Lane Deadbolt review

Lane Deadbolt review

The lane deadbolt maximum security

The lane deadbolt is sold by most hardware shops in Brisbane. The one I have here was bought at a Bunnings hardware store. The brand Lane have been around in Australia for more then 25 years. Many years ago Lane made a range of deadlocks, entrance locks, commercial locks, etc that were fitted to a large number of homes, apartments, hotel doors, commercial doors, etc around Australia. Lane have changed their products a great deal over the years. This deadbolt is a good representation of the modern Lane locks.


Lane deadbolt packagingThe deadlock comes with some great colourful packaging. It makes reference to crime-stoppers, recycling, “maximum security”, etc. Reading the packaging this lock seems to be a very good quality lock suitable for fitting to entrance doors on a home.

The stainless steel plating on this lock has to be the best thing about this deadbolt. The finish is quite good and has the Lane logo stamped into the outer and inner lock body.

Deadbolt Bolt

Lane deadbolt boltThe lock bolt is adjustable to suit either a 60mm or 70mm backset. The actual bolt which throws into the door frame is die-cast with 2 small hardened pins to resist sawing. The bolt has an awful amount of wobble when it is in the locked position. The way the die-cast bolt is attached to the bolt throw mechanism is very poor. The bolt would not stand up to very much force at all.

Lock Cylinders

Lane deadbolt front of lockThe lock cylinders and barrel is all die-cast metal. The die casting is of a high quality with no visible flaws. The lock barrel is not filed (which is good). The pins in the lock are flat at the shear line (which is also good) and not rounded.

There is an issue with the die casting of this lock though. Die casting is far less accurate then machining a brass barrel and cylinder. Tolerances with the barrel and cylinder and accuracy especially with the pin holes in this lock is very bad. When the pin holes are too large, it makes the lock very easy to open by lock picking and bumping.

Lock Picking Lane Deadbolt

Lane deadbolt lock picking

lane deadbolt lock bumping

lane deadbolt lock bumping

Lock picking and lock bumping this lock was way too easy. It could quite literally be opened with a bobby pin. While this might sound normal if you watch the movies. In reality, this lock is one of the most insecure locks I have ever seen! It would seem that as manufacturing technology has increased, Lane have for some reason decided their locks need to decrease dramatically in security.

Summary of the Lane Deadbolt

As lane have on their packaging “Maximum Security” somebody buying this lock would be seriously misled. This lock I would have to say would have to be close to winning the prize for the most insecure lock on the Australian market. I would definitely not be fitting this lock to any door that has to be in any way secure. There are much better locks available in a similar price range that will give better security then the Lane deadbolt.

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Carbine Deadbolt Double Cylinder

Carbine Deadbolt Double Cylinder

Why does the Carbine deadbolt sold by our Brisbane locksmiths sell better then large company brand name locks?

The Carbine double cylinder deadbolt has been one of our best selling deadbolts now for many years. This comes to no surprise to our Brisbane locksmiths. The Carbine deadbolt has many features other brand name locks just don’t have. What you see with locks is not always what you expect.

carbine deadlock for wooden doors. Carbine deadbolt high security Brisbane locksmithsThe Carbine double cylinder deadbolt is easy to install. It comes with instructions and a drilling template. The template can be placed on a door and drill holes marked with a punch. It can also be fitted in place of other locks. The holes match up to a standard entrance lock pattern used on a majority of Brisbane and Australian doors. A 52mm holesaw, 25mm boring bit, hammer, chisel, Philips screwdriver, punch, and drill is all that is needed to install this lock.

The locking bolt for the Carbine deadbolt is made from brass with a hardened steel insert. The hardened steel insert hinders attempts of sawing the bolt in half with a hacksaw or similar tool. The bolt assembly is a heavy duty. It works with a clear, crisp movement and is of high quality.  The bolt can be adjusted to suit 60mm or 70mm backsets.

The inside and outside cylinders of the Carbine deadbolt contain a removable all brass cylinder. The cylinder comes standard with a Lockwood compatible barrel. The C4 keyway of the lock matches the most common keyway used in Brisbane. The cylinder can be easily changed or rekeyed to match another key. It can also be master-keyed as the lock barrel is of high quality with good tolerances.

The lock barrel can be replaced with a high security barrel or registered key barrel. It takes a PD barrel which is a common barrel type used for many other locks in the Carbine range. The entire cylinder assembly can also be replaced with a high security cylinder. A high security cylinder makes the Carbine double cylinder deadbolt much more secure from lock picking and lock bumping attacks.

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3D Printed Lock Barrels Brisbane

3D Printed Lock Barrels Brisbane

Changing lock barrels to suit any key 3D printed style

Are you one of those people who has been lying awake in bed just pondering the question “Can a lock barrell be 3D printed ?”  Well your question has now been well and truly answered.  Our 24 hour locksmiths have successfully 3D printed a range of lock barrels in different broachings.  Broaching to suit even high security registered key systems!

   3D printed lock barrel Brisbane locksmith       While these lock barrels are made of plastic, it is possible and cost effective to have the barrels 3D printed on a higher end metal 3D printer.  A metal printer can make the lock barrels as well as the entire locks out of materials such as Brass or Stainless Steel.  With additive manufacturing hardened anti-drill obstructions can even be added to the lock barrel.  This would give the lock a higher degree of security then many standard lock barrels.

Why would a locksmith want to 3D print lock barrels? Lock barrels are easily replaced in most locks.  A new lock barrel can be added to a lock to match the broaching of a different key.  Replacing all the lock barrels for a series of locks can make the locks all work on a new uniquely warded high security key.   The ability to reproduce a lock barrel to match a key system can unlock lucrative opportunities with already installed security key systems.

IMG_5008The bigger picture is that smaller companies can manufacture a lot more unique products that either did not exist or were not available or practical to manufacture using other techniques.

As additive manufacturing matures the security a locksmith can offer their customer becomes much more unique.  Custom broaching for locks is just the start.  Completely new lock and key designs can be prototyped quickly and manufactured on demand.  Where once locksmiths were tied to security key systems manufactured by large multi-national companies it is now becoming possible for small companies to manufacture on demand security products to suit a specific customer.

While Our plastic lock barrels might just be prototypes,  Production 3D printed parts are not far away.


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Ikonic Entrance Lock Bunnings

Ikonic Entrance Lock Bunnings

Why wont my locksmith fit locks i bought from Bunnings?

We all love Bunnings Hardware and a lot of the products they sell are great quality.  Even a lot of their cheaper products are of good quality.   I have an Ozito cordless drill that has worked flawlessly for 2 years now.  Even though it was cheap, it has been a great product.

When it comes to security, buying a cheap lock from Bunnings is probably not the best idea.  Even though it is cheap and looks good on the outside, inside it might not be up to the job of protecting you, your family and your property.

The Ikonic entrance lock from Bunnings is a good example of a shiny looking lock that should not be fitted to an exterior door of a home for security.  This lock fails the most basic security requirements expected of a entrance lock set.  Even fitting this lock to an interior door in a house or apartment isn’t something i would recommend.

This post was inspired by a customer who had bought these locks from Bunnings and wanted us to fit them to his house.  In good conscience as a tradesman locksmith, I could not fit these locks to his home.   As these locks look very similar to locks of better quality, it is hard for a consumer to tell the difference.  Recommending to a customer to buy more expensive locks that look very similar, i am sure they sometimes think we are trying to up-sell them for no reason.

There are usually very good reasons for not recommending certain products.  The Ikonic entrance lock for example has a low quality locking cylinder and the handles can actually be pulled off with little force.   Comparing it to other similar entrance locks, there is no doubt this lock is a bad choice for security and safety.

But the lock has a three year warranty!  Yes it does!  The warranty is not the issue when it comes to security.  The damage that could be caused by this lock failing to stop a simple burglary vs a $10.50 warranty??  A burglary can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars!  Why take the risk buying a cheap lock at Bunnings?

I dont know of any trade qualified locksmiths that would give bad advise regarding the selection of suitable locks for your home or business.  If you are calling someone that is not a tradesman, then you might end up with a $10.50 lock on your door?  Actually with locks, it is not even a case of “You get what you pay for”.  There are some very expensive locks available at hardware shops that are of such poor quality, locksmiths scratch their head and wonder why they are even being sold.  Just because it is shiny and expensive, doesn’t always correlate to a quality security product.

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How to unlock apartment door house door

How to unlock apartment door house door

Need to know how to unlock a house door or apartment door?

There is an easy way to unlock a door on an apartment or house that works on a lot of doors in Brisbane. It wont work on all doors, but it is worth trying if you are locked outside. A lot of doors in Brisbane have deadlocks fitted. This wont work if you have a locked, properly working deadlock.

First you need to find yourself a plastic bottle. A coke bottle, juice bottle, plastic milk bottle, etc. There is always one in the rubbish bin, or a neighbors rubbish. The bottle does not have to be flat. The stronger, thinner plastic of a coke or sprite bottle is great for this.

You also need to find yourself a knife, scissors or something to cut the plastic. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp knife.

Cut the bottle up so you have a large flat piece of plastic sheet. If the bottle is round, it is fine. It will be flat enough for our purposes.

Slide the piece of plastic between the door and door jamb, partly through the door. Put the piece of plastic through the door above or below the lock. There should be enough play in the door for the plastic to push through.

Bring the plastic up or down to the door latch and try to open the door lock by pushing the plastic back and forth. The plastic will make contact with the latch and the door will open. Well it should if this works for you.

If this door opening trick does not  work, I would be calling a locksmith in Brisbane to unlock your door. Opening the door without doing any damage is what our 24 hour locksmiths specialise in.

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Find a locksmith on Google

Find a locksmith on Google

Finding a real locksmith on Google

fake locksmith in Brisbane GoogleHow do you know you have found a real locksmith when you do a Google search?  Well its not that easy.  In Brisbane locksmiths can be quite difficult to find!  Doing a search for locksmiths on Google pulls up 1000’s of results.  Actually 21,300,000.  This is great if you are looking for information on locksmiths.  Google’s main purpose is to give you relative sites to your search term.

The problem is Google is now much more then a search engine.  They actively promote businesses on their search pages which is a great revenue stream for Google.  In promoting businesses, Google are aware that the results they return should reflect what people are really searching for.  You search for a locksmith, then you would expect to be given a choice of locksmiths.  Especially locksmiths in your local area.

The problem is that when you do a search for locksmiths, you get very few real locksmiths in the top results.  You are mostly seeing SEO website builders who have promoted a website, which is usually full of spam.  Many are easy to spot.  They have menu’s full of repeated terms.  such as Locksmith Albion, Locksmith Bardon, Locksmith Carindale, etc.   The real locksmiths just dont have the time or money to spend on their websites.  The promotion of a website is a full time job if you want to get on the front page of the results.

The real locksmith companies in Brisbane, are almost impossible to find.  Even doing a search for their names will bring up a range of results.   Its really hard to find a real locksmith.

Then there is Adwords.  You just dont know who will be advertising on Adwords.  They dont even have to operate in Australia!

Map listings.  Most map listings are fake.  Some even go so far to take the address of a real locksmith!  Most of the SEO locksmith sites have multiple map listings under different suburbs.

The best advice i can give is try to find a real locksmith company in Brisbane.  Licensing means very little and is easy to obtain.  I recommend asking to see a trade certificate.  At least you should know if your locksmith is a genuine locksmith.


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Changing remote opening doors

Changing remote opening doors

Need to change Remote?

Remote opening doors in Brisbane are common place. Most garage doors and gates open by a remote control. They are convenient as we do not have to get out of our cars to open the the gate and door.

remote lock changed on gate and garage door locksmith Brisbane

New remotes an be purchased and added into a door in most cases quite simply. Although there are some remote doors that require specific tools and that are not easy to program. Some remotes require the opening of electrical boxes and can be tricky to program.

Most doors have 2 different programming procedures which you will need to know if you are changing the code of the doors. You can either program in additional remote fobs or delete all existing remote fobs before programming. With the robberies in Brisbane it is common practice to delete the old remotes out first. The programming procedure for all doors is very different so you need the correct programming procedure for your door.

Key fobs also are very different. Even if they look the same or are of the same brand it is common that the electronic code is different. Make sure you have the right remote to match your door.

If you are deleting all the remotes from the door try to test with an old remote to make sure they have all been deleted. Some doors give little indication that the remotes have been deleted and it is hard to know if the programming procedure has worked correctly.

Always contact your local Brisbane locksmith for changing remotes on garage and gate remote opening doors.

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Disaster Brisbane Locksmith

Disaster Brisbane Locksmith

Advertising for a Brisbane Locksmith Makes Customers Angry

Locksmith Brisbane 24 Hour Key Chain for wooden doorMarketing for our Brisbane locksmith company has always been fairly simple. Advertising in the Yellow Pages, Google Adwords, Newspapers, etc. We even tried delivering fliers. This is all good. The problem we faced was that when you are locked out of your home or apartment and need to get let back in, all the advertising material is not where you need it. It is on the wrong side of the door. So our marketing experts set about coming up with an answer to this problem.

Out locksmith business needed something where people would remember our phone number 0431 449 201. Pretty steep ask remembering a tradesman’s phone number. You would almost have to type it into your phone every day! Even a friends phone number it is hard to remember because its just in the phone contacts. So phoning them every day, not really a good idea and no, we have never done this. Still the idea of remembering a phone number when they need an emergency locksmith is I guess the holy grail of marketing for a locksmith.

Well our marketing team come up with what they thought was the best idea ever. As you can see in the picture. It is a key traceable keychain. Brilliant idea! Every time they lock the key chain, they need to trace your phone number. We made up some prototypes of these keychains just to test them out. The prototypes were made with random phone numbers.

Testing of the prototype key chains showed the idea was above expectations. Once you had traced the phone number just a few times, it stuck in your head and you could not forget it, even if you tried! In fact by remembering the phone number tracing the pattern on the key chain become very fast. It seemed like it was a real winner!

Problems faced were now that they had to be installed onto peoples doors. That was very simple. Just a few screws and it was fitted. Installation was so simple a lot of people could even install these traceable keychains themselves. They could be offered as a free gift when work was performed at a persons home such as changing locks or fitting a deadlock. We do actually get calls from people wanting key chains installed. Why not install a key chain for free.

traceable Key Chain for doorSo with everything looking good, we started our first installs of the key chains. The first customer who wanted one fitted went wow! I have never seen anything like that before! We showed him and explained it was basically a marketing tool. We fitted a few more over the course of a couple of days. These things looked good! They were in the shape of a map of Australia. Finished in Brass. All was going well.

Until we got the call from the first customer asking us to come back and remove it! Wow we thought. Why would you want to remove it from your door? The customer was not happy! He told us that it was the worst designed key chain he had ever seen! It took him over 20 seconds to unlock his door when he had a visitor. He said it was the most frustrating thing he had ever seen! While he remembered our number very well, he remembered it in association with lots of words that I can not repeat here.

It was not only this one customer. We contacted everyone we installed a key chain for and they all had very similar thoughts. We offered to remove all the key chains and all our frustrated customers were very pleased of their removals. It seemed, if it takes extra time to open your door, even just 20 seconds, it is a most frustrating experience.

Not everyone who had a key chain fitted wanted it removed. A few customers really loved it and would not have it removed at any cost. We are keeping in touch with them and offering free removal at any time they get frustrated with the key chain.

Of course with the reaction we received, the keychains are no longer available. It was a real disaster! I guess it is obvious in hindsight that it was a bad idea.

Back to the drawing board now. Just have to wait for our next brilliant marketing idea! It’s coming soon!

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Copy keys

Copy keys

Keys copy Brisbane

Keys cut in Brisbane locksmith One of the jobs we get called to quite as bit as locksmiths in Brisbane is to repair locks or unlock a door due to a key that is copied very badly.  This especially can happen when moving to a new house or apartment.  The real estate can give a key which they have had cut that is not working in the lock.  As people often move on a weekend, these jobs where people need to be rescued are often when the real estate is closed.   A copied keys accuracy is very important.

Many copy keys are cut on the wrong key blank.  Having the correct blank makes a large difference to the key working or not.  Even if the key fits into the lock, a key cut on the wrong key blank may still not work and your may require a locksmith to unlock the door.   Some key blanks will sit higher or lower in the lock, making the key cuts in the wrong position.   It is easy for an unskilled key cutter to mix up key blanks if they have not seen the type of blank before.

Keys cut for door. Copy keys by locksmith in Brisbane 24 hour locksmithsCutting accurate keys requires accurate key cutting machinery.  Key cutters in shopping centres and hardware shops almost always cut keys by tracing the key which they are given and reproducing the cut key onto the blank using a cutting wheel.  The key cutting machine needs to be very accurate, but unfortunately many key cutting machines are not calibrated correctly.  Often the keys are cut too deep.  There is a better chance of a key working cut deep, rather then shallow.   So adjusting machinery to cut a little deep is often what is done.  Problem is that this does not make for an accurate key.

Key cutting machine Brisbane Locksmith

Locksmiths can cut keys to code.  A cut key to code will be very accurate.  The key is cut to the manufacturers depths on a special code key cutting machine.  Keys cut this way eliminate many inaccuracies.   If a locksmith knows the code of the key, the key can be cut even if the key is not present or lost.  Many registered keys are cut to code, ensuring they are all cut very accurately.

When getting a key cut, it is always advisable to use a trade qualified locksmith.  They are specialists in locks and keys.  A Brisbane locksmith will always give you the best key copy available.


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Brisbane Locksmith Keychain

Brisbane Locksmith Keychain

Key chains now available free fitting!

Key Chain fitted to door LocksmithWant a unique key chain fitted to your door? These are a traceable keychain that would be very hard to retrace from outside of the door. Knowing your locksmiths phone number is never going to be a problem again! We guarantee you will never forget it!

These keychains are supplied and fitted for free when you use our services at your home. They are finished in brass and add a curiosity to your door that people will love.

We have just a limited number, so be quick to book your locksmith job!!

Thanks Alan for making these.  They look fantastic.  Plug for your Australian stingless bee honey pot hives.

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