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Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

lockwood deadlock for swinging doors.  001 deadlatch for doors in Brisbane fitted by a locksmith.

Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

Australian Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

The Lockwood 001 deadlatch is a versatile door lock made for Australian doors. It can be used for both domestic and commercial doors and is one of the most secure types of locks which Lockwood has made for wooden doors. Lockwood has manufactured the 001 Deadlatch for more then 20 years and it still remains one of the best selling locks for Lockwood Australia.

Lockwood Deadlatch


The Lockwood 001 Deadlatch is one of the only locks which meets Australian Standards for use as a secondary deadlock on a range of fire doors and apartment doors in Australia. The Lockwood 001 automatically locks when the door is closed. Using the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch in conjunction with a fire rated door closer ensures a door is kept closed and securely locked at all times.

Off the shelf, the Lockwood 001 deadlatch now comes standard with the Lockwood Kinetic Defence key locked cylinders. Kinetic Defence improves the lock’s security by making it extremely hard to bump open or open by picking the lock. This now makes Lockwood locks with Kinetic Defence cylinders the most secure off the shelf locks in their class.

Deadlatch lockwood 001 colour Brown

Lockwood 001 Brown

Locking cylinders and keys that come with the 001 Deadlatch can be changed to suit a wide variety of restricted key products and high security cylinders. The fitting of a registered key system simply requires a new lock barrel and the lock to be changed to suit the key. By adding the Lockwood 001 to your existing high security locking system or by creating a new high security locking system the 001 Deadlatch can become a part of a network of locks with the same keys or part of a master key system. Registered keys or security keys may only be cut by a locksmith with a letter and identification from the registered user.

Lever Handle lockwood 001 Brisbane Locksmith

Lockwood 001 with Inside Lever Handle

This lock can be fitted to most swinging doors. The standard fitting is for a wooden door. The wooden door fittings include the Lockwood door frame strengthener which deeply holds the strike of the lock in place. Other locks without the door frame strengthener are only usually held into position with screws that can cause the door frame to split if force is applied to the door, such as kicking in the door. A metal frame strike is also available for this deadlock which screws securely to a steel frame. Most apartment and unit doors have a steel frame.

A locked-unlocked indicator is used on the inside of the lock to indicate if the Lockwood 001 deadlatch is in the deadlocked position. A green signal is displayed when the door is not deadlocked. A red signal is displayed when the door is deadlocked. The Lockwood 001 deadlatch automatically disengages the inside deadlocking of the knob. This helps ensure you will not get deadlocked inside your apartment or building. Removing the inside deadlocking also makes it easier to escape in an emergency such as a fire.

Lockwood 001 deadlatch cylinder

Low Profile Outside cylinder of Lockwood 001

This is one very versatile lock that can be fitted in conjunction with other locks or on its own as the primary lock on the door. It’s self latching mechanism with no outside profile make it great as the first choice on a main entry door. The inside knob can be placed into an always open position for the times you do not want to lock the door at all. A quick turn of the inside knob reverts it back into a fully functioning deadlock. I have personally fitted 001 deadlatches over 20 years ago that are still operating in perfect condition today. This is one tough lock which should be a long term investment that will give years of hassle free operation.