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Advertising for a Brisbane Locksmith Makes Customers Angry

Locksmith Brisbane 24 Hour Key Chain for wooden doorMarketing for our Brisbane locksmith company has always been fairly simple. Advertising in the Yellow Pages, Google Adwords, Newspapers, etc. We even tried delivering fliers. This is all good. The problem we faced was that when you are locked out of your home or apartment and need to get let back in, all the advertising material is not where you need it. It is on the wrong side of the door. So our marketing experts set about coming up with an answer to this problem.

Out locksmith business needed something where people would remember our phone number 0431 449 201. Pretty steep ask remembering a tradesman’s phone number. You would almost have to type it into your phone every day! Even a friends phone number it is hard to remember because its just in the phone contacts. So phoning them every day, not really a good idea and no, we have never done this. Still the idea of remembering a phone number when they need an emergency locksmith is I guess the holy grail of marketing for a locksmith.

Well our marketing team come up with what they thought was the best idea ever. As you can see in the picture. It is a key traceable keychain. Brilliant idea! Every time they lock the key chain, they need to trace your phone number. We made up some prototypes of these keychains just to test them out. The prototypes were made with random phone numbers.

Testing of the prototype key chains showed the idea was above expectations. Once you had traced the phone number just a few times, it stuck in your head and you could not forget it, even if you tried! In fact by remembering the phone number tracing the pattern on the key chain become very fast. It seemed like it was a real winner!

Problems faced were now that they had to be installed onto peoples doors. That was very simple. Just a few screws and it was fitted. Installation was so simple a lot of people could even install these traceable keychains themselves. They could be offered as a free gift when work was performed at a persons home such as changing locks or fitting a deadlock. We do actually get calls from people wanting key chains installed. Why not install a key chain for free.

traceable Key Chain for doorSo with everything looking good, we started our first installs of the key chains. The first customer who wanted one fitted went wow! I have never seen anything like that before! We showed him and explained it was basically a marketing tool. We fitted a few more over the course of a couple of days. These things looked good! They were in the shape of a map of Australia. Finished in Brass. All was going well.

Until we got the call from the first customer asking us to come back and remove it! Wow we thought. Why would you want to remove it from your door? The customer was not happy! He told us that it was the worst designed key chain he had ever seen! It took him over 20 seconds to unlock his door when he had a visitor. He said it was the most frustrating thing he had ever seen! While he remembered our number very well, he remembered it in association with lots of words that I can not repeat here.

It was not only this one customer. We contacted everyone we installed a key chain for and they all had very similar thoughts. We offered to remove all the key chains and all our frustrated customers were very pleased of their removals. It seemed, if it takes extra time to open your door, even just 20 seconds, it is a most frustrating experience.

Not everyone who had a key chain fitted wanted it removed. A few customers really loved it and would not have it removed at any cost. We are keeping in touch with them and offering free removal at any time they get frustrated with the key chain.

Of course with the reaction we received, the keychains are no longer available. It was a real disaster! I guess it is obvious in hindsight that it was a bad idea.

Back to the drawing board now. Just have to wait for our next brilliant marketing idea! It’s coming soon!