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Secure6 Restricted keys

Secure6 Restricted keys

Secure6 is a restricted keying system designed and available to locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand.

The design of the key is protected against illegal duplication until 2024. This gives peace of mind that your keys can not be duplicated by a key cutter or locksmith. Only the locksmith authorised to cut extra keys for the restricted system will duplicate the keys. The keys will only be duplicated once the identification of the system owner or authorised person is confirmed.

restricted lock cylinder

Secure6 Lock and barrel

This makes handing a key to a tenant, contractor, real estate agent, friend or any other person a lot safer. Locks do not have to be changed as you can be confident the keys were not duplicated by a key cutter.

restricted key

Secure6 key blank 6 pin

There are a wide variety of lock barrels available for the Secure6 restricted key system. The lock barrels are made in Australia to suit our specific needs. Barrels are made for Lockwood locks, Abus, Schlage, Whitco, and many more brands of locks. With so many lock barrels available there is no limit to where you can use the secure 6 restricted key system.

House doors, Commercial doors, glass doors, padlocks, security screen doors, Euro locks, deadlocks, block locks, lockable bolts, utility locks, garage locks, car park entry, gates, foyer entry, fire doors, apartment doors, electronic switch locks, etc can all be placed on a secure6 restricted key system.

series 6 locks Brisbane

A Secure6 key can work in many different locks

You can easily make just one key work in all secure6 locks. Even locks of different brands will now be able to open on the same secure6 key. As the lock barrels are replaced to all the same profile there will be no limits to the keying possibilities. Locks can be master keyed for a large commercial building or hotel with levels of access to suit your building.

restricted key profile

Side warding of key

The secure6 keys are made from hard nickel silver. Nickel silver is strong and hard wearing. The series6 keys will not break like brass or steel keys can. In heavy use areas the keys will not wear down and will maintain their accuracy for years to come. The keys are made by Silca in Italy and are milled very precisely to ensure quality of the lock system.

restricted key lock cylinder

Secure6 lock cylinder

The lock barrels are each made to exact specifications and to very tight tolerances. The lock barrels can have hardened inserts installed to prevent drilling the barrels out. The unique profile of the key and warding inside the lock barrel insure no other key will fit into this lock.

restricted key end profile

warding profile of key

When a secure6 system is installed, it is often possible to use the existing locks in a building and just change the lock barrel. The lock barrels are designed to match up with the most common locks in Brisbane. This can save a lot of money in the installation of a restricted key system as only a new lock barrel is required.

plastic inserts secure6 Brisbane

Plastic inserts for secure6 keys

The keys can have a colourful plastic insert in the head of the key. This is for easy identification of a certain key. Certain levels of master keys can each have their own colour, or you can have a colour for each person with a key. The head of the secure6 key is larger then most standard keys. The larger head makes it much easier to operate the secure6 locks.

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Car Unlocked Spring Hill

Car Unlocked Spring Hill

Another car unlocked at Spring Hill

Locking the keys inside your car is very easy. Especially when you are busy with so many things to do this time of year.

This client was happy we could have a Brisbane locksmith to unlock his Holden Rodeo Ute within 20 minutes of his call. Having the keys locked inside and stuck in the city at Spring Hill, he could not get to work until the car was opened. The car was unlocked by our locksmith at Spring Hill and he was on his way again.

Our locksmiths can unlock your car fast. We aim to get to Brisbane suburbs within 20 minutes of your call and can open your car without doing damage. If you need a locksmith to unlock your car call us anytime 24 hours a day.

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Tiltadoor lock kit

Tiltadoor lock kit

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock kit

There are still many tilt-a-door garage doors in operation through out Brisbane and Australia. The tilt-a-door pre-dates the panel lift door and even the roller door. The tilt a door opens on a hinge system that lifts the door directly overhead so a car can be driven into the garage.

This locksmith tilt-a-door lock kit comes with everything you need to replace or fit from new the locking system on door. As it is all in the one packet, it is often better to buy the kit rather then replace just one part of a worn out locking system.

The kit comes with the main T handle, the inside lever assembly, the wire, 2 latches and all the fixing nuts and bolts.

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock key

Lenlok tilt a door lock with Lockwood compatible key

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock fixing stud

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock fixing stud

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock

Lenlok tilt-a-door handing plate

Lenlok tilt-a-door handing plate

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock wire

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock wire

Lenlok tilt-a-door latches and inside handle

Lenlok tilt-a-door latches and inside handle

The main star of the kit is the T handle. This is an upgraded version of the original T handle lock. This lock is much more solid and has a better internal locking system. It can be rekeyed to match other locks in the home. It uses a Lockwood style C4 key which is by far the most used key in Brisbane. Your locksmith can advise you on rekeying locks to match the one key. The T handle lock is handed, meaning that it will turn either to the left or right to unlock. The handing can be easily changed by adjusting the handing plate at the back of the lock.

The wire that comes with the lock will suit all standard size tilt-a-door’s. Some doors are made wider then standard and the wire will not be long enough to suit some of these double car garage doors. The wire is secured at both ends with wire clamps which are included in the kit.

The latches are standard design for all tilt-a-door locks. They are zinc plated for rust protection and should last for the life of the door.

The inside handle assembly is simpler then the original tilt-a-door design. It is held on the back spindle of the T handle with a clamp. The inside handle assembly has pre drilled holes for the wire to pass through. The wire is only clamped at either end of the latches to give equal tension to both latches.

For a tilt-a-door with broken wire, worn out lock, bent handles, etc, this lock kit is a good investment. Replacing all the suspect parts with this lock kit will ensure the door keeps working for many years to come. Ask a locksmith for more information regarding the replacement of locks on garage doors. There are many different types of locks that your locksmith keeps to replace all doors.

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Lenlok Roller Door Lock

Lenlok Roller Door Lock

Lenlok make a large range of locks for garage doors. When you are thinking of changing your roller door lock, dont go past this Lenlok roller door lock.   This is the heavy duty model with removable cylinder.

As locksmiths we are often called to change or rekey locks on roller doors. When a client pays us good money to change the keys on a roller door lock, they want to be sure the old keys will no longer work in the lock.

turning knob lenlok roller door lockThe problem with most standard roller door locks is that they use a wafer or disc lock which offers little security. Even when the combination of the lock cylinder is changed there is a chance that another key will still operate in the lock. This is due to the poor tolerances in the cylinder, soft materials used in their construction, low number of disc combinations and wear in the lock cylinder.

As there are problems with rekeying roller door locks (and other similar lock designs), we will usually recommend that the lock be replaced with a more secure type of lock. This is not because we want to sell more locks. It is due to the high chance of an old key or random key working in your roller door.

front cover plate lenlok roller door lockThe Lenlok heavy duty roller door lock is one choice you have when a new roller door lock is required for your door.

The Lenlok roller door lock does not look too much different from standard roller door locks. Although there are a couple of features that make this lock far better then standard disc type locks.

The Lenlok roller door lock has a completely replaceable cylinder assembly. There are various cylinder types that can be fitted to the lock. The more secure locking cylinder is the pin tumbler cylinder. The pin cylinder uses pins as used in most other house and commercial lock cylinders.

key and lock cylinder lenlok roller door lockA pin tumbler cylinder makes it much harder to force with a screw driver or other tool. Compared to disc locks, a pin cylinder is a great upgrade for a roller door.

A pin cylinder can also have its barrel changed to suit a range of registered key systems. It can even be replaced with a high security lock barrel for the best security. The standard pin cylinder can be changed to suit a Lockwood style C4 key. The C4 key is the most common key used in Brisbane for house doors and commercial doors. It is possible to have a house changed to suit just one key. Even the garage door can be on the same key.

This lock also comes with 2 locking functions. For a garage you want to access from the inside such as one connected to the house, the lenlok roller door lock can be set to be opened with the turning knob on the inside of the lock. This gives free access to open and close the lock from the inside of the garage.

turning knob lenlok roller door lockIf the garage has no other access doors or the lock is fitted to a storage room, the lock can be set to operate as a deadlock. When the lock is operating as a deadlock, the inside turning knob will no longer open or close the lock. The lock must be opened and closed using the key from the ouside or the inside. Deadlocking adds increased security for storage areas. When unlocking with a key from the inside a “reverse key” is used. The reverse key only operates the lock on the inside of the door. This is because a reverse broached key only will slide into the inside of the lock.

There are a few different model designs of the Lenlok roller door lock. They are designed to match existing roller door locks. The main difference is the length of the arms and size of the face plate.

Our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane carry a range of Lenlok roller door locks to suit different door types. Call us anytime for replacement roller door locks or to have your lock changed.

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Electronic safe lock vulnerability

Electronic safe lock vulnerability

You would be hard pressed finding a new safe or vault these days that does not have an electronic keypad lock. Electronic safe locks have almost completely replaced mechanical locks. The electronic locks are fast to open, easy to change the combination on, have options for delayed opening and a lot more user friendly then the older style combination locks where you spin a dial to the correct numbers.

electronic or mechanical safe lockThe old fashioned mechanical dial up safe lock made by manufacturers such as Sargent and Greenleaf had been used on safes for many years. Even the most basic 3 wheel safe lock gave a high level of security to safes. Safe dialers and manipulation techniques did give a way to open these mechanical locks but it took time. Safe dialers had to be hooked up for days in many cases to work out a safe combination.

Electronic safe locks are all mass produced and every model is pretty much identical to the next. If you want to break into a safes with an electronic lock, you just need to find a vulnerability with one safe lock. If you can find a way to open one then you can open every safe with that particular lock.

Well this is exactly what has happened. Electronic safe locks made by major manufacturers have been found to have flaws which can be exploited rather simply. By probing the keypad or battery wires connected to the safe it is possible to examine the processes which happen inside the processor chip of the lock. The processes cause electronic fluctuations which can be examined using an oscilloscope or specially designed circuit. It is possible to determine the correct keypress of a safe lock as opposed to the wrong keypress. As each process inside the chip is perfectly timed, any variation can be measured.

You can make a tool to break into these safes very easily. As they are electronic locks the tool can be used in a matter of seconds. A bypass of an electronic safe lock requires little skill and there is no barrier to opening the safe, once you have a bypass tool.

To make the matter even worse, there is no sign of forced entry when using these bypass tools. You could just be faced with an empty safe, next time you open the door.

safe lock electronic Brisbane locksmithAs the bypass techniques work on electronic safe locks with the highest security rating these locks are some of the most common locks used on bank vaults, ATM’s, jewelers safes, high security home safes and even cheaper home safes. This newly found vulnerability leaves almost every electronically operated safe very insecure.

While I am not going into detail here about which brands are affected, I would like to assure you this is a very widespread problem and measures should be taken if you are storing anything valuable in a safe secured by any type of electronic lock.

If your safe has an additional mechanical key lock, I would suggest always locking the key lock for added security.

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Locksmith Brisbane Digital Lock

Locksmith Brisbane Digital Lock

24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane Carbine Digital Door Lock Review


Do you need a Carbine Digital Door Lock installed?  Your 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane is readily available to fit this lock to your door.  It is suitable for most types, so it is a very versatile lock.  These include wooden doors.  Such as doors on your home, office, storerooms, care facility and many more types of doors.

Carbine push button keyless lock

Carbine Digital Push Button door lock. 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane

Around 19,000 combinations can be set with this lock.  It is set using a code change panel on the back of the inside of the main lock body.  Therefore the code can only be changed by unscrewing it from the door, making it unable to be altered by users without disassembly.

It is not complicated to fit this lock to a door.  A template provided with the lock makes installation simple.  Rather then being stuck with a 60mm latch, this lock is also available with a 70mm latch.   Other door locks can be made to match this lock’s backset.   The latch is a purpose made latch , therefore only suited to this particular lock.

The Carbine Digital door lock is handed.  The lever handle needs to be repositioned to suit the handing of the door.  Re-handing this lock is simple and the allan-key required for changing the handing is included with the parts in the box.

If you need this lock fitted in the place of an existing lock then it is one of the most versatile locks for this purpose.  Additionally it matches the footprint of the most common lock types used on wooden doors in Australia.  It can replace most entrance locks, lever handle sets and even tubular deadlocks.  Installation requires an extra hole which would need to be drilled for top of the lever handle.




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How to make a 3d printed safe lock

How to make a 3d printed safe lock

Make your own high security 3D printed safe lock!

24 Hour locksmiths Brisbane 3D printed safe lock

3D printed safe lock

To make a 3d printed safe, you need a secure safe lock that can not easily be picked. This 3D printed safe lock is fairly easy to make and is classes as a high security lock. It can not be picked or bumped open as with regular house locks. So don’t lose the key! Or at least don’t lose the 3d printed file.

The safe requires the following parts

1 x lock body

1 x lid

1 x lock bolt

7 x levers

7 x discs

1 or more keys

cut away safe lock lid 3d printed3d printed safe lock locking boltsafe key 3D printedlevers for safe lock 3d printed3D printed safe lock discs3D printed lock body

I recommend making the parts from PET or PETG.  The parts for the 3D printed safe lock can be downloaded here. Printing can be done on your own 3D printer or sent to a 3D printing service that will make it for you.

Once printed make sure the bolt slides in and out of the lock body easily and is not binding.

3d printed safe lock levers and discs

Next check that the key will throw the bolt back and forth without binding. The key should be firm against the bolt as it is thrown but it should not bind. The key needs to fully throw the bolt out for proper operation.

The levers and discs should be the same thickness as they need to line up together inside the lock. If they are not all the same thickness, check the level of your 3d printers bed. The discs and levers when assembled in the lock should be level or just under the top of the lock. When the lid is fitted, the levers and discs should not bind. Adjust the levers and discs

Once assembled, make sure the lock is operating smoothly. If there is any problem with the safe lock operation, rectify the problems before using the lock on a locked safe as you will not want the lock to fail when locked on to a safe.

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How to unlock apartment door house door

How to unlock apartment door house door

Need to know how to unlock a house door or apartment door?

There is an easy way to unlock a door on an apartment or house that works on a lot of doors in Brisbane. It wont work on all doors, but it is worth trying if you are locked outside. A lot of doors in Brisbane have deadlocks fitted. This wont work if you have a locked, properly working deadlock.

First you need to find yourself a plastic bottle. A coke bottle, juice bottle, plastic milk bottle, etc. There is always one in the rubbish bin, or a neighbors rubbish. The bottle does not have to be flat. The stronger, thinner plastic of a coke or sprite bottle is great for this.

You also need to find yourself a knife, scissors or something to cut the plastic. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp knife.

Cut the bottle up so you have a large flat piece of plastic sheet. If the bottle is round, it is fine. It will be flat enough for our purposes.

Slide the piece of plastic between the door and door jamb, partly through the door. Put the piece of plastic through the door above or below the lock. There should be enough play in the door for the plastic to push through.

Bring the plastic up or down to the door latch and try to open the door lock by pushing the plastic back and forth. The plastic will make contact with the latch and the door will open. Well it should if this works for you.

If this door opening trick does not  work, I would be calling a locksmith in Brisbane to unlock your door. Opening the door without doing any damage is what our 24 hour locksmiths specialise in.

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Ratner Safe Lock

Ratner Safe Lock

Ratner Safe Lock Model

Safe’s are quite boring thing to look at and have in your home or office.  In Brisbane locksmiths install safes that are not so beautiful, well they are not beautiful on the outside.

Ratner Safe lock Brisbane locksmith unlockedIt is what is inside the safe that is most beautiful to locksmiths who work on safes.  Older safes have bolt-work and locks that were works of art.  Handcrafted locks were common place in older safes and to make the locks secure, manufacturers went to great engineering lengths.

The safe lock pictured here is a reproduction of a Ratner, key changeable safe lock.  Ratner began manufacturing safes in England in 1784.  They have many patents and lock designs to their name.   This key changeable Ratner safe lock was used on large commercial and bank vaults.   It was at the time considered to be unpickable, although, the unpickable status did not last.

This safe lock is unique in that every time the safe was unlocked, the key combination was reset.  By simply locking the safe with a new key, the combination is changed.

lock parts for 3d printing locksmith BrisbaneAs these locks are never seen by the public or owners of the safe, it is a shame for only locksmiths to see and touch these engineering masterpieces.   This lock has been designed as a printable fully functional lock.   If made in plastic, i would hesitate to install it on a safe though.  You can download this Ratener safe lock and make your own safe lock to see and enjoy.

Dont have a 3D printer? Even if you can not make it yourself, there are several printing services that will make this lock for you.

Some of the differences between this reproduction and the original Ratner safe lock are

  • Lock is able to be printed entirely from plastic or PET.
  • Lever Springs are designed to work with PET plastic, not brass as with original lock
  • Spacers between levers and rotating wheels have been eliminated.  Spacers are built into lever design and wheel design.
  • Curtain has been removed.  Just the bottom bolt throw is designed as per the curtain design.
  • Tolerances are quite low to allow for low printing tolerances.
  • No false gating.  You can add if you require.
  • Spoked levers and spoked wheels are replaces with a diagonal cog design.
  • Lock case made in single piece.  Original had 3 pieces to the body.



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Find a locksmith on Google

Find a locksmith on Google

Finding a real locksmith on Google

fake locksmith in Brisbane GoogleHow do you know you have found a real locksmith when you do a Google search?  Well its not that easy.  In Brisbane locksmiths can be quite difficult to find!  Doing a search for locksmiths on Google pulls up 1000’s of results.  Actually 21,300,000.  This is great if you are looking for information on locksmiths.  Google’s main purpose is to give you relative sites to your search term.

The problem is Google is now much more then a search engine.  They actively promote businesses on their search pages which is a great revenue stream for Google.  In promoting businesses, Google are aware that the results they return should reflect what people are really searching for.  You search for a locksmith, then you would expect to be given a choice of locksmiths.  Especially locksmiths in your local area.

The problem is that when you do a search for locksmiths, you get very few real locksmiths in the top results.  You are mostly seeing SEO website builders who have promoted a website, which is usually full of spam.  Many are easy to spot.  They have menu’s full of repeated terms.  such as Locksmith Albion, Locksmith Bardon, Locksmith Carindale, etc.   The real locksmiths just dont have the time or money to spend on their websites.  The promotion of a website is a full time job if you want to get on the front page of the results.

The real locksmith companies in Brisbane, are almost impossible to find.  Even doing a search for their names will bring up a range of results.   Its really hard to find a real locksmith.

Then there is Adwords.  You just dont know who will be advertising on Adwords.  They dont even have to operate in Australia!

Map listings.  Most map listings are fake.  Some even go so far to take the address of a real locksmith!  Most of the SEO locksmith sites have multiple map listings under different suburbs.

The best advice i can give is try to find a real locksmith company in Brisbane.  Licensing means very little and is easy to obtain.  I recommend asking to see a trade certificate.  At least you should know if your locksmith is a genuine locksmith.


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