electronic lock

Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers

Upgrade your key operated lockers to an electronic lock!

Lockers fitted with Code Locker Locks

After – Fitted with Code Locker Locks

lockers with standard locks

Before – Lockers with standard locks

If you are looking for an electronic lock for lockers then the Code Locker series of locks is what you have been looking for. Open the locker with an electronic code rather then a key. This is a great improvement for most environments lockers are used. There is no need to carry a key while you work out and you can keep the peace of mind that the lock cant be picked open and your valuables stolen.

The Code Locker lock can be fitted to more then just lockers. It can be fitted to a range of metal cabinets and cupboards starting at a thickness of just 1mm. It replaces any existing cam lock and has a 2 screw secure mounting. The code locker is a heavy duty lock designed for commercial applications.

Being fully electronic there is no need for keys. The Code Locker takes 2 x AAA batteries which gives at least 40,000 opening cycles before battery replacement.

For access control the Code Locker is able to be master keyed with a master code, individual codes as well as a one time user code. The master code could be known to management only and the user is given the individual code to operate the locker on a daily basis.

The Code Locker series of locks makes lost keys and worn locks on lockers a thing of the past. No more key cutting and there is no more need to carry a key. This makes everyone’s life much simpler and saves money in the long run. It also makes your patrons much happier with the service you are providing.

The Code Locker series of locks is available now. Please feel free to make an inquiry. We can supply and install the Code Locker locks to your lockers at a very reasonable price.

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Reliable Electronic Lock

Reliable Electronic Lock

Keyless Entry locks on home is becoming a more regular request these days. There are a whole range of options for keyless entry locks although there is one lock we sell more then any other and the reasons why are really simple.

electronic lock Brisbane

Yes it is the DN909 Electronic keypad lock. It is not the most expensive electronic lock, in fact it is one of the cheapest electronic locks we supply. It’s features are not ground breaking and it looks rather ordinary. Although there are a couple of things about this Electronic lock that make people choose it above other types of locks on the market.

Well first there is the fitting. This lock is not hard to fit. It fits in the same holes as most other standard entrance locks. Might not sound like much of a selling point? Well having a lock with a weird set of holes drilled in a door can really cause problems when you want to replace the lock with another type. You have to fill the holes on the door or add cover plates to conceal them which is less then ideal on a front entry door. If you have a rental property then being able to remove the electronic lock and replace it with a key operated lock when you leave will also save you money. Being easy to fit has a lot of advantages.

The DN909 is a reliable lock. When you are looking at electronic locks in the shop it is almost impossible to know or realise if the lock will still be working in the years, or in some cases months to come! The reality is that many expensive electronic locks fail quite early in their life. It is not just a case of changing batteries. There are many locks that just stop working for no apparent reason. The DN909 is a reliable lock. They just keep going day after day.

Security is the one thing a lock should give above all else. You don’t want your lock to be easily compromised or forced! The DN909 has a lever handle, which on traditional locks can be a disadvantage due to the extra force that can be applied to the lever by a heavy handed person or a burglar. Well, this lock cant be forced in the same way. The outside locking handle has a clutching mechanism which makes the handle free to turn when the door is locked but wont engage the latch to open the door. It is only when the correct number has been entered that the lock handle can engage the latch and the door can open. So push on the handle all day and the lock will not open without the correct pin number. It is actually one of the best features of this lock which is not really apparent at first look.

It has a keypad! DUH! Finger print locks and card locks are great! But most people just want a simple keypad to unlock their door. It’s true! A keypad might be nothing new or exciting but it works! You can give a number to a friend, you don’t need to carry anything, it can be opened in an emergency. There are just so many advantages to a simple keypad.

So to sum it up, I am sure the reason we sell this electronic lock above all the rest is because it is simple, reliable and secure. I think the fact that this is a cheap electronic lock comes second. Not all things in life have to be expensive to be good!

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Kwikset Kevo Good or Bad

Kwikset Kevo Good or Bad

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadlock

This is just a follow up on the New Kwikset Kevo.  I wrote a post recently on opening your door with a smart phone.  Well it is a great idea and the smart phone part of this lock seems to be quite good!!  Well, it only works with Apple as far as i can tell, but we all have iphones don’t we?  🙂

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadlock Brisbane
Ok, so the Kevo might work well and look good on the outside with flashing lights and a great touch sensor.   I just think we should be careful when considering if this is the right lock for use in Australia?   It is currently being sold by Masters Hardware and through locksmiths throughout Australia so it is definitely easily available to everyone with a spare $279, the list price at Masters Hardware today.

So why do you need to consider carefully if it is the right lock to put on your door for security?  Well, it is because it uses Kwikset’s quick key change system called “Smartkey” There is a lot of information on the net about the smartkey locks by Kwickset.  The problem with the smartkey locks is that the lock barrel can be forced open with basic tools.   A standard pin tumbler lock just does not open up that easy.

Would I put a Kwikset Kevo on my door?  Maybe as a secondary lock?  For when I am out in the garden.  As a security deadlock, I would avoid it.  It is just too vulnerable to a basic attack!   It is a real pity, Kwikset used this type of lock barrel in their Kevo deadlock.  If it had a better lock barrel, this would be a great lock in many different situations.

There seems to be so many issues with a majority of electronic locking systems.  There are so very few on the market that can stand up to a real attack and also reliable enough for every day use.  I recommend contacting your locksmith and asking the the hard questions as to the real vulnerabilities of any electronic lock before having one installed on your door.

Update 14-3-18  I have had lots of inquiries about the Kwikset Kevo.  So here is why what I have said might be different to many reviews.  The reviews you see on the net are mostly reviews done by people that are not security professionals.   They look at the aesthetics of the lock, function, flashing lights, etc.  My take on security is a little different.  I see break and enters every day.  I see the vulnerabilities in locks and security.  Some manufacturers go to a lot of trouble to make their lock barrels out of brass, nickel silver, stainless steel, etc to make them resistant to the attacks you see in the video.  Kwikset are a large manufacturer and welcome to make their locks from whatever they choose.  They are made at a price for a certain market, which is great.  Make up your own mind on the security the Kwikset Kevo offers.

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Open your lock with smartphone

Finally a smart phone idea!!

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadlock Brisbane
Actually opening your doors with a smartphone is nothing new.  There has been a few problems with the idea though.  Some hotels have a smart phone option that you can use instead of a key or card to open the door.  Now there is a deadlock available from Kwikset with the same technology you can have on your house door that has all the same advantages.
The Kevo Deadlock from Kwikset works on Bluetooth and there is an app for smartphones which allows you to unlock the door simply by touching the lock.  You don’t even have to touch the phone.  Just keep the phone in your pocket.   You can also enable another person to have access to the lock with the app and even allow them temporary access to the door remotely.
The Kevo also has a traditional key lock that can be used to override the electronic part of the lock, so you are not totally reliant on your phone to open the door.  If something ever did go wrong with the electronics in the lock, the key can still be used for access.  There is also the possibility to disable the key completely and rely totatlly on the electronic lock.  If the security of a pin tumbler lock is an issue then disabling the key lock may be an option worth considering.
Having an app controlled lock also gives you the ability to change the combination or access to the lock very easily.  The user can easily change who has the ability to unlock the door.  This can be done instantly and there is no need to wait for a locksmith to come and change the lock.  This can be very convenient to a number of specific users who need this type of lock changing ability.
The Kevo also employs the Kwikset smartkey system.  This lock is bump proof and highly pick resistant.  It is also drill resistant, saw resistant and resists attacks from hammering.  The smartkey system can also be changed by the user with a special change key.  The smartkey locks can all be changed to the same key or any other kwikset smartkey key.  This makes the Kevo a very high security electronic lock for a residential home.


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