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Keys cut by 24 Hour Locksmith

There are many times you need keys cut by a locksmith. Weather it is just a spare key for your front door or a complete set of new keys for your house a locksmith will help you to get your keys cut. Many are mobile locksmiths so you can have your keys cut at your home or business and don’t have to travel to find a locksmith who can cut the keys.

24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane have a mobile locksmith service that will come to you so you can have your keys cut. Having keys cut might also include changing locks or having your locks placed on to the one key or a master key. When locks are changed a new set of keys is produced and it is possible to have any number of keys cut at the time the locks are changed. It is also the case when all your locks are changed to the one key or a master key. A new set of keys are cut so you will have enough keys as you require for your doors.

A master key system is where you have different rooms or places and a separate key for each room or area. The separate keys might only work in the particular room or door lock and not work in any other locks. A master key will typically work in every lock. This is a way that access can be controlled simply by having keys cut to different combinations. The different combinations of keys only work in the locks that have the correct locks pin combinations to match the particular keys. If a key is cut for a particular lock, it will not work in other locks, unless it is designed to work in that lock. An example of more then one key working in a particular lock is a front foyer door in an apartment block. The keys are cut for each apartment, but they can also work in the front foyer door. This is called maison keying. It is a simple way to have just 1 key cut for an individual person that will open all the locks he needs access to.

It is also very common to have keys cut for many other types of locks in your home or office. Keys can be cut to code when they are lost for some locks, such as garage doors, a letterbox and filing cabinets. Keys can also be cut to code to registered key systems if the key combinations are known. Cutting keys to code is always a better idea then cutting on a sample key machine. Cutting keys to code makes the keys very accurate, like factory made keys are cut.