Brisbane 24 hour locksmith supply and fit lockwood 355 deadlock

Lockwood 355 Deadlock

Brisbane 24 hour locksmith supply and fit lockwood 355 deadlock

Lockwood 355 Deadlock

Lockwood 355 Deadlock for domestic and commercial use

This is one of Lockwood’s most secure surface mounted deadlocks. It is suitable for swinging doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and gates. The Lockwood 355 Deadlock is designed in Australia to suit Australian doors and our environmental conditions. This is a popular lock found on many doors in homes throughout Brisbane. It is a popular choice for Queenslander style homes as it can be fitted to the specific doors found in our Brisbane homes.

Lockwood 355 deadlock or 001 deadlatch?

One question we are asked a lot is what is the difference between the Lockwood 355 Deadlock and the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch. The 001 deadlatch is only suitable for swinging doors and it has a self closing latch. The 355 deadlock is not self closing. It has to be locked with the key from the outside or by a turn knob on the inside. The 355 is often used in conjunction with an additional latch type of lock which holds the door in the closed position. When the 355 is in the unlocked position, it does not contact the strike and does not inhibit the door closing operation.

When the Lockwood 355 deadlock is placed locked with the key or inside turn knob, 2 bolts interlock with the strike which is fitted to the door jamb. When the 2 locking bolts are fully locked, there is no way for the deadlock and the strike to separate until the lock is unlocked with the key. The advantage to this type of locking on a timber door is that there is no way to slip the latch by prying the door and the door jamb apart. The lock will always stay connected to the strike.

Sliding and bi-fold doors which pull apart rather then swing need to be fitted with a lock that securely holds the lock and the strike together. The Lockwood 355 deadlock is a good choice for these types of doors as there is no way to separate the lock from the strike, this keeps the door locked, even if you are on the inside of the door.

The inside knob of the 355 deadlock can be simply turned to lock the door when you are on the inside. This is convenient when you need to lock the door while you are at home. It allows for an easy exit as the inside knob can be left in an un-deadlocked position. On leaving the premises, the key on the inside can be turned to the deadlocked position. When it is locked from the outside, the lock will be fully deadlocked and a key will be needed to open the lock from the inside or the outside.

Lockwood 355 deadlock cylinder

Lockwood 355 external cylinder


The Lockwood 355 deadlock comes standard with the Lockwood Kinetic Defence cylinders, which make lock bumping and lock picking very difficult. It can also be changed to suit a wide range of registered key systems and high security cylinders. Registered keys can help control the people with access to your lock. Copies of keys will only be made by authorised people.