Outside cylinder and bolt of Lockwood 005 lock. deadlock for doors in Brisbane and fitted by a locksmith.

Lockwood security deadlock

Feature packed Lockwood deadlock for Brisbane

Deadlock for commercial and domestic use by Lockwood. Safety indicator. Secure silver deadlockThe 005 Deadlock from Lockwood is a stylish deadbolt with some features that have been lacking from other deadlocks. A deadbolt is a deadbolt right? Well, not really! While they might all look similar, there are some big differences between the Lockwood 005 deadlock and others.

The first thing you will notice about the Lockwood 005 is…. well it looks very different from other deadlocks! Thin round profile on the outside. Looks more like a Lockwood 001 deadlatch on the inside. 4 screws to hold the bolt in the door. 4 screws for the strike. The bolt is shorter then many other deadbolts. This is a deadlock that is totally redesigned!

Door fixing

005 deadlock fixed to door with 4 screws in bolt. secure against burglary and lock picking. OK lets start with the 4 screws. I don’t think I have seen a lock made for the Australian market with a 4 screw strike or bolt before. Does it make much difference? Well yes it does! If you have ever seen a door kicked in, you would know they always split up the middle of the door. So why put screws right in the centre of the lock? It makes sense to offset the screws. It makes for less of a centre break line and four screws are better then two.

This lock is also able to be fitted in the place of an existing deadlock or even an entrance lock. Quite often when fitting over the holes of an existing lock, the screw holes for the bolt and strike have been cross threaded or over-tightened leaving the holes unsuitable for new screws. For the Lockwood 005 deadbolt the screws thread in each time as they are not dependent on existing screw holes.

Inside locking knob

Inside locking knob Lockwood 005 deadlock fitted Locksmith BrisbaneThe inside of the Paradigm deadlock looks very similar to the inside knob of the Lockwood 001 deadlatch. In fact it works in much the same way, no surprise. It has a little window on the face of the knob that indicates whether the inside knob is in a deadlocked or undeadlocked mode. When the indicator is red, the inside knob is locked and can not be turned. This either indicated that the deadlock is deadlocked closed or locked open. When closed only the key can unlock the deadbolt from either the inside or outside. When the indicator is green, the deadbolt can be locked by turning the knob on the inside. Until the key is turned on the inside again, the deadlock operates the same way as a single cylinder deadlock, making it possible to open at any time from the inside.

Auto release deadlocking

When leaving the house you would usually deadlock the inside knob for security. If this lock is on your main entry door there is an added safety feature. Upon returning home and unlocking the Lockwood 005 from the outside, the inside handle is automatically released from its deadlocked position. This makes sure you are able to easily lock and unlock the deadlock from the inside with the internal knob.

Low Profile

Lockwood 005 deadlock low profile outside cylinder GoldThe external cylinder of this deadlock is partially recessed inside the door. This makes the outside profile much lower. In fact it has an outside profile of only 12mm, which is not only stylish but also makes attacking the lock much more difficult for burglars.

High security

The lock comes standard with Lockwood’s Kinetik Defence cylinders for added pick and bump key resistance. The cylinders can be changed to suit any Lockwood key making it possible to key alike all the locks on your home or business to the one key. A high security lock cylinder can also be used for extra protection against lock picking and key duplication.

Balanced steel bolt

The lock bolt is made from Stainless Steel and has saw resistant hardened inserts. As the bolt is shorter then most standard deadbolts, the Lockwood 005 is suitable to install where only a shorter bolt will work. If you have a glass panel next to your door strike, or just dont have the option of a large bolt hole, then the Lockwood 005 is a good choice. The lock bolt is adjustable to suit either a 60mm or 70mm door hole. This makes it an easy replacement for existing deadbolts, no matter what their backset is.

Lockwood Deadlock fitted to door silver

Lockwood deadlock fitted to door gold

Stylish and functional

If you are looking for a stylish deadlock with deadlocking capability and also the convenience of a simple turn to lock knob the Lockwood 005 Deadlock is a great choice. Our Brisbane locksmiths have plenty of stock in both Satin Chrome and Polished Brass and are able to fit this lock to your door at a time that is convenient to you. This is definitely a deadlock you will enjoy using.