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Locked out after inspection

Locked out after inspection

So you just get home from work at 5:30 and find you cant get your key to work in the door. Scratching your head you see that the deadlock is locked. But you never lock the deadlock. Then you remember that you had a real estate inspection that day. Then the penny drops. The real estate agent must have locked the deadlock on the way our of your home. You don’t use the deadlock so of course you never put the deadlock key on your key-ring. You call the real estate for help, as they are the ones who locked you out. No answer. What to do. Its then you decide its easiest to call your local locksmith.

OK, its not just real estate agents that can lock you out. Often tradesmen, friends and family can be the cause. This is a very real scenario that as a locksmith I see all the time. Nobody likes having extra keys on their key-ring, so taking off keys that we do not use makes good sense. Well it makes good sense at the time.

Obviously trying to plan not to get locked out of your home is the best remedy. Keeping keys for all locks with you will ensure you do not get locked out. Having locks keyed alike by your locksmith is a great way to ensure you always have a key to unlock every lock. One key to unlock all your doors is very simple. If you know you are having people in your home, make sure you have all the keys with you to get back inside.

When the worst happens and you can not open the door, call a locksmith to get the door open again. A locksmith can pick the lock which you dont have a key to. This causes no damage to the door or lock and is an easy way to get back inside again. If you get a receipt from the locksmith, often you can claim back your costs too.

A locked door lock or screen door by a real estate agent or tradesman is very common and very inconvenient. If you do find yourself locked out, call our 24 hour locksmiths any time to get your door unlocked. We are members of the Master Locksmith Association and very skilled at opening locked doors.

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Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing Locks Brisbane Locksmith

Lock Pinning Kit

Often when we change locks on a house or business in Brisbane it is so the occupants can be sure that other people with keys to their doors can not open the locks. This is by far the better type of lock changing job we do. Getting locks changed to avoid future problems is smart and should be done when ever you move to a new house, shop or office or when ever you dont want someone to come back into your home or get through your doors.

As we are a twenty four hour locksmith, we get jobs all hours of the day and night. The night time jobs are almost always emergency locksmith jobs where people are in some type of predicament and they need help from a locksmith in Brisbane. These types of jobs often are because their keys have been stolen and there is an urgent need to secure the home or business as it is more then likely the thief will return.

Lock cylinder showing coloured pins brisbane locksmithChanging the locks is either done in two ways. Either the lock or lock cylinders will be replaced or the lock pins will be changed to a new key combination. There are reasons for doing either type of lock changing. If a lock is damaged or broken then replacing the lock or cylinder is a must. Sometimes it is even less expensive to replace the cylinder then to repin or rekey the lock. If time is of the essence, some locks are better to be replaced as they can be time consuming to disassemble.

The advantages of just replacing the pins in locks are that the lock does not have to be replaced. Some locks are no longer made and impossible to replace. If the lock is not a standard fitting then the holes in the door would need to be repaired. Some locks are also very expensive. Replacing an entire lock is often just no cost effective. Even though some locks can be replaced with cheaper versions, the cheaper locks are never as good a quality as the more expensive higher quality locks. Going cheap on security on a home or business can lead to some very bad outcomes.

Our locksmiths in Brisbane always consider the most cost effective way to change your locks. If changing the locks is too time consuming or not a viable option, then new lock cylinders can be the better option.

Locks changed Locksmith Brisbane lock shop 24 hour locksmithsIn Brisbane, rekeying the locks quite often is the better option. The major advantage is that you can have all the locks on your doors with the same key or even master keyed. Simply replacing locks will give a different key for each lock. Our Brisbane locksmiths can change the locks all to the one key to make it much simpler for you to operate your locks. There is never a need to go searching for the correct key for the lock.

With our after hours lock service we are always mindful of your costs and try our best to give you the best solution. Our locksmith vans are all equipped to change locks in the middle of the night and we carry all the parts and replacement cylinders and locks needed for Brisbane. Getting people out of a bad situation and changing their locks 24 hours if they have been burgled or keys stolen is a big part of our 24 hour locksmiths job.

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Brisbane Security Doors

Brisbane Security Doors

Repair and service of security doors in Brisbane

Security screen lock and key WhitcoSecurity screen doors in Brisbane are used much more then other doors in the house. Especially in summer months they get opened and closed constantly. Often they have an automatic door closer that bangs the door closed and puts a lot of force on the lock mechanism. It is often the case that a screen door lock will last for 10 years with normal use but some doors get so much use that they need to be replaced much more often.

Security screen inside with snib locksmith BrisbaneThere are many different brands of screen doors in Brisbane. Some use the diamond pattern aluminum and some such as Crimsafe use a stainless steel mesh. Generally while the materials used in the doors differ, the security screen door frames are very similar. This makes the locks used similar also. Generally locks used are made by Whitco, Austral, Lockwood, etc.

On some doors the locks are interchangeable. While other doors they are not interchangeable at all. The lock needs to be a specific lock with the correct dimensions. The locks even have different locking methods. The triple lock doors especially need to have the correct lock. Locks you buy at the hardware shop generally do not fit in triple lock doors. There are too many variations in the design for the hardware shops to stock all the models of screen door locks. Some security door locks work on a rod system. Some work with a cable setup. Some have triple locks set at 680mm. Some triple locks are set at 620mm. The little differences in the locks can make fitting a new lock a nightmare. Having the correct lock to start with makes the job of replacing a screen door lock much less complicated.

Security door lock in Brisbane fitted to door new or repairMost security screen doors have a key lockable cylinder as well as a snib lock for the inside of the door. The snib is used when there is someone at home so the door is not deadlocked. Allowing people to escape in case of emergency is good practice, especially in Brisbane with the fire risk of Queenslanders. There are also locks available which are designed to always allow people to exit from the inside. These are good for situations where you definitely do not want a deadlocked door.

The cylinder in the security doors is of great importance for security. There are 3 main types of cylinder used in security screen doors. The cheapest cylinders are generally shorter and use a disc type mechanism. These offer little security against lock picking and forced attacks. Burglars know this type of cylinder and can actively seek it out as it is an easy place to break into a home.
The second type of cylinder uses a longer pin tumbler cylinder. These offer a better resistance to lock picking then the disc cylinders and the same attack methods do not work with pin cylinders. We recommend a pin cylinder as a minimum security for a security screen door lock.
security screen 6 37The third type of cylinder to suit a security screen door is a high security lock cylinder. A high security lock cylinder offers the best protection from lock picking and also forcing. For people who leave their main doors unlocked all night to allow a breeze through their homes, a high security lock cylinder is recommended.

Security screen doors are either sliding or swinging. Both doors use a different type of lock. Sliding doors require a specific strike to be fitted on the door frame. The strike has to be lined up exactly with the door lock for correct operation. The strike is usually adjustable to allow for proper alignment.
Sliding doors also need to have good operating rollers. If a roller is not rolling correctly, the door will not slide correctly. Rollers that are seized will wear very fast. A worn roller will make the entire door offset and out of alignment. Always check your door is rolling correctly and freely and have the rollers replaced if needed.

Our Brisbane locksmiths stock the whole range of security door locks used in Queensland. We also have replacement door parts such as triple lock kits and rollers, and strikes. You can call us for service 24 hours a day and we will come to your home if you have suffered a break in or if your security door is broken and needs repairing or a lock replacing. We also can change your locks to match the same key and even change all the locks in the home to a completely different key. Phone us any time.

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Lockwood security deadlock

Lockwood security deadlock

Feature packed Lockwood deadlock for Brisbane

Deadlock for commercial and domestic use by Lockwood. Safety indicator. Secure silver deadlockThe 005 Deadlock from Lockwood is a stylish deadbolt with some features that have been lacking from other deadlocks. A deadbolt is a deadbolt right? Well, not really! While they might all look similar, there are some big differences between the Lockwood 005 deadlock and others.

The first thing you will notice about the Lockwood 005 is…. well it looks very different from other deadlocks! Thin round profile on the outside. Looks more like a Lockwood 001 deadlatch on the inside. 4 screws to hold the bolt in the door. 4 screws for the strike. The bolt is shorter then many other deadbolts. This is a deadlock that is totally redesigned!

Door fixing

005 deadlock fixed to door with 4 screws in bolt. secure against burglary and lock picking. OK lets start with the 4 screws. I don’t think I have seen a lock made for the Australian market with a 4 screw strike or bolt before. Does it make much difference? Well yes it does! If you have ever seen a door kicked in, you would know they always split up the middle of the door. So why put screws right in the centre of the lock? It makes sense to offset the screws. It makes for less of a centre break line and four screws are better then two.

This lock is also able to be fitted in the place of an existing deadlock or even an entrance lock. Quite often when fitting over the holes of an existing lock, the screw holes for the bolt and strike have been cross threaded or over-tightened leaving the holes unsuitable for new screws. For the Lockwood 005 deadbolt the screws thread in each time as they are not dependent on existing screw holes.

Inside locking knob

Inside locking knob Lockwood 005 deadlock fitted Locksmith BrisbaneThe inside of the Paradigm deadlock looks very similar to the inside knob of the Lockwood 001 deadlatch. In fact it works in much the same way, no surprise. It has a little window on the face of the knob that indicates whether the inside knob is in a deadlocked or undeadlocked mode. When the indicator is red, the inside knob is locked and can not be turned. This either indicated that the deadlock is deadlocked closed or locked open. When closed only the key can unlock the deadbolt from either the inside or outside. When the indicator is green, the deadbolt can be locked by turning the knob on the inside. Until the key is turned on the inside again, the deadlock operates the same way as a single cylinder deadlock, making it possible to open at any time from the inside.

Auto release deadlocking

When leaving the house you would usually deadlock the inside knob for security. If this lock is on your main entry door there is an added safety feature. Upon returning home and unlocking the Lockwood 005 from the outside, the inside handle is automatically released from its deadlocked position. This makes sure you are able to easily lock and unlock the deadlock from the inside with the internal knob.

Low Profile

Lockwood 005 deadlock low profile outside cylinder GoldThe external cylinder of this deadlock is partially recessed inside the door. This makes the outside profile much lower. In fact it has an outside profile of only 12mm, which is not only stylish but also makes attacking the lock much more difficult for burglars.

High security

The lock comes standard with Lockwood’s Kinetik Defence cylinders for added pick and bump key resistance. The cylinders can be changed to suit any Lockwood key making it possible to key alike all the locks on your home or business to the one key. A high security lock cylinder can also be used for extra protection against lock picking and key duplication.

Balanced steel bolt

The lock bolt is made from Stainless Steel and has saw resistant hardened inserts. As the bolt is shorter then most standard deadbolts, the Lockwood 005 is suitable to install where only a shorter bolt will work. If you have a glass panel next to your door strike, or just dont have the option of a large bolt hole, then the Lockwood 005 is a good choice. The lock bolt is adjustable to suit either a 60mm or 70mm door hole. This makes it an easy replacement for existing deadbolts, no matter what their backset is.

Lockwood Deadlock fitted to door silver

Lockwood deadlock fitted to door gold

Stylish and functional

If you are looking for a stylish deadlock with deadlocking capability and also the convenience of a simple turn to lock knob the Lockwood 005 Deadlock is a great choice. Our Brisbane locksmiths have plenty of stock in both Satin Chrome and Polished Brass and are able to fit this lock to your door at a time that is convenient to you. This is definitely a deadlock you will enjoy using.

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Don’t pay more

Don’t pay more

Would you expect to call a tradesman locksmith after hours or on the weekend and be charged more?

Cheap locksmith 24 hours

24 Hour Locksmith

We find our customers often remark at how we can be a cheap locksmith on after hours service. The truth is we are not a cheap locksmith! We just charge the same price for after hours work as we charge for in hours work. We never set out to be cheap.

Our locksmith service is set up a little different to other locksmiths in Brisbane. As we are a 24 hour locksmith, our rates don’t go up! We dont have to send a tradesman out on penalty rates because our standard hours of operation are 24 hours. It’s not brain surgery to work out why you would be charged more by other locksmiths. They work hard all day, then they are expected to do a double shift when you call them after hours. To compensate they have to charge you the customer a higher rate.

Our locksmiths only work a standard shift. To them an after hours callout or weekend callout is a part of their weekly work roster. We don’t see our customers as targets that must be charged more for an after hours service.

So if you are wondering why our prices are lower then other locksmiths its not because we are a cheap locksmith. Our prices just don’t increase when you have an emergency.

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Locks changed after Break-in

Locks changed after Break-in

sliding door lock in Brisbane made from plastic

Plastic Sliding Door Lock

Plastic sliding door locks

Just been to another break and enter in Brisbane where we had to replace a sliding door lock. They also needed their locks changed due to some keys going missing. This is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately but the owners of this apartment were quite surprised to see just how easy their door lock was to smash.

The reason it was so easy to smash the lock is because the lock on the sliding door is made of plastic! You can see in the top picture, the handle is made from plastic. These plastic locks we try to replace whenever it is possible with a better lock made from metal. The plastic is way too easy to crack and break when a little force is applied. This lock was broken and it did not even look like any tools were used.

Housing for sliding door lock made from metal.

Metal Sliding Door Lock

Often when new doors are installed, the locks used are not of good quality. Saving a few dollars by fitting a low quality lock might give a door company a small price advantage over its competition but sometimes it is the home owner who pays a much higher price when the lock fails in a break in attempt. A higher quality lock may have withstood the break in attempt and saved the owner of the home many thousands of dollars.

There are many good quality sliding door locks available for Brisbane homes. A deadlocking lock for a sliding door will make if much harder to open the door, even if the thief is on the inside of the door! A good quality lock cylinder is also something to consider. Sliding door locks sold in hardware shops often have a very cheap cylinder that can be forced open with a screwdriver. Sliding door locks can in most cases also be keyed alike to other locks in the home. Less keys means less worries and if your locks are keyed alike and you need them changed in a hurry it is usually a much faster process then if all the locks are on different keys.

Plastic locks are pretty much the nastiest things you could have to secure your sliding door. Check with your locksmith to see which quality locks are available for your particular door type.

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How to Pick a Lock

How to Pick a Lock

lock picking made easy

How to Pick a lock

Picking Locks

Picking locks is the technique used to open a lock without a key by lining up all the pins or discs to allow the lock barrel to turn. Well, we have all seen it in movies. You just grab a bobby pin out of your hair and stick it in the lock and Hey Presto!! lock opens… Uhrrrrr If only it was that easy!

So how do you pick a lock? Well if you type “How to pick a lock” into Google you get 121,000,000 results!! So you don’t need me to tell you.  Sites on lock picking are all over the net.  Anyway here is the top YouTube video result for “how to pick a lock”.  This explanation is not from a locksmith!  It is just some guy who bought a lock pick set online!

Well, the reason for this post was not to show you how to pick locks. It was more along the lines of how easy are door locks to pick in Brisbane. I say Brisbane, because the types of locks used for a particular region, city, country, etc differ quite a bit. So lets use Brisbane as a case study, because that is where I live.

I will try to be as honest as I can with regards to just how easy or hard locks are to pick. Even though I pick locks professionally as a 24 hour locksmith, I still have a pretty good idea just how hard it is to pick locks for an amateur lock picker.

Lock pick set to pick locks you can buy online.

Lock Pick Set for sale on the internet

Lock picks and picking tools can now be purchased on the internet which will open a range of locks in Brisbane. Sounds scary? Well, yeah, it is very scary! A lot of people might not know this? Even if they do know, then it might be a case of, well, my neighbors have the same locks. Why would a burglar target my home or business? There is truth to this. A lot of break ins are just random and not targeted. So having a lock on your door that can be easily picked open does not mean you are going to get broken into. Neither does leaving your door unlocked.

Some places are targeted for break and enters. Especially businesses that keep a high dollar value of stock or that are a high value target for thieves. I often see business premises that are locked up with a low quality lock that could easily be picked by amateur thieves.

I was going to try to go through some of the common key operated door locks that are sold at the large chain hardware shops and let you know how hard they are to pick open.  But there is no point to singling out any particular lock.  Truth is, just about all the door locks sold by the major chains are easy to pick with tools readily available on the internet!!
Before information and tools was easily available over the internet, it was a different story. But the truth is the door locks have not changed in their designs. It is not that they are any more insecure then they were 20 years ago. It is just that it is a lot easier to buy lock picking tools and find the information to use them. So I would have to say that most of the door locks sold by major hardware shops are not secure enough to fit to peoples homes or business.

Easy to pick open entrance lock set from hardware

Entrance Lock Set you might buy at a Hardware Shop

There are a few door locks sold by the major hardware shops that are not easy to pick. They are mainly the Lockwood range of domestic locks with Kinetic Defence cylinders. The Kinetic Defence cylinders use a very simple and effective pin design that makes them harder to pick open. Many locksmiths can not even pick these locks and have to drill the cylinder out if they need to open a locked door. Our 24 Hour Locksmith can pick Kinetic Defence lock cylinders, using specialised tools that are not available over the internet.

Lock from hardware shop easy to pick

What are you getting when you buy a lock at a hardware shop?

Is price a good guide of a quality lock?

No! Many expensive key operated door locks sold in hardware shops are still very easy to pick the lock cylinders. Basically most of the pin tumbler locks operate in the same way and these locks are easy to pick with low cost tools.

Can anyone pick a lock?

Yes and no. The tools make it possible for anyone to pick a lock with a little practice. The more practice you have at picking locks, the better you will get. Picking locks is a skill that is learned over time and when you get proficient at picking locks there is a much higher chance of picking each lock you come across. As a professional 24 hour locksmith, our skills at picking locks have to be of the highest standards. We need to be able to pick every lock that we possibly can to perform our job. An amateur lock picker might only be able to pick a percentage of the locks a professional locksmith can.

Are commercial locks any harder to pick?

Lock easy to pick on commercial door

Standard Pin Tumbler Commercial Door lock Cylinder

Many standard commercial locks use the same pin tumbler mechanism as domestic doors. These standard locks are just as easy to pick as domestic locks.
There are of course high security locks that can not be picked with tools bought on the net. Many businesses do use high security lock cylinders and are secure from these types of attacks.
Just simply having a heavy duty shop front lock fitted to your door, does not mean that your lock can not be picked! The lock must be changed from the standard pin tumbler cylinder to a high security lock cylinder that can not be picked.

I have a registered key system.

Restricted registered key lockwood Australia

Registered Key by Lockwood

There are many types of registered key systems on the market. Some use a high security cylinder that is practically impossible to pick. These are the best lock cylinders to have on your doors. Why you would secure your doors with anything less is a mystery to me. The cost is not that high, and the fact that it can not be picked open with tools you buy online makes these locks more then worth their value.
Some types of registered key systems use lock cylinders that are easy to pick. While others are very difficult with off the shelf products you buy on the net. It is very hard to tell the difference between an easy to pick registered key system and a difficult to pick system. It is not about the quality of the lock or price. It mostly comes down to weather the locksmith sold it as a difficult to pick lock cylinder or just a “Registered Key Lock System”. Locksmiths who know what they are doing can make registered keys locks very hard to pick. Sadly, most locksmiths do not ensure registered key lock cylinders are difficult to pick at all.

I have a deadlock on my door

Brava deadlock deadbolt


Ummm Off the shelf deadlocks from hardware shops generally use the same Pin Tumbler Mechanism as other easy to pick locks. Deadlocks with a standard lock cylinder are no harder to pick with a tool bought over the internet then any other type of door locks.

Security Screen Doors

door with security lock

Security Screen Door

I have a $1000 stainless steel mesh door installed. It even stops attacks from “Bowling Balls” 🙂
I love that add!! If ever I get attacked by a bowling ball, I know I will be safe 🙂
Seriously, most of the security screen doors are installed with disc tumbler lock which is almost in the class of “Able to be picked with a bobby pin” These cheaper screen door locks might keep out flies, but spend $5.99 on the internet and buy a lock pick and you will have these doors open in a few seconds.
Screen doors also have a better lock cylinder that can be installed which is a Pin Tumbler lock. These locks are generally a little harder to pick. They are still easy enough to pick with tools you can buy on the internet.
Security screens can be placed onto a high security cylinder that can not practically be picked. You will only find the high security cylinders available from locksmiths.

Electronic locks

electronic lock Brisbane

Electronic door lock with key override

There are still very few homes fitted with electronic locks. Even though they are available at a reasonable price many locksmiths do not recommend them as a good alternative. Most electronic locks have their own unique vulnerabilities for which are not generally in the public domain so discussing ways to defeat electronic locks is out of the scope of this post.
One thing most electronic locks do have in common is that they also have a key override. If the override key is simply a standard pin tumbler lock, then being able to pick these locks is generally as easy as any other pin tumbler lock. This kind of makes any security feature of an electronic lock obsolete.

Electronic locks generally can be unreliable. Batteries go flat and many electronic locks just fail. Most electronic door locks have the batteries on the inside of the door, so a key override lock cylinder is an important feature.

Not all electronic locks are terrible. We fit a range of electronic locks that are reliable. We are careful to select locks that can not be bypassed or easily opened as many electronic locks can.

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Lock picked Kangaroo Point

Lock picked Kangaroo Point

door lock opened for student at Kangaroo point. Registered key system lock picked

Door unlocked. Student accommodation lock at Kangaroo Point.

Another student let back in to his room

Providing a 24 hour locksmith service in Brisbane, sometimes it is easy to forget just how essential the service is and how it helps so many people in their daily lives. Helping students to unlock their door is a fairly common type of job for us here at 24 Hour Locksmiths. In Brisbane we have a lot of international students who attend universities who from time to time find themselves in trouble with keys and locks. Often students from overseas countries are surprised that there is a 24 hour locksmith available to help them. Students we let back into their rooms and apartments are always grateful and always a pleasure to help.

Many locks on the doors at Kangaroo Point are a high security profile and contain lock pins that make the locks extremely difficult to open. Luckily this is our job, and bypassing and picking locked doors usually is not a difficult problem. Of course they are not all easy doors to pick the locks on. Some doors take a little longer to open then others but our locksmiths are trained to open even the trickiest locked doors.

This particular locked door uses a Lockwood mortice lock and it has a Registered Key system installed. The keys for this door can only be cut by the locksmith who installed the system. The lock cylinder used a paracentric key way which makes it very difficult to copy a key for the lock and also makes it very hard to insert a lock pick tool into the lock to open the door. Even though the lock was a difficult one to open, it didnt take our locksmith very long to have the door open and the student safe back in his apartment.

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