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Brisbane Locksmith Keychain

Brisbane Locksmith Keychain

Key chains now available free fitting!

Key Chain fitted to door LocksmithWant a unique key chain fitted to your door? These are a traceable keychain that would be very hard to retrace from outside of the door. Knowing your locksmiths phone number is never going to be a problem again! We guarantee you will never forget it!

These keychains are supplied and fitted for free when you use our services at your home. They are finished in brass and add a curiosity to your door that people will love.

We have just a limited number, so be quick to book your locksmith job!!

Thanks Alan for making these.  They look fantastic.  Plug for your Australian stingless bee honey pot hives.

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Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing Locks Brisbane Locksmith

Lock Pinning Kit

Often when we change locks on a house or business in Brisbane it is so the occupants can be sure that other people with keys to their doors can not open the locks. This is by far the better type of lock changing job we do. Getting locks changed to avoid future problems is smart and should be done when ever you move to a new house, shop or office or when ever you dont want someone to come back into your home or get through your doors.

As we are a twenty four hour locksmith, we get jobs all hours of the day and night. The night time jobs are almost always emergency locksmith jobs where people are in some type of predicament and they need help from a locksmith in Brisbane. These types of jobs often are because their keys have been stolen and there is an urgent need to secure the home or business as it is more then likely the thief will return.

Lock cylinder showing coloured pins brisbane locksmithChanging the locks is either done in two ways. Either the lock or lock cylinders will be replaced or the lock pins will be changed to a new key combination. There are reasons for doing either type of lock changing. If a lock is damaged or broken then replacing the lock or cylinder is a must. Sometimes it is even less expensive to replace the cylinder then to repin or rekey the lock. If time is of the essence, some locks are better to be replaced as they can be time consuming to disassemble.

The advantages of just replacing the pins in locks are that the lock does not have to be replaced. Some locks are no longer made and impossible to replace. If the lock is not a standard fitting then the holes in the door would need to be repaired. Some locks are also very expensive. Replacing an entire lock is often just no cost effective. Even though some locks can be replaced with cheaper versions, the cheaper locks are never as good a quality as the more expensive higher quality locks. Going cheap on security on a home or business can lead to some very bad outcomes.

Our locksmiths in Brisbane always consider the most cost effective way to change your locks. If changing the locks is too time consuming or not a viable option, then new lock cylinders can be the better option.

Locks changed Locksmith Brisbane lock shop 24 hour locksmithsIn Brisbane, rekeying the locks quite often is the better option. The major advantage is that you can have all the locks on your doors with the same key or even master keyed. Simply replacing locks will give a different key for each lock. Our Brisbane locksmiths can change the locks all to the one key to make it much simpler for you to operate your locks. There is never a need to go searching for the correct key for the lock.

With our after hours lock service we are always mindful of your costs and try our best to give you the best solution. Our locksmith vans are all equipped to change locks in the middle of the night and we carry all the parts and replacement cylinders and locks needed for Brisbane. Getting people out of a bad situation and changing their locks 24 hours if they have been burgled or keys stolen is a big part of our 24 hour locksmiths job.

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Digital keyless lock

Digital keyless lock

New locksmith keyless digital lock for Brisbane

Locksmith in Brisbane fits lock to door no keys. push button lock.

There are many different types of digital locks available for doors in Brisbane. Many have problems with reliability and code manipulation that make them unsuitable for commercial doors and as a lock for any real security situation. Here at 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane we now have a code lock that is very well suited to commercial and domestic situations.

inside handle of keyless digital lock in BrisbaneOur newest code locks are fully BCA complaint. They have an inside lever handle that allows easy exit incase of an emergency or fire. This makes the 3303 series code lock suitable for applications such as storerooms and exit doors where free exit is always required.

As a keyless lock solution there are few locks of this class that have an anti-manipulation design built into their mechanism. The rounded push buttons also make manipulation much more difficult then other versions with square buttons. It is very difficult to feel clicks to find the code and therefore a higher level of security is achieved.

The 3303 series of digital lock is tested and rated for 2 hours fire protection making it suitable for a range of fire doors. The inside handle also makes it suitable for a fire escape door in many situations. If you need a lock for student accommodation, short term stay, or any other type of accommodation where fire safety is required, this is a good choice for ease of access and as a safety lock it complies with fire safety and building codes.

how to changed digital lock

how to change the combination on digital lock

changing the combination on our digital lock is as simple as sliding the tab to set the code.

Changing the code of the 3303 series keyless lock is very simple. The code is changed by removing the lock from the door. There are no additional lock parts to remove and not removing of parts with tweezers. The code is changed by simply selecting the code with slide tabs that can be set to 2 possible positions. There is no need to call a locksmith to change the code of this lock. All that is required is removal of the outside code panel and selecting the code you require. The code can be set to any numbers you require. There are no minimum or maximum codes to choose from as with other code operated locks.

The 3303 code lock can be fitted in the place of most existing knob set locks or deadbolts. Fitting can also be done by drilling the holes which are standard for the most common locksets in the Australian market. By making it easy to install, it is possible to replace most existing locks without any additional holes in the door.

The 3303 code lock can be installed by our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane and if you require assistance in setting the code our locksmiths are always available to help you 24 hours a day. If you would like to have a 3303 code lock installed, we have them in stock at all times for fast installation.

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Security Screen Doors Brisbane

Security Screen Doors Brisbane

Security Screen Doors For A Safe Living

There are many houses where almost everybody goes to work. They leave the house in the morning and return to the house by night. As crime rates tend to be rising across Brisbane there is a concern of house theft when nobody is home. Many precious, confidential and costly things are kept in the house. Some things may be of great importance and a loss of such thing gives a sentimental shiver to the house owners. This is the reason why the people are interested to secure their house in all possible ways. Security screen doors installation is also one of such security given to the house. It is better to pay a little for this installation rather than allowing the burglars and intruders into the house.
The security screen door is a metal frame. The size of this security door is same as the main door. It clips to the main door and gives more security. When someone is in front of the door, the owner can just open his main door and see through the security door. If he does not want them to be let in then he can just close the main door. But if there is no security door then there are chances of the intruder rushing into the house. This can be installed in a few hours. There are many companies which are undertaking the installation process. Many people prefer this door to be installed in the front and back. If installed on both the sides then the house is secured from both the sides.

Many people may feel that the look of the house is completely spoilt by installing the security door. There are many types of doors which make the house look glamorous even after installation. These security doors allow the house people to enjoy fresh air and also feel secured behind the door. This door is exposed to the harsh weather and thus it has to be robust. The paint or powder coating on the door should be able to withstand the weather changes. A steel mounted frame door is a secured one and many people prefer this. A metal door will prove to be more secure and robust.
A reputed company will give the ordered door in a fixed time. The warranty period has to be given by the company so that the house owner can have protection for his house with peace off mind. The measurements should be perfect and the door should fit exactly. If the measurements are not proper then it does not serve the purpose. The company should easily install the door and it should last for years. There should be an uninterrupted airflow and good light should be allowed into the house. Intruding small animals should be kept away from the house.

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Don’t pay more

Don’t pay more

Would you expect to call a tradesman locksmith after hours or on the weekend and be charged more?

Cheap locksmith 24 hours

24 Hour Locksmith

We find our customers often remark at how we can be a cheap locksmith on after hours service. The truth is we are not a cheap locksmith! We just charge the same price for after hours work as we charge for in hours work. We never set out to be cheap.

Our locksmith service is set up a little different to other locksmiths in Brisbane. As we are a 24 hour locksmith, our rates don’t go up! We dont have to send a tradesman out on penalty rates because our standard hours of operation are 24 hours. It’s not brain surgery to work out why you would be charged more by other locksmiths. They work hard all day, then they are expected to do a double shift when you call them after hours. To compensate they have to charge you the customer a higher rate.

Our locksmiths only work a standard shift. To them an after hours callout or weekend callout is a part of their weekly work roster. We don’t see our customers as targets that must be charged more for an after hours service.

So if you are wondering why our prices are lower then other locksmiths its not because we are a cheap locksmith. Our prices just don’t increase when you have an emergency.

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Garage door security

Garage door lock. Old type of roller door

Old style garage door lock

Garage doors are often an overlooked part of the home security.

If the garage is not attached to the main house then it might not be thought of as a safety issue. Maybe the garage door lock should be more attention paid to it as the value of goods kept in the average garage can be quite high! If it is worth putting a lock on the door then it is probably worth making sure a burglar can not easily break into the garage.

Lockwood 001 deadlock

Lockwood Deadlatch

As a Brisbane locksmith we are often called to secure garage doors after a break and enter. Often the garage door is fitted with an inadequate lock which does not keep even then most novice thief from easily entering. An older garage in Brisbane often is fitted with a latch type lock which can be defeated with tools as simple as a credit card. One way of changing the locks and upgrading a door like this might be to fit a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch or a Deadbolt which will stop an easy door opening attempt. The type of door and door frame can dictate the best type of lock to be fitted in a specific situation. A garage such as a Titan Shed made from colourbond steel might need a specific lock type to suit a steel plate door such as a Lockwood 355 Deadlock.

The main door on a garage or shed should also be a concern. A lock that can be opened with a screwdriver or random key is not very secure. This is the type of lock people say only keep the honest people out. A true security lock with a brass cylinder is a much more secure lock and will be able to withstand a forced attack that most standard garage door locks will not. The keys for a number of standard locks are very insecure. Often times a Unit block of garages will be able to be opened with keys from other units. This is a good indication that the lock is very insecure and should be replaced.

Brisbane Locksmith quality L Handle lock in box

Brass Cylinder Garage Door Lock

There are a range of garage door locks available that take a more secure cylinder and have a much more solid lock design. Fitting a better lock to the door is an easy way to greatly upgrade garage security. A qualified locksmith can show if there are vulnerabilities in your garage or shed security. Leaving a garage insecure is really just leaving the security to chance. Personally I have found chance does not favor many people. Being prepared is always a better way to deal with your locks and security.

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Changing locks

Changing locks

Changing locks with a Brisbane locksmith.

Did you know that your locks on your house our unit can be changed to a new key combination. This will stop all the old keys from working in your locks. Here at 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane this is a daily and nightly job for us. Yes, even in the middle of the night people need locks changed. They usually need them changed because someone stole their keys. This can be after they have been burgled or after a break and enter into their home. Sometimes keys are the only thing stolen during a break in. The keys can be used to re enter the house or apartment at a convenient time for the thief especially without the knowledge of the owners or tenants.

Fire Door Lock change locks

Fire Rated Door Lock

When changing the locks on a house or apartment a locksmith usually doesn’t change the entire lock. Only the combination of the lock has to be changed. The lock cylinder is pulled apart and given a new lock combination by a skilled locksmith. Changing the combination of the lock cylinder is generally much cheaper then replacing the entire locks on the doors. Even when new locks are supplied, more often then not they still need to be changed to suit a specific key.

Usually when changing locks it is convenient to have all the locks in a home on the one key. A Brisbane locksmith can change the locks and keys so they all match to the same key combination. A house with quite a few locks can be a nightmare if all the locks are on different keys. This makes finding the correct key for the lock very difficult and requires a large bunch of keys to be carried. When a locksmith changes the locks to the one key he makes the locks no less secure. All the parts inside the lock are still securely locking the cylinder. The lock just has the same combination as other locks in the house.

Even locks of different brands can be placed on the same key. Our Brisbane locksmiths know which locks can be placed on the same key. Sometimes a new lock cylinder will be required in order to have the locks all keyed the same. We carry an extensive range of new lock cylinders for this purpose and can easily swap a cylinder to make all the locks match on the one key. A complete lock may in some cases be needed to match all the locks to the one key. Our locksmiths also carry locks for this purpose. If a non stocked lock is needed, we can order and replace your locks fast.

Locksmith Entrance Door Lock

When changing locks a new set of keys is required. Our locksmiths can cut keys on site for your locks. We can also cut keys to code when needed for specific keying systems. Code keys are more accurate as they are cut to the manufacturers specifications. If you have a worn key or a key that is sticky or clicky, ask our Brisbane locksmith if you need a key cut to code.

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