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Lockwood locks

The Lockwood brand in Australia has been around since 1934. John Stanley Ogden was the first to bring produce Lockwood products in Australia. The company Ogden Industries manufactured Lockwood branded products for many of the last 81 years.

Lockwood is now owned by Swedish lock manufacturer Assa Abloy. Assa Abloy is the largest manufacturer of locks in the world and has acquired many of the big names in lock manufacturing such as Yale, Mul-t-ilock, Chubb, Vingcard and Medeco.

Lockwood manufacture a vast array of locks for the Australian market. Not only do they manufacture locks, they also manufacture a range of door hardware such as door closers, hinges, handles, electronic locks, and general hardware.

Here are some popular Australia locks made with the Lockwood brand name.


The 001 Deadlatch

Lockwood Deadlatch

Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

The Lockwood 001 deadlatch first appeared in Australia around 20 years ago. The design has been improved a lot since the first series of the 001 deadlatch.
The 001 is now much easier to install and has a more reliable mechanism. The inside of the 001 has the Lockwood “Lock Alert” indicator. Which is Green when the inside knob is not locked and Red when locked. The Lockwood 001 automatically unlocks the inside knob when the door is unlocked with the key from the outside. So it is very difficult to accidentally lock yourself inside your home.

The Lockwood 001 has an easily reversible stainless steel bolt to suit both inward and outward opening doors. There is an outward opening strike that can be installed for outward opening doors. The Lockwood 001 can also easily be turned into a passage mode lock, just by turning the inside knob and which holds the latch open.

The lockwood 001 comes standard with Lockwood’s Kinetic Defence anti-bump keying system, making lock bumping much harder.


Lockwood 334 Padlock

Lockwood Padlock Steel case and shackle 334

Lockwood 334 Steel Case Padlock

Lockwood’s latest range of high security padlocks make it much easier to key the locks up to a specific key or even insert a high security padlock barrel. They can be made to suit just about any lockwood key or any of the Assa Abloy high security keys such as Medeco, Multilock or Assa Twin.

Theses are steel case padlocks made to be tough in commercial and industrial situations. The shackle of the Lockwood padlock is made from molybdenum steel alloy, which makes it one of the toughest shackles to try to cut. The shackles are easily removed and replaced and come in a large range of extended sizes to suit all situations.

The 334 padlock can be made to retain the key when unlocked. The key can only be removed from the lock when the shackle is securely closed.


Lockwood 005 deadlock

Lockwood Australia short throw deadlock Brisbane

Lockwood 005 Deadlock

Lockwood make a large range of deadlocks. One of their Australian designed deadlocks in the Lockwood 005 deadlock. The Lockwood 005 deadlock incorporates the Lockwood “Lock Alert” very similar to the Lockwood 001 deadlatch, making it easy to see if the lock is in the locked or unlocked state.

The Lockwood 005 deadlock is easy to install and can replace other standard lock fittings so there are no extra holes when replacing an existing similar deadlock.

Lockwood Kinetic Defence lock cylinders are also used in the Lockwood 005 deadlock, making it highly bump key resistant and hard for burglars to pick open.


Lockwood 8654 Security Screen Door Lock

Lockwood Security door lock 24 hour locksmith Brisbane

Lockwood Security Screen Door Lock

This is one of the best security screen door locks on the Australian market. It has Lockwood’s “Dual Select” safety option which either sets the screen door lock into a full deadlocked mode or a safety exit mode, locking it on the outside, but allowing for emergency exit when inside.

The Lockwood 8654 Security Screen Door Lock has a stainless steel hook bolt which not only locks into the door jamb, but the hook ensures the door can not easily be forced open. The bolt design makes prying attacks much harder.

A triple lock attachment can also be added to the Lockwood 8654 Screen Door Lock. Locking the door in 3 points at the top, bottom and centre.
The Lockwood Security Screen Door Cylinder that comes with this lock can be keyed alike to any other Lockwood product. Keying the screen to the front door lock can give you just one key to your whole house.


Lockwood Code Handle

electronic code handle by Lockwood Brisbane

Lockwood Code Handle

Want keyless entry with a lock that looks like just like a simple lever handle lock?

This is an elegant looking electronic lock. It is opened with a code on the handle and can have between 1 and 9 users. The code can be between 4 and 6 digits long. After 5 incorrect attempts at entering the code, the user is locked out for a period of time which helps stop brute force attacks to retrieve the code.

The Lockwood code handle keyless electronic lock can be fitted in place of most common knob and lever handle locks. No extra holes are needed to be drilled which makes it ideal as a replacement lock for in most homes in Brisbane.

Lockwood Lock Installation and service

For installation of any Lockwood Product in your home, use a professional trade qualified locksmith. Don’t trust your security to unqualified people who may not understand just how vulnerable an incorrectly installed lock makes your home.

24 Hour locksmiths Brisbane only use trade qualified locksmiths for outdoor service work. We can install and repair all Lockwood locks on your home.

24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane Mobile van

If you need assistance in a break in after a burglary we have a 24 hour locksmith service to assist you. Weather you need emergency repairs to the door or require all the locks changed in your home we can assist with all your locksmith needs.

If you have been locked out of your house or apartment and have Lockwood locks on your doors with the new Kinetic Defence keying system, make sure the locksmith you call can unlock your doors without doing damage to your locks. All locksmiths at 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane are trained in the art of picking Lockwood locks and can get you back inside your house if you have been locked out.