Carbine Digital Keyless lock

Locksmith Brisbane Digital Lock

The Carbine Digital Door Lock is a good choice when you need a secure keyless lock. Our 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane can assist you in installation.

24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane Carbine Digital Door Lock Review


Do you need a Carbine Digital Door Lock installed?  Your 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane is readily available to fit this lock to your door.  It is suitable for most types, so it is a very versatile lock.  These include wooden doors.  Such as doors on your home, office, storerooms, care facility and many more types of doors.

Carbine push button keyless lock

Carbine Digital Push Button door lock. 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane

Around 19,000 combinations can be set with this lock.  It is set using a code change panel on the back of the inside of the main lock body.  Therefore the code can only be changed by unscrewing it from the door, making it unable to be altered by users without disassembly.

It is not complicated to fit this lock to a door.  A template provided with the lock makes installation simple.  Rather then being stuck with a 60mm latch, this lock is also available with a 70mm latch.   Other door locks can be made to match this lock’s backset.   The latch is a purpose made latch , therefore only suited to this particular lock.

The Carbine Digital door lock is handed.  The lever handle needs to be repositioned to suit the handing of the door.  Re-handing this lock is simple and the allan-key required for changing the handing is included with the parts in the box.

If you need this lock fitted in the place of an existing lock then it is one of the most versatile locks for this purpose.  Additionally it matches the footprint of the most common lock types used on wooden doors in Australia.  It can replace most entrance locks, lever handle sets and even tubular deadlocks.  Installation requires an extra hole which would need to be drilled for top of the lever handle.