3d printed safe lock levers and discs

How to make a 3d printed safe lock

Make your own high security 3D printed safe lock!

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3D printed safe lock

To make a 3d printed safe, you need a secure safe lock that can not easily be picked. This 3D printed safe lock is fairly easy to make and is classes as a high security lock. It can not be picked or bumped open as with regular house locks. So don’t lose the key! Or at least don’t lose the 3d printed file.

The safe requires the following parts

1 x lock body

1 x lid

1 x lock bolt

7 x levers

7 x discs

1 or more keys

cut away safe lock lid 3d printed3d printed safe lock locking boltsafe key 3D printedlevers for safe lock 3d printed3D printed safe lock discs3D printed lock body

I recommend making the parts from PET or PETG.  The parts for the 3D printed safe lock can be downloaded here. Printing can be done on your own 3D printer or sent to a 3D printing service that will make it for you.

Once printed make sure the bolt slides in and out of the lock body easily and is not binding.

3d printed safe lock levers and discs

Next check that the key will throw the bolt back and forth without binding. The key should be firm against the bolt as it is thrown but it should not bind. The key needs to fully throw the bolt out for proper operation.

The levers and discs should be the same thickness as they need to line up together inside the lock. If they are not all the same thickness, check the level of your 3d printers bed. The discs and levers when assembled in the lock should be level or just under the top of the lock. When the lid is fitted, the levers and discs should not bind. Adjust the levers and discs

Once assembled, make sure the lock is operating smoothly. If there is any problem with the safe lock operation, rectify the problems before using the lock on a locked safe as you will not want the lock to fail when locked on to a safe.