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Locked out, need a door unlocked?

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Being locked out of the house, apartment or a door in your business is never much fun.  In fact often you will want to unlock door fast.   Lucky for you that our 24 hour locksmith in Brisbane is always ready to help open a locked door and have you safely back inside the house fast.   Our normal response time to unlock a locked door in Brisbane is under 20 minutes.  Often we can get to your home or business a lot faster!

When we are called to open an apartment door, home door or locked shop door our locksmith will use opening techniques that cause no damage to your locks or doors.  Picking locks is one of the techniques employed by our locksmiths.  Picking locks is a skill that is learned over many years.  We use custom made lock picking tools made especially for the types of locks found in Brisbane.   Other techniques are also used to unlock a locked door.  As doors and locks vary so much, there are many different techniques used in different situations.  Often there are multiple options for opening a locked door, of which your locksmith will always choose the most efficent and the method to put the less stress on your locks and doors.

Call our 24 hour locksmiths any time for immediate service.  Even if you are calling in the middle of the night we will be available to help you get back inside.  Our locksmiths are trade qualified professionals with many years of experience in emergency situations.   In line with security licensing requirements we will require you to identify yourself before we can open your door.  A drivers lisence or 18+ card with your current address is the best form of identification.

Locked out after inspection

Locked out after inspection

So you just get home from work at 5:30 and find you cant get your key to work in the door. Scratching your head you see that the deadlock is locked. But you never lock the deadlock. Then you remember that you had a real estate inspection that day. Then the penny drops. The real estate agent must have locked the deadlock on the way our of your home. You don’t use the deadlock so of course you never put the deadlock key on your key-ring. You call the real estate for help, as they are the ones who locked you out. No answer. What to do. Its then you decide its easiest to call your local locksmith.

OK, its not just real estate agents that can lock you out. Often tradesmen, friends and family can be the cause. This is a very real scenario that as a locksmith I see all the time. Nobody likes having extra keys on their key-ring, so taking off keys that we do not use makes good sense. Well it makes good sense at the time.

Obviously trying to plan not to get locked out of your home is the best remedy. Keeping keys for all locks with you will ensure you do not get locked out. Having locks keyed alike by your locksmith is a great way to ensure you always have a key to unlock every lock. One key to unlock all your doors is very simple. If you know you are having people in your home, make sure you have all the keys with you to get back inside.

When the worst happens and you can not open the door, call a locksmith to get the door open again. A locksmith can pick the lock which you dont have a key to. This causes no damage to the door or lock and is an easy way to get back inside again. If you get a receipt from the locksmith, often you can claim back your costs too.

A locked door lock or screen door by a real estate agent or tradesman is very common and very inconvenient. If you do find yourself locked out, call our 24 hour locksmiths any time to get your door unlocked. We are members of the Master Locksmith Association and very skilled at opening locked doors.

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Code keys for safes

Code keys for safes

Many locks are stamped with a key code number but key codes alone are of little use. Extra information is usually needed to cut a key to code. A call to cut keys for room safes in a hotel was one such call that extra information was needed.  With no code information available these code keys needed a different approach.

key cut to code for safe lock code keys

Often a brand name of a safe, the make and model of a car or brand of furniture is also required to cut a key to code. The brand of the hotel room safes were an after market obscure brand that had no link to the locks that were fitted to the safes. The safes locks were all marked with a four number code between 1000 and 6000. The code numbers were a bit of a give away as to their meaning. The numbers seemed to be a direct code. A direct code is a code number that is also the cuts of the key. Such as 5226.

lock follower and key

As there were quite a few safes to cut keys to, being able to cut them to the code number would save time and money for the hotel owner. The problem with these safes was that there was no reference to the space and depth dimensions of the keys. If you do not know accurately the space and depth of the keys, then cutting keys accurately is not possible.

pick safe lock

In order to cut the keys to code, one of the locks was removed from the safe. The lock was then taken apart carefully, not to disturb the combination of the lock pins.

lock barrel for safe and key

Once the lock was apart, the key dimensions were deciphered and a code card made up for a code machine. This is a fairly old code machine that is used in one of our mobile locksmith vehicles. This code machine is a punch machine and uses no electricity. It is perfect for use on a job site to cut keys to code.

making code card for safe key

Once the code card was created, the keys could easily be cut to the code numbers on the front of the locks.

code card for sutting safe key

The keys all worked perfectly and the hotel owner was very happy that his safes could have new keys cut for them easily. Now if ever a key is lost for these safes, a new code key can quickly be produced from the code stamped on the lock.

Most codes keys can be cut a lot simpler then the keys for these safes. If keys are needed to code or even if no code is present on the lock our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane are always able to help.

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Car Unlocked Spring Hill

Car Unlocked Spring Hill

Another car unlocked at Spring Hill

Locking the keys inside your car is very easy. Especially when you are busy with so many things to do this time of year.

This client was happy we could have a Brisbane locksmith to unlock his Holden Rodeo Ute within 20 minutes of his call. Having the keys locked inside and stuck in the city at Spring Hill, he could not get to work until the car was opened. The car was unlocked by our locksmith at Spring Hill and he was on his way again.

Our locksmiths can unlock your car fast. We aim to get to Brisbane suburbs within 20 minutes of your call and can open your car without doing damage. If you need a locksmith to unlock your car call us anytime 24 hours a day.

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Locked out in Brisbane

Locked out in Brisbane

It has been a busy Friday night in Brisbane. Tonight we have performed lockouts in Chermside, Upper Mount Gravatt, St Lucia and Kangaroo Point.  We were able to unlock all the doors tonight without any problems.  The number of people locked out side of their homes increases quite a bit this time of year as the weather heats up and it gets closer to Christmas.

Locked out in Brisbane. Need a locksmith to unlock a doorUnlocking the door at Upper Mount Gravatt tonight was an interesting job. We were not the first locksmith to attend the property. The first locksmith called could not unlock the door. The tried for over an hour and could not pick the lock. The tenant of the property informed us they used a pick gun to try to open the door. It was quickly evident that the lock they were trying to pick the pick gun would never have opened. It was a new style Lockwood 001 deadlatch. These locks use security pins that can not be picked with a pick gun or bumped with a bump key. We use a unique opening techinique to unlock a locked door with these Lockwood deadlocks. The customer was very happy to be back inside their apartment within a few minutes of our arrival.

It is normal that we can unlock a locked door within a few minutes. There are situations where it becomes very difficult to open a locked door. High security locks a challenge, which often can still be opened. The biggest challenges when opening locked doors are caused by lock malfunctions, broken locks and very weird situations. A broken lock can make it impossible to open a door, even when a key is available. A broken lock can often be unlocked and the door opened quite fast, although some situations require patience in figuring out exactly what is wrong with the lock. A broken latch inside a door is also a situation that requires skill to open the door.

In Brisbane there is an ever increasing number of high security locks. High security locks stop a lot of burglars from breaking into homes and businesses. They do however hinder a locksmith from quickly unlocking a door. Making a locksmiths job harder is not a bad thing! The harder it is for a locksmith, the harder it also is for criminals. Opening all types of doors with all types of locks is just part of a locksmiths job. Our locksmiths have a range of door opening techniques for many situations.

If you need a door unlocked in Brisbane, call our 24 hour locksmiths any time and we will come to you as quickly as possible.

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Brisbane door open with key

Brisbane door open with key


Key safe targeted in break at Camp Hill, Brisbane

Key safes can be used to keep a spare key outside of a house or apartment for family, friends and workers. However care needs to be taken in their use. House and apartment break ins can happen without the occupants even knowing if a key is stolen.

The majority of key safes use a combination lock or push button lock to secure the contents of the safe. If the key safe is installed outside the home it is possible for thieves to work out the combination and remove the key to from the box. There are various techniques used to work out the combination and some are surprisingly simple.

Before using a key safe always ask the question, “Is it as secure as my door locks”. If the key box is able to be compromised much easier then the locks on your doors then it is a security risk to your homes’ security.

Another problem with key safes is in the way they are installed. If they are bolted to a wall, it is fairly easy to pry the box from the wall and remove the key at leisure. A safe that is attached using a padlock design can be cut off and the key removed. Often when the key safe goes missing people do not notice until it is too late and their home door is opened with the spare key.

In Brisbane, we have seen quite a few homes broken into using a key from a compromised key holder. We have also had to change locks on buildings when a master key goes missing from a key safe. The latest break and enter using a key from a key safe was in Camp Hill. In this case the key safe was broken off the concrete wall and the key removed.

If you use a key safe, be aware of the risks involved and weigh up if it is worth the convenience.

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Electronic safe lock vulnerability

Electronic safe lock vulnerability

You would be hard pressed finding a new safe or vault these days that does not have an electronic keypad lock. Electronic safe locks have almost completely replaced mechanical locks. The electronic locks are fast to open, easy to change the combination on, have options for delayed opening and a lot more user friendly then the older style combination locks where you spin a dial to the correct numbers.

electronic or mechanical safe lockThe old fashioned mechanical dial up safe lock made by manufacturers such as Sargent and Greenleaf had been used on safes for many years. Even the most basic 3 wheel safe lock gave a high level of security to safes. Safe dialers and manipulation techniques did give a way to open these mechanical locks but it took time. Safe dialers had to be hooked up for days in many cases to work out a safe combination.

Electronic safe locks are all mass produced and every model is pretty much identical to the next. If you want to break into a safes with an electronic lock, you just need to find a vulnerability with one safe lock. If you can find a way to open one then you can open every safe with that particular lock.

Well this is exactly what has happened. Electronic safe locks made by major manufacturers have been found to have flaws which can be exploited rather simply. By probing the keypad or battery wires connected to the safe it is possible to examine the processes which happen inside the processor chip of the lock. The processes cause electronic fluctuations which can be examined using an oscilloscope or specially designed circuit. It is possible to determine the correct keypress of a safe lock as opposed to the wrong keypress. As each process inside the chip is perfectly timed, any variation can be measured.

You can make a tool to break into these safes very easily. As they are electronic locks the tool can be used in a matter of seconds. A bypass of an electronic safe lock requires little skill and there is no barrier to opening the safe, once you have a bypass tool.

To make the matter even worse, there is no sign of forced entry when using these bypass tools. You could just be faced with an empty safe, next time you open the door.

safe lock electronic Brisbane locksmithAs the bypass techniques work on electronic safe locks with the highest security rating these locks are some of the most common locks used on bank vaults, ATM’s, jewelers safes, high security home safes and even cheaper home safes. This newly found vulnerability leaves almost every electronically operated safe very insecure.

While I am not going into detail here about which brands are affected, I would like to assure you this is a very widespread problem and measures should be taken if you are storing anything valuable in a safe secured by any type of electronic lock.

If your safe has an additional mechanical key lock, I would suggest always locking the key lock for added security.

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Locked out in Toowong

Locked out in Toowong

Door in opened Toowong Brisbane

Door unlocked Toowong locksmith BrisbaneIt has been a busy end to the school holidays.  Here in Toowong we just helped another customer unlock her door as she had locked the keys inside.  Locking the keys inside an apartment is very easy as many doors lock automatically.  The door closer on an apartment door ensures the door closes shut every time.  Just walking outside without the keys is all it takes to lock the keys inside.

When you need a locksmith Toowong is one place you will be happy to know we cover.  Our Brisbane locksmiths are never far away to help you with any emergency locksmith situation you might have.   We cover the Toowong, Indooroopilly and St Lucia areas 24 hours a day to help in all emergencies.


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Ikonic Entrance Lock Bunnings

Ikonic Entrance Lock Bunnings

Why wont my locksmith fit locks i bought from Bunnings?

We all love Bunnings Hardware and a lot of the products they sell are great quality.  Even a lot of their cheaper products are of good quality.   I have an Ozito cordless drill that has worked flawlessly for 2 years now.  Even though it was cheap, it has been a great product.

When it comes to security, buying a cheap lock from Bunnings is probably not the best idea.  Even though it is cheap and looks good on the outside, inside it might not be up to the job of protecting you, your family and your property.

The Ikonic entrance lock from Bunnings is a good example of a shiny looking lock that should not be fitted to an exterior door of a home for security.  This lock fails the most basic security requirements expected of a entrance lock set.  Even fitting this lock to an interior door in a house or apartment isn’t something i would recommend.

This post was inspired by a customer who had bought these locks from Bunnings and wanted us to fit them to his house.  In good conscience as a tradesman locksmith, I could not fit these locks to his home.   As these locks look very similar to locks of better quality, it is hard for a consumer to tell the difference.  Recommending to a customer to buy more expensive locks that look very similar, i am sure they sometimes think we are trying to up-sell them for no reason.

There are usually very good reasons for not recommending certain products.  The Ikonic entrance lock for example has a low quality locking cylinder and the handles can actually be pulled off with little force.   Comparing it to other similar entrance locks, there is no doubt this lock is a bad choice for security and safety.

But the lock has a three year warranty!  Yes it does!  The warranty is not the issue when it comes to security.  The damage that could be caused by this lock failing to stop a simple burglary vs a $10.50 warranty??  A burglary can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars!  Why take the risk buying a cheap lock at Bunnings?

I dont know of any trade qualified locksmiths that would give bad advise regarding the selection of suitable locks for your home or business.  If you are calling someone that is not a tradesman, then you might end up with a $10.50 lock on your door?  Actually with locks, it is not even a case of “You get what you pay for”.  There are some very expensive locks available at hardware shops that are of such poor quality, locksmiths scratch their head and wonder why they are even being sold.  Just because it is shiny and expensive, doesn’t always correlate to a quality security product.

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How to unlock apartment door house door

How to unlock apartment door house door

Need to know how to unlock a house door or apartment door?

There is an easy way to unlock a door on an apartment or house that works on a lot of doors in Brisbane. It wont work on all doors, but it is worth trying if you are locked outside. A lot of doors in Brisbane have deadlocks fitted. This wont work if you have a locked, properly working deadlock.

First you need to find yourself a plastic bottle. A coke bottle, juice bottle, plastic milk bottle, etc. There is always one in the rubbish bin, or a neighbors rubbish. The bottle does not have to be flat. The stronger, thinner plastic of a coke or sprite bottle is great for this.

You also need to find yourself a knife, scissors or something to cut the plastic. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp knife.

Cut the bottle up so you have a large flat piece of plastic sheet. If the bottle is round, it is fine. It will be flat enough for our purposes.

Slide the piece of plastic between the door and door jamb, partly through the door. Put the piece of plastic through the door above or below the lock. There should be enough play in the door for the plastic to push through.

Bring the plastic up or down to the door latch and try to open the door lock by pushing the plastic back and forth. The plastic will make contact with the latch and the door will open. Well it should if this works for you.

If this door opening trick does not  work, I would be calling a locksmith in Brisbane to unlock your door. Opening the door without doing any damage is what our 24 hour locksmiths specialise in.

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5 ways to open a safe

5 ways to open a safe

If you have a safe that is locked and cant be opened then there are a few things that you can try to open the safe yourself.

Safe for Security documents

Security Safe

1 Check Batteries

If the safe is battery powered, then the batteries are the first think I would check. Most safes have a removeable cover or a removeable combination pad where the batteries are kept. Replacing the batteries in most safes does not affect the memory. If the dial is removable, be careful not to pull any wires as this could cause other problems. It is best to use alkaline batteries for most safe locks.


2 Bag caught in door

A money bag or other item can get caught in the door of a safe. If your safe is very full, there is a higher probability of this happening. If the safe door was hard to close the last time you used it this could give a hint to this problem.
Putting pressure on the door or jiggling the door back and forth while trying to open the door is worth a shot. The bag or stuck item will be putting extra force on the door and lock and might not easily be overcome by extra pressure.


3 Cant dial up the safe

If the safe has a combination dial and you just cant dial it open then it is possible there is a malfunction in the lock. Combination locks are precise mechanical devices that will not operate correctly without regular service.

Sometimes the combination wheels be the problem. They can spin sometimes over spin or get stuck. Try dialing the combination very slow. This can stop the over spin of the combination wheels. Also try dialing the combination fast, or with a bit of a snap. This can help if a combination wheel is stuck. Also try dialing the combination a little off the number. Just half a number to the side can be enough to allow the safe to open.


4 Stuck or broken boltwork.

The boltwork in a safe can sometimes get bent or stuck. Especially if the door is slammed with the boltwork in the locked position. If jiggling the door or adding pressure to the door does not work, try giving the door a tap with a rubber mallet. This jolt can be enough to get the door open. Give the safe a tap on the sides. Never hit the lock itself!


Key Override.

Many document safes have a key override. The key is usually under a cover on the front of the safe. Many people do not even realise their safe has a key override but it can be very important if there is a malfunction in your document safe. Just as long as the keys are not kept inside the safe itself!T


These are all basic steps that might save you from calling a locksmith to open your safe or vault.  If these fail to open your safe or you have lost the keys or combination then it might be time to consult your locksmith.  24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane are always available to consult on your safe or vault problems.

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