locked inside room with no escape

Locksmith locked out

Locked in!

locked inside room with no escape

Room of no escape!

Pretty ironic. 24 Hour Locksmith unlocks a door for someone and gets locked out while leaving the building. Had to phone my customer to let me out! Actually I wasnt locked out exactly.  I was locked inside a room, a back fire escape! While leaving I was following the fire exit signs to exit the building and end up following them into a room that has key locks on each of the exit doors.

Yeah, it is actually funny 🙂 But there is a real serious side to this story. This was a fairly new 4 story apartment building in St Lucia. The occupants of the buildings mostly foreign students. Could you imagine what would happen in a fire or other emergency if they all followed the fire exits? When my customer came to unlock the door for me, he laughed. He said, he too had done the exact same thing as I had done.  Well He didn’t have his keys either!

All buildings such as this one are suppose to get inspected regularly by a fire inspector. My mind boggles at how this building ever passed even a basic fire inspection? Having a common area such as this deadlocked is just insane. Forget the fire regulations. Just common sense would tell you there is a problem with this would it not?

Well, on leaving this building I also saw this unit door, right next to the front door. Apparently deadlocked steel security doors are also allowed on apartment doors? Not sure who the fire inspectors are at this building but it is not the only death trap building I have seen this week. Earlier on, at a house designed for student accommodation, a customer was telling me how a fire inspector had disabled bedroom door locks. The problem was that in disabling them, he made it possible to get trapped inside all the bedrooms!

Fire door with still bars door

unit door with steel bar door and deadlock!

I would suggest to people that they call a trade qualified locksmith when they need their locks repaired or replaced. A locksmith is required to do a four year apprenticeship in which they learn all aspects of being a locksmith. An apprentice receives training from a technical college and has 4 years of on the job training. Many locksmiths specialise in a particular branch of locksmithing, such as commercial, automotive or access control. At the end of their apprenticeship they should be the most knowledgeable tradespeople on the subject of locks. Why would anyone use an untrained person to advise them about their locks and security? Makes little sense to me. I would always check that the tradesperson that comes to my door is actually a trades person and not a pretending to be a locksmith. You pay for a locksmith make sure it is an actual locksmith you get.