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Finding a real locksmith on Google

fake locksmith in Brisbane GoogleHow do you know you have found a real locksmith when you do a Google search?  Well its not that easy.  In Brisbane locksmiths can be quite difficult to find!  Doing a search for locksmiths on Google pulls up 1000’s of results.  Actually 21,300,000.  This is great if you are looking for information on locksmiths.  Google’s main purpose is to give you relative sites to your search term.

The problem is Google is now much more then a search engine.  They actively promote businesses on their search pages which is a great revenue stream for Google.  In promoting businesses, Google are aware that the results they return should reflect what people are really searching for.  You search for a locksmith, then you would expect to be given a choice of locksmiths.  Especially locksmiths in your local area.

The problem is that when you do a search for locksmiths, you get very few real locksmiths in the top results.  You are mostly seeing SEO website builders who have promoted a website, which is usually full of spam.  Many are easy to spot.  They have menu’s full of repeated terms.  such as Locksmith Albion, Locksmith Bardon, Locksmith Carindale, etc.   The real locksmiths just dont have the time or money to spend on their websites.  The promotion of a website is a full time job if you want to get on the front page of the results.

The real locksmith companies in Brisbane, are almost impossible to find.  Even doing a search for their names will bring up a range of results.   Its really hard to find a real locksmith.

Then there is Adwords.  You just dont know who will be advertising on Adwords.  They dont even have to operate in Australia!

Map listings.  Most map listings are fake.  Some even go so far to take the address of a real locksmith!  Most of the SEO locksmith sites have multiple map listings under different suburbs.

The best advice i can give is try to find a real locksmith company in Brisbane.  Licensing means very little and is easy to obtain.  I recommend asking to see a trade certificate.  At least you should know if your locksmith is a genuine locksmith.