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Break-ins over the Holidays

Break-ins over the Holidays


Breakin and locks changed Brisbane

Locks Changed

Locks Changed Brisbane

We would urge people to take extra precautions over the holiday period. We have attended too many home break-ins and it is only the start of the Easter Holidays. Thieves don’t take holidays and are looking for easy targets. Unlocked doors and windows can be inviting and even when people are at home they should take care.

The last break-in we attended a bunch of keys were stolen from the home. If keys are stolen then there is a high chance that the thieves intend to return. They can enter the home at any time they choose. Now that they know exactly what goods are inside the home they can come prepared to steal exactly what they want.

FullSizeRender(30)Changing the locks prevents re-entry to the home. When the locks have been changed the old, stolen keys will no longer work in the locks. The inside combination of the locks are changed so only a newly generated key will work in the locks. If you hold this new key then the thieves key can no longer open the door.

We have also seen situations where car keys have been stolen with the intent of returning to steal the car. Securing the garage door has prevented this from occurring. Police have reported that certain cars such as Nissan Patrols’ have been recently targeted by thieves in the Brisbane region. The cars or car parts can be sold for a profit in overseas countries.

I hope this holiday season is a safe and secure time of year for you and your family. burglar

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Internet Dating Nightmare

Internet Dating Nightmare

Internet Dating DIsaster

Internet Dating Disaster

Emergency locksmith jobs in Brisbane can happen for so many reasons. One of the scariest situations I have seen in a long time is where a ladies keys went missing while she was on a date with a gentleman she met on an internet dating site.

As the lady did not have the keys to open her door, she had to call our 24 hour locksmith service to let her back inside her house. We opened the door for her but that was not the end of her problems although she had a spare key for her locks. Her date had dropped her to her door after their meeting and knew where she lived. Only being on a first date, the lady was not sure of the gentleman’s intentions. If he had the keys to her house then he had access at any time of the day or night.

Luckily this lady was smart enough to have all her locks changed which was an easy task for our locksmiths as she had previously had the locks keyed alike to just the one key. The locks were all changed within an hour and the lady felt much more secure knowing that the old key would no longer open her door.

Our Brisbane locksmiths get called to many situations such as this. Changing the locks after the keys have been stolen is a simple process that not only protects property, it also protects people and can put their minds at ease knowing that they are the only person with a key to their home.

By far the most common situations of stolen keys happen in nightclubs and bars. The theft of a wallet or purse with a key inside is a very serious matter. If you have your identity with your keys, then the thief knows where you live and can have access to your home whenever they please. Changing the locks after the theft of keys and reporting the theft to the police would be the first things I would do in this situation.

I very much hope that people are careful when meeting someone online and take all the precautions they can to be safe.

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