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Ratner Safe Lock

Ratner Safe Lock Model

Safe’s are quite boring thing to look at and have in your home or office.  In Brisbane locksmiths install safes that are not so beautiful, well they are not beautiful on the outside.

Ratner Safe lock Brisbane locksmith unlockedIt is what is inside the safe that is most beautiful to locksmiths who work on safes.  Older safes have bolt-work and locks that were works of art.  Handcrafted locks were common place in older safes and to make the locks secure, manufacturers went to great engineering lengths.

The safe lock pictured here is a reproduction of a Ratner, key changeable safe lock.  Ratner began manufacturing safes in England in 1784.  They have many patents and lock designs to their name.   This key changeable Ratner safe lock was used on large commercial and bank vaults.   It was at the time considered to be unpickable, although, the unpickable status did not last.

This safe lock is unique in that every time the safe was unlocked, the key combination was reset.  By simply locking the safe with a new key, the combination is changed.

lock parts for 3d printing locksmith BrisbaneAs these locks are never seen by the public or owners of the safe, it is a shame for only locksmiths to see and touch these engineering masterpieces.   This lock has been designed as a printable fully functional lock.   If made in plastic, i would hesitate to install it on a safe though.  You can download this Ratener safe lock and make your own safe lock to see and enjoy.

Dont have a 3D printer? Even if you can not make it yourself, there are several printing services that will make this lock for you.

Some of the differences between this reproduction and the original Ratner safe lock are

  • Lock is able to be printed entirely from plastic or PET.
  • Lever Springs are designed to work with PET plastic, not brass as with original lock
  • Spacers between levers and rotating wheels have been eliminated.  Spacers are built into lever design and wheel design.
  • Curtain has been removed.  Just the bottom bolt throw is designed as per the curtain design.
  • Tolerances are quite low to allow for low printing tolerances.
  • No false gating.  You can add if you require.
  • Spoked levers and spoked wheels are replaces with a diagonal cog design.
  • Lock case made in single piece.  Original had 3 pieces to the body.