Safe Locks

Safe Locks

steel safe combination lock Brisbane Locksmith

Steel Safe Combination Lock

Steel Safe Combination Lock DN841

3 Wheel Safe Combination Lock.

30mm Bolt.

1,000,000 Combinations.

Relock Trigger.

Will Retrofit to most other brand Safe Locks.


s&g electric rotary bolt safe lock Locksmith Brisbane

S&G Electric Rotary Bolt Safe Lock

S&G Electric Rotary Bolt Lock DN844

Left Hand Model Shown (Right Hand Model Available).

Underwriters Laboratories Listed Type 1.

Motor Driven Bolt.

Management Reset Code, One master Code, One Supeervisor Code, Five User Codes and One Time Delay Override Code.

Management Reset Code Restores the Lock to its Original Factory code.

Time Delay up to 90 Minutes. 3 Modes of Operation. (Single or Dual Control and Manager/Employee mode).

Field Programmable via the Keypad.

Penalty Lockout feature shuts the lock down for 5 minutes if 4 or more incorrect codes have been entered.

Can be uses with Biometric Keypad.


ross safe lock keyed Locksmith Brisbane

Ross Safe Lock

Ross Safe Lock DN848

Ross Standard Safe Lock with Cover.

Suitable for Floor, Wall, Drug, Night, Home, Office, Computer Tape safes and Gun Cabinets.

Come in Left and Right Hand. (Left Hand Shown)

6 Pick Resistant Levers.

1,000,000 Possible Combinations.


ross safe lock 6 lever Locksmith Brisbane

Ross Safe Lock

Ross Lock DN849

Upward Throwing Bolt.

6 Lever Safe Lock.


ross safe old style lock left throwing bolt Brisbane Locksmith

Ross Lock throwing bolt

Ross Lock DN850

Left Throwing Bolt.

6 Lever Safe Lock.


ross  lock wings Locksmith Brisbane for safe

Ross Lock Wings

Ross Safe Lock DN851

Winged Safe Lock.

Left Hand.

6 Lever.


ross 2 way rifle cabinet lock Brisbane Locksmiths

Ross 2 Way Rifle cabinet Lock

Ross 2 Way Rifle Safe Lock DN852

2 Way Bolt Action.

3 Point Locking.

25mm Steel Bolt Throw.


s&g safety deposit lock Brisbane Locksmith

S&G Safety Deposit Lock

S&G Safety Deposit Lock DN853

Dual Nose Changeable Key Lock.

Body measures 100.4mm x 46.7mm.

Keyhole to Keyhole Centres 47.6mm.

12.7mm Nose.

7 Lever.

High Pick Resistance.