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Most homes in Brisbane have security screens.  They do not just keep the flies out of our homes.  They are a part of the overall security that keeps us safe and the bad guys out.

24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane Mobile van

24 Hour locksmiths Brisbane has a mobile service for all security screen door lock repair and replacement.  Security screens can be keyed alike to other locks in your home including front entrance doors and deadlocks.  We stock a range of security door locks and can have your new lock fitted in Brisbane very fast.  We also do repairs if you have been broken into.  Emergency security screen door repairs and locks changed all hours of the day or night.

Security doors can get a lot of use.  They can be open and closed many more times then the main doors of the house.  This opening and closing does tend to wear out the locks more then a regular door lock.  The replacing of the lock is recommended when it gets old, the snib does not work correctly or the lock is not functioning properly.

Cylinders in security screens should also be checked.  If they are worn, then any key might be able to work in the door.  Replacing the cylinders with a high quality or high security cylinder is a great way to increase the security of the door.


Whitco security screen door lock

Whitco Security Screen Door Lock DN276

Whitco Security Screen Door Lock DN276

This is our most popular Security Screen Door lock for Hinged Doors.

It has an internal Snib and a Double Cylinder Mechanism.

The Key can always Lock and unlock the Handles.

The use of the Key will always Override the Internal Snib.

(Cylinder Not Included)

whitco security  door lock dual select

Whitco Security Door Lock with Dual Select

Whitco Security Screen Door Lock with Dual Select Feature DN277

Hinged Security Door Lock.

Dual Select provides the choice of Privacy or Deadlock from the Outside.

Locked indication by Snib.

Key Overrides Snib.

(Cylinder Not Included)

whitco sliding security door lock

Whitco Sliding Security Door Lock

Whitco Sliding Security Door Lock DN278

Sliding Secuirty Screen Door Mortice Lock.

Self Latching – Can only be locked when Full Latched.

Internal Snib.

Key Overrides Snib.

(Cylinder Not Included)

whitco tripple lock kit for screen door

Whitco Triple Lock Kits

Whitco Triple Lock Kits DN281

Kits are used to turn Security Screen Door Locks into a 3 Point Locking System.

Available for Hinged and Sliding Security Screen Doors.