DN8527 Entrance Lock Set

DN8527 Entrance Lock Set

Unfortunately, not all entrance lock sets are made equal.   They may look the same.  They might work the same way, They might even have the same looking key.  But there are big differences between many plain old looking door lock sets.

Locksmith Entrance Door Lock

Well the lock I would like to focus on is one of our best selling products.   This Entrance lock set is one that our locksmiths in Brisbane are proud to fit because it is a tremendously high quality lock for the price.   This entrance lock is a commercial grade lock set and is manufactured from Satin Stainless Steel which gives it the most durable finish available.

The latch on these locks is also a heavy duty deadlatching type of latch.  When fitted correctly the deadlatching mechanism resists attacks from through the door opening techniques where manipulation of the latch might be possible as with some other types of locks.
The latch is available in either a 60 or 70 mm backset.  From the edge of the door to the centre of the lock.  It is also easy to make the latch work on a 127mm door or even other non standard backset measurements.

The body of the lock is made of heavy duty steel and designed to be much more robust then other less quality locks.  The lock has a 2 hour fire rating which most other locks do not have.  This means it is suitable for many Unit doors which have a 2 hour fire rated door.

The locking cylinder on this lock is one that is loved by our locksmiths in Brisbane.  It is an easy to change 6 pin cylinder that is interchangeable with a large range of high security cylinders and is machined very precisely for years of operational use.  The cylinder can be changed to match most other locks in your home or office.  The cylinder is a 6 pin tumbler mechanism for much higher security.

This is a lock we get very few problems with.  Usually if there is a problem with one of these locks, it is because the door has issues such as loose hinges, etc.  It is a very high quality product that is recommended by our locksmiths for many different situations.


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Manufacturing lock pins

Manufacturing lock pins

Making small lock parts

Every now and then we need a small part that is not commercially available. Lock pins are a good example of these small parts. Most lock pins are commercially available, but if you want a custom part you pretty much have to make it yourself.

Commercially made lock pins are made on a special type of lathe called an Escomatic lathe where the material does not move and the cutting tools rotate around the brass stock. This method of manufacturing is much better for making small parts as centrifugal force and flexing of the material are less of a concern.
escomatic lathe 24 hour locksmth Brisbane
The picture attached is of an escomatic lathe used for making small parts including lock pins


CNC Lathe

We don’t have an Escomatic lathe, so to make lock pins we are using a conventional CNC Lathe.
CNC or computer controlled lathe makes repetition much more consistent and faster. The flex in the stock material does mean we have to use a bit of trial and error to get the diameter and size correct.

The tooling used for our lock pins is a specially ground high speed steel cutting tool. The tool has a very fine cutting edge to minimize flex of the stock material. The lock pin in the video below also required a very small hole drilled in the pin. A tungsten carbide drill was used to drill the hole.


CNC lathe operation

Using this setup we can quite quickly manufacture different custom pin designs. the changes made in the structure of the code are usually quite minimal and the tooling is usually able to be kept fairly standard.
As locksmiths we are only doing short runs and sometimes only require a few parts to be made for a specific job. Large runs would have to be outsourced at a much higher cost.
Brisbane locksmith cnc Lathe part
BTW- Lock pins are the parts inside the lock cylinder that go up and down when you insert your key. They are of different sizes to match the cuts in your key.


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One thing you should think about in Storm Season

One thing you should think about in Storm Season

There is one specific type of job we get called out to quite a bit after a lightening storm.

locked out of garage
That is to unlock houses because the power has gone off.  Why?  Well, a lot of people drive out of their garage and click the remote to lock their door.  They don’t take a set of keys with them, only a garage remote.
Usually the remote is all you need to get back inside your house.  Except for when the power goes off, or a lightning strike makes your garage opener malfunction.  If your garage opener is all you have to unlock your house then you are going to be stuck outside.   As most storms happen in the late afternoon most of our calls to open a locked house in this situation happen at night which is not the best time to be locked outside.
All you really need to be prepared for this lockout situation is to have an alternative entry into your home.  A set of keys is not reliant on the power being switched on and will always give you access in any situation.  It is not expensive to get an extra set of keys cut for your house or apartment and it will save you money and the inconvenience of being locked out after a storm or power failure.
On some properties and townhouses you might even be locked out of your main gate or foyer door if there is no power.  Going keyless is great, but just check your entry requirements and find out what you need to do if there is no power.   Hopefully we wont have destructive storms this Summer although it is pretty much impossible to predict.  Being prepared is the best strategy.

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Electronic Security Vulnerabilities

changing locks

changing locks to the one key

There has been a large increase in electronic locking devices over the recent years.  Some of these locks are quite good and keep things secure.  Unfortunately some electronic locks leave a building vulnerable to a range of attacks.
The price you pay for your electronic locks has no real bearing on the level of security you receive.  This might sound like an odd statement, but it has been proven to be true over and over again.  Some of the most expensive locking devices and installations might leave you open to easy opening techniques that a thief can take advantage of.
While i do not want to get into the particulars of the vulnerabilities of the various locking devices.  There are many reasons why your building may be vulnerable.  Most are very basic security issues such as using the wrong locks with electronic devices, Incorrect installation of the lock and strike,  the locks have not been maintained and leave the door with a vulnerability.
I would recommend getting your electronic locks checked by a professional locksmith who specializes in gaining entry into such doors.  This might sound like a sales pitch, but it can be a serious problem.  The installer of you electronic locking system is probably not the best person to ask on your systems faults.  They are probably not going to point them out to you or they are probably not going to know.  Make sure the locksmith is a professional and is serious about finding your weaknesses.  Many locksmiths will send an apprentice out with little knowledge.  Make sure if you get a locksmith out they are serious about your security.

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