Electronic Security Vulnerabilities

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changing locks to the one key

There has been a large increase in electronic locking devices over the recent years.  Some of these locks are quite good and keep things secure.  Unfortunately some electronic locks leave a building vulnerable to a range of attacks.
The price you pay for your electronic locks has no real bearing on the level of security you receive.  This might sound like an odd statement, but it has been proven to be true over and over again.  Some of the most expensive locking devices and installations might leave you open to easy opening techniques that a thief can take advantage of.
While i do not want to get into the particulars of the vulnerabilities of the various locking devices.  There are many reasons why your building may be vulnerable.  Most are very basic security issues such as using the wrong locks with electronic devices, Incorrect installation of the lock and strike,  the locks have not been maintained and leave the door with a vulnerability.
I would recommend getting your electronic locks checked by a professional locksmith who specializes in gaining entry into such doors.  This might sound like a sales pitch, but it can be a serious problem.  The installer of you electronic locking system is probably not the best person to ask on your systems faults.  They are probably not going to point them out to you or they are probably not going to know.  Make sure the locksmith is a professional and is serious about finding your weaknesses.  Many locksmiths will send an apprentice out with little knowledge.  Make sure if you get a locksmith out they are serious about your security.

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As of now.. we can only have a trial and error for those electronic locks as some of them doesn’t give enough quality services.


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