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Digital  Lock Carbine and Lockwood Keyless Door Locks

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These are some great new keyless door locks that are now available.  They are a less expensive way to have keyless entry on your house or unit door.   They are stylish and come in a standard satin chrome finish to match existing satin chrome door furniture.

These locks are fire rated!  Yes they have a 2 hour fire rating, so they can be used in a whole range of applications where a fire rated door lock is specified such as some apartment doors where a 2 hour fire rating is required. Their design allows itself to fit over many existing lock holes and easily cover all the existing fitting marks so this digital lock is a good choice for a replacement front door lock.  Weather the lock is a keyless lock or a keyed lock it can now be replaced with a keyless lock.

Some improvements to these keyless door locks include a lever handle on the inside which replaces the small knob design.  The lever handle makes it much easier to open the door and more useable as an escape lock.  There is also a fitting plate used to install the lock made of stainless steel to make it more durable and stronger.

Do you know if you need a right hand or left hand model?  Well this lock is not handed as in many other lever handle locks.  It will fit either a right or left hand door making the installation much simpler.  There is also an easy to grip outer knob to make it easy to open.

The code is changeable by removing it from the door.  It comes with instructions and it is a job that can be done by the owner without the hassle of calling a locksmith every time the lock needs to be changed.

The latch is a heavy duty design with a 60mm backset.  There is also a 70mm backset latch available.