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Brisbane door open with key

Brisbane door open with key


Key safe targeted in break at Camp Hill, Brisbane

Key safes can be used to keep a spare key outside of a house or apartment for family, friends and workers. However care needs to be taken in their use. House and apartment break ins can happen without the occupants even knowing if a key is stolen.

The majority of key safes use a combination lock or push button lock to secure the contents of the safe. If the key safe is installed outside the home it is possible for thieves to work out the combination and remove the key to from the box. There are various techniques used to work out the combination and some are surprisingly simple.

Before using a key safe always ask the question, “Is it as secure as my door locks”. If the key box is able to be compromised much easier then the locks on your doors then it is a security risk to your homes’ security.

Another problem with key safes is in the way they are installed. If they are bolted to a wall, it is fairly easy to pry the box from the wall and remove the key at leisure. A safe that is attached using a padlock design can be cut off and the key removed. Often when the key safe goes missing people do not notice until it is too late and their home door is opened with the spare key.

In Brisbane, we have seen quite a few homes broken into using a key from a compromised key holder. We have also had to change locks on buildings when a master key goes missing from a key safe. The latest break and enter using a key from a key safe was in Camp Hill. In this case the key safe was broken off the concrete wall and the key removed.

If you use a key safe, be aware of the risks involved and weigh up if it is worth the convenience.

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Be Smart with Key Safes

Be Smart with Key Safes

Brisbane Locksmith Key Safe

Combination Key Safe

A key safe is used to keep a key in that can be used to access a building.  They are used quite a bit by builders, renovators, Real Estate Agents and people who have carers come to their home.

Builders, renovators, Real Estate Agents, etc  use them on vacant properties where the risk of a key going missing is small.  Care providers generally only have access to keys while someone is at home and the carers key can be disabled while people are out of the home or do not require care.

Key safes are predominately a digital lock with a combination.  The trouble with combination locks is a thief can find a way to open these locks and obtain the key.  It is even possible for a key to be duplicated and returned without anybody knowing.

Many people are now using key safes to hide a spare key for their home in.  I would suggest this is not always a very good practice.  Obviously if the key safe can be easily compromised then a thief has access to your home.  I would not recommend anybody to lock their front door to their home with the locking mechanism found in most key safes.  So I could not recommend you keep a key to your front door in one.

Recently I have had to change locks after a master key to an entire unit block went missing from a key safe.  It was a really serious situation and thankfully no break ins resulted from the missing key.  The locks were changed and the practice of leaving the key in a key safe was discontinued.

The security risk of using a key safe has to be weighed up against the practicalities and the type of access needed.  The thing to remember is the type of code mechanism on a key safe can be less secure then your front door locks of your home and given time most codes can be cracked.

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