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 Rebated Doors – French Doors

Rebated doors or French Doors are just fancy terms used for double doors. They are called rebated doors due to the rebate cut into the edge of each door. The rebate of one door is designed to fit together with the other door to form a staggered seal. Rebated doors are often called French Doors. French doors can refer to a rebated door with a small or standard door size. The use of French Doors is generally to make a smaller door opening area or swinging area. Two smaller doors take up less swinging space the one large door. French doors can also be more elegant then a large swinging door. With rebated doors one door always has to close first with the other door closing to seal the opening. Without the rebate there would be a gap in the door you could stick things through and weather could easily penetrate.

Flush Bolts Secure The First Door

French Door Flush Bolts

Flush Bolts

The door that must close first has to be secured first. It is usually secured top and bottom with flush bolts, barrel bolts or lockable bolts. Flush bolts are the most common way to secure the door as they can be fitted to the edge of the door and cannot be seen inside our out when the doors are fully close3d. Flush bolts are seated in flush with the rebated edge. Some doors will have the rebated edge reinforced with a steel strip to add strength to the door. Lockable bolts can also be fitted to the inside of the first closing door. The first door is considered the most important locking point, as the second door must close and lock into the first door. If the first doors’ locks fail the second door can automatically open.

A Lock Secures the Second Closing Door

The second door to close can have a variety of different locks fitted to it. One of the most popular locks for rebated doors is a lockable mortise lock with lever handles. A mortise lock for a rebated door must be specially suited and must have the rebate shaped into its face. A mortise lock on a rebated door can either have a single or double throw bolt.A cylindrical entrance set can also be fitted to a rebated door. The entrance set will need a modified latch to suit the rebate in the door. A rebate kit can be purchased to suit most cylindrical entrance sets.If a cylindrical entrance set is used a tubular deadlock can also be tiffed to match. The tubular deadlock will also need a specific rebate kit if it is to be fitted.A Deadlatch such as the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch can be fitted as the only lock on the door or as an added lock for security.

Added Deadlock for Security

For added security one of the best locks to fit to a rebated door is a deadlock that will securely lock both doors together, even if the first closing door is not properly secured. The Lockwood 355 Deadlock would be a good choice as it has interlocking pins securely deadlocking b0oth doors together. The Lockwood 355 can be deadlocked and opened from both sides of the door. It can also be keyed alike with other locks in the house.

Mortice Locks for French Doors

French Door Deadlock Euro CylinderFrench Door lock 5 Lever 60mm

French Door Lock Euro French Door Lock Long Face Euro

 Get the Handing Right

French Door Flush Bolts

Flush Bolts

Rebated doors are handed to open so that either the right door opens first or the left hand door opens first. It is important when fitting a rebated door that you get the correct handed doors. Some off the shelf doors can be reversed and used either way. Decorative or hollow core doors usually have to be ordered in the correct handing.Most rebates on doors are around 12mm. It is important when fitting rebated doors that they are fitted square and the gap between the rebates to be no more than 3mm. Solid timber doors can be made into rebated doors by using a router to cut the rebate. When ordering doors to be rebated it is important to order doors wider then needed. If a rebate of 12mm is used on each door and a gap of 2mm between the door is desired, then the doors must be 10mm wider.Rebated doors are fantastic for giving a wide open door space. They most definitely need securing properly so that they are not a weak point for thieves to enter.

Handing of French Doors

Rebated Door Handing Brisbane Locksmtih
If you need help with locks on French Doors 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane can assist you.  All types of door locks fitted for French Doors.  If you are not sure about fitting a lock to these doors have a professional locksmith fit the lock for you.  We also can repair your door lock and replace it if needed.