Locksmith Entrance Door Lock

DN8527 Entrance Lock Set

Unfortunately, not all entrance lock sets are made equal.   They may look the same.  They might work the same way, They might even have the same looking key.  But there are big differences between many plain old looking door lock sets.

Locksmith Entrance Door Lock

Well the lock I would like to focus on is one of our best selling products.   This Entrance lock set is one that our locksmiths in Brisbane are proud to fit because it is a tremendously high quality lock for the price.   This entrance lock is a commercial grade lock set and is manufactured from Satin Stainless Steel which gives it the most durable finish available.

The latch on these locks is also a heavy duty deadlatching type of latch.  When fitted correctly the deadlatching mechanism resists attacks from through the door opening techniques where manipulation of the latch might be possible as with some other types of locks.
The latch is available in either a 60 or 70 mm backset.  From the edge of the door to the centre of the lock.  It is also easy to make the latch work on a 127mm door or even other non standard backset measurements.

The body of the lock is made of heavy duty steel and designed to be much more robust then other less quality locks.  The lock has a 2 hour fire rating which most other locks do not have.  This means it is suitable for many Unit doors which have a 2 hour fire rated door.

The locking cylinder on this lock is one that is loved by our locksmiths in Brisbane.  It is an easy to change 6 pin cylinder that is interchangeable with a large range of high security cylinders and is machined very precisely for years of operational use.  The cylinder can be changed to match most other locks in your home or office.  The cylinder is a 6 pin tumbler mechanism for much higher security.

This is a lock we get very few problems with.  Usually if there is a problem with one of these locks, it is because the door has issues such as loose hinges, etc.  It is a very high quality product that is recommended by our locksmiths for many different situations.


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