Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadlock Brisbane

Kwikset Kevo Good or Bad

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadlock

This is just a follow up on the New Kwikset Kevo.  I wrote a post recently on opening your door with a smart phone.  Well it is a great idea and the smart phone part of this lock seems to be quite good!!  Well, it only works with Apple as far as i can tell, but we all have iphones don’t we?  🙂

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadlock Brisbane
Ok, so the Kevo might work well and look good on the outside with flashing lights and a great touch sensor.   I just think we should be careful when considering if this is the right lock for use in Australia?   It is currently being sold by Masters Hardware and through locksmiths throughout Australia so it is definitely easily available to everyone with a spare $279, the list price at Masters Hardware today.

So why do you need to consider carefully if it is the right lock to put on your door for security?  Well, it is because it uses Kwikset’s quick key change system called “Smartkey” There is a lot of information on the net about the smartkey locks by Kwickset.  The problem with the smartkey locks is that the lock barrel can be forced open with basic tools.   A standard pin tumbler lock just does not open up that easy.

Would I put a Kwikset Kevo on my door?  Maybe as a secondary lock?  For when I am out in the garden.  As a security deadlock, I would avoid it.  It is just too vulnerable to a basic attack!   It is a real pity, Kwikset used this type of lock barrel in their Kevo deadlock.  If it had a better lock barrel, this would be a great lock in many different situations.

There seems to be so many issues with a majority of electronic locking systems.  There are so very few on the market that can stand up to a real attack and also reliable enough for every day use.  I recommend contacting your locksmith and asking the the hard questions as to the real vulnerabilities of any electronic lock before having one installed on your door.

Update 14-3-18  I have had lots of inquiries about the Kwikset Kevo.  So here is why what I have said might be different to many reviews.  The reviews you see on the net are mostly reviews done by people that are not security professionals.   They look at the aesthetics of the lock, function, flashing lights, etc.  My take on security is a little different.  I see break and enters every day.  I see the vulnerabilities in locks and security.  Some manufacturers go to a lot of trouble to make their lock barrels out of brass, nickel silver, stainless steel, etc to make them resistant to the attacks you see in the video.  Kwikset are a large manufacturer and welcome to make their locks from whatever they choose.  They are made at a price for a certain market, which is great.  Make up your own mind on the security the Kwikset Kevo offers.


Which Gen is this article in relation to? Your article doesn’t have a date on it so it’s hard to tell if you’re referring to the 1st or 2nd Gen Kevo.

The 2nd Gen Kevo seems to have addressed the security concerns you mention.

Also, does the Kevo still work with a standard key? Or is that keyhole just for show?

Was wondering exactly the same. I love that a specialist in the field is sharing their views but would appreciate clarity on these details.

Ok. The Gen 2 I have not stuck a screwdriver into to see if it opens the same as a gen 1. Maybe Kwikset have improved their lock barrel design? I am not aware of any quantum improvements in their lock barrels. Have a look and see if the Gen 2 lock barrel is still die-cast. It’s like lock bumping/picking. A lock is secure until someone tries to open it. Would you put a lock on your door that can be opened with a screwdriver in under a minute? As i said, maybe i would for convenience. For security I would choose a better lock.

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