Security for Doors



Door Security

Often it is necessary to add extra security locks to strengthen door security.  There are a range of locks available to increase a doors security. Contact your Brisbane Locksmith who can assist you choose the correct lock for your door.

ADI concealed shackle hasp Locksmith Brisbane

ADI Concealed Shackle Hasp for padlock

ADI Concealed Shackle Hasp DN716

Suits Double Sliding or Hinged Doors.

Can be fitted to Wood and Aluminium Doors.

Suits Abus 50mm Padlock (DN385) with 50mm Loose Shackle (not Included).

Available in Front Fix (in Photo) or Rear Fix.

BL Security spinning sleeve Brisbane Locksmith

Security Spinning Sleeve for entrance lock set

BL Security Spinning Sleeve DN387

Added to knob sets it provides resistance to wrenching attacks.

Fits over the External Knob.

Available for a wide range of Knob Sets.

BDS blocker plate Locksmith Brisbane

BDS Blocker Plate latch protector

BDS Blocker Plate DN389

2mm Steel Plate designed to prevent latch attacks.

Available in a wide range of designs to suit different applications.

ADI lockable bolt Brisbane Locksmith

Lockbolt for shopfront door

Lockbolt DN382

Heavy Duty Lockable Bolt.

Suitable for Glass Doors.

Can be Locked in Open or Closed Position.

Suitable for Swinging and Sliding Doors.

Suitable For Aluminium and Timber Doors.

Hardened Bolt.

Accepts High Security Cylinders.

ADI Double block lock Brisbane Locksmith

 Double BlockLock shop front door

Double BlockLock DN384

Suitable for exterior doors, hinged, tilting and sliding.

Rear Fix.

Hardened steel pin fits through the side of the body .

Accepts High Security Cylinders.


Block Lock for Commercial door.  High Security lock

DN396 Block Lock







Block Lock DN396

Suitable for a wide range of uses including aluminum doors where it is only possible to fit the lock on the bottom rail of the door.

Hardened Steel Pin makes the Block Lock a good choice for shop front doors and for securing a range of industrial buildings.

The cylinder can be changed to suit a wide range of high security keys.


Abus Granit Hasp and staple
Abus Granit Hasp and Staple Locksmith Brisbane

  Abus Granit Hasp and Staple DN730

High security heavy duty hasp and staple.

Double hardened special steel.

Concealed fixing.

Overall size 230mm x 70mm.



ADI hinge bolts Brisbane Locksmith

ADI Hinge Bolt

 ADI Hinge Bolt DN386

Fitted to the hinge side of the door adds security to doors with Loose Pin Hinges.