, even when a key is available. A broken lock can often be unlocked and the door opened quite fast, although some situations require patience in figuring out exactly what is wrong with the lock. A broken latch inside a door is also a situation that requires skill to open the door.

In Brisbane there is an ever increasing number of high security locks. High security locks stop a lot of burglars from breaking into homes and businesses. They do however hinder a locksmith from quickly unlocking a door. Making a locksmiths job harder is not a bad thing! The harder it is for a locksmith, the harder it also is for criminals. Opening all types of doors with all types of locks is just part of a locksmiths job. Our locksmiths have a range of door opening techniques for many situations.

If you need a door unlocked in Brisbane, call our 24 hour locksmiths any time and we will come to you as quickly as possible.

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How to open a bathroom door lock

How to open a bathroom door lock

Locked out of the toilet, bathroom or bedroom?

Most bathroom and toilet door locks make it quite hard to lock yourself out of.  Generally when you close the door the latch activates the unlocking mechanism inside the lock to automatically unlock the door.  So just pushing the door shut should unlock the lock.   This should make it hard to get locked on the outside of the door.
There is always the possibility of someone being locked inside the bathroom and not being able to open the door.  They may have slipped in the shower, or any number of reasons.  This is why most bathroom door locks have some sort of unlocking button or snib on the outside of the door.  The toilet and bathroom door are not high security areas and don’t need a key lock.  Your teenagers might disagree 😉

How to unlock privacy knob lock
There are many different variations of unlocking snibs and buttons for these locks.  Generally we call these locks “privacy locks”.  Many privacy locks can be opened with a coin or butter knife by turning the button in the centre of the lock. Turning the button pops open the push in button on the inside of the lock.
Locks such as Gainsbrough use a snib on the outside of the lock which is located underneath the rose.  This snib just needs to be flicked down to release the lock mechanism.

how to unlock gainsborough lock
Some locks just have a hole in the outside of the rose.  Pushing a skewer into the hole activates the release button to unlock the door.

How to unlock lever handle lock
Other locks may have a cover over the unlocking button.  Some have a grub screw that you need an allen key to remove.  There is usually some way to unlock a privacy lock from the outside.
There are situations where you cant get the lock open no matter what you do.  The lock might have been installed incorrectly or it might have malfunctioned.  One thing you can try to do is to see if the lock will come apart from the outside.  Most locks screw together from the inside of the door.  But there is a chance of removing the lock from the outside.
Toilet and bathroom doors can be high use doors!  Yes, they get closed an awful lot during their lifetime.  It is always worth getting any problems with these privacy sets fixed before they break.  It may be a case that you are locked inside the bathroom or toilet with no means of escape.  This does happen and we have been called to jobs where people have been stuck for long periods of time.
Hope this helps and give some basic info on how to get out of a sticky situation with privacy locks.

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