Brisbane door open with key

Brisbane door open with key


Key safe targeted in break at Camp Hill, Brisbane

Key safes can be used to keep a spare key outside of a house or apartment for family, friends and workers. However care needs to be taken in their use. House and apartment break ins can happen without the occupants even knowing if a key is stolen.

The majority of key safes use a combination lock or push button lock to secure the contents of the safe. If the key safe is installed outside the home it is possible for thieves to work out the combination and remove the key to from the box. There are various techniques used to work out the combination and some are surprisingly simple.

Before using a key safe always ask the question, “Is it as secure as my door locks”. If the key box is able to be compromised much easier then the locks on your doors then it is a security risk to your homes’ security.

Another problem with key safes is in the way they are installed. If they are bolted to a wall, it is fairly easy to pry the box from the wall and remove the key at leisure. A safe that is attached using a padlock design can be cut off and the key removed. Often when the key safe goes missing people do not notice until it is too late and their home door is opened with the spare key.

In Brisbane, we have seen quite a few homes broken into using a key from a compromised key holder. We have also had to change locks on buildings when a master key goes missing from a key safe. The latest break and enter using a key from a key safe was in Camp Hill. In this case the key safe was broken off the concrete wall and the key removed.

If you use a key safe, be aware of the risks involved and weigh up if it is worth the convenience.

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Now accepting Bitcoin

Now accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin now accepted at 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane

Bitcoin accepted here 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane

We’re delighted to inform you that we now accept the Bitcoin payment method, in addition to PayPal, Visa, Mastercard,and eftpos. Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P currency that enables instant payments. Use Bitcoin to purchase all locksmith services and products.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer to peer decentralized currency that enables instant payments to anyone located anywhere in the world. It has no central authority, so managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the P2P network. For more information on Bitcoin, you can visit

Why did you decide to take Bitcoin?

24 Hour locksmiths Brisbane is a customer-focused emergency locksmith. As an emergency service we want to give our customers every payment option so they are not stuck in a situation because they do not have the correct card or payment system.

Payment with Bitcoin can be made on-site with our mobile locksmiths, or accounts can be paid with Bitcoin when due.

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Euro Cylinder Repinning tool

Euro Cylinder Repinning tool

Euro Repinning Tool


Euro Repinning toolThis is a post mainly for locksmiths.  Euro cylinders can be a pain when a top pin falls out.  Trying to get a pin or all the pins back into a Euro cylinder can be a challenge.  The pins have to be put back in from front to back and a regular follower will not work.  You have to repin the lock using a “wire” type follower.  It is just a lot of hassle.

3D Printed Euro Tool

This is a simple tool i use to repin euro cylinders.  It is 3D printed and the one shown here is made from PETG plastic.  It takes about 10 minutes to print and you can print more then one at a time.  I actually reccommend printing a few at a time just to give the plastic time to cool as it is printing.   You can also print it using a 3D printing service.   You can download the STL file here >– Euro Repinning Tool –>

Easy to make locksmith tool

It would also be easy to make this tool from an existing lock barrel.  You really need a lock barrel with a long back (or front) that will stick out of the cylinder a bit when the tool is inserted.   You would need to mill out the slot in the centre which might be difficult.   The printed tool is easier to make and easier to replace.

To use this tool

  • make sure the springs do not stick up too far above the shear line.  Springs sitting flat at the shear line are preferable.
  • Insert top pins into the pin chambers of the repinning tool
  • insert the tool into the lock and rotate so the pins and springs are aligned
  • line up the pins with the top pin chambers and push the pins down with a pick or piece of stiff wire.
  • rotate the repinning tool so the top pins line up with the slit in the tool
  • insert a euro follower into the slit in the tool as you would with a lock barrel
  • remove the tool.
  • Insert barrel with correct bottom pins

Euro Repinning tool and lock

Works on all lock spacing

The barrel i am using has no spacing markings.   For me it was not needed as it is just a simple matter to line up the pins.  If the lock you are repinning has different spacing to the tool, it is simple to pull the tool out slightly as you are pushing in the pins.  The euro repinning tool works on different spaced locks.

5 or 6 pin

You can use the tool on a 6 pin lock even though it is a 5 pin tool.   You load the first 5 pins.  Then you load the tool with the last pin only.  The tool will push down all the front pins as the last pin is loaded.

Hope this might help some locksmiths out there.   Have fun repinning these locks!



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3D Printed Lock Barrels Brisbane

3D Printed Lock Barrels Brisbane

Changing lock barrels to suit any key 3D printed style

Are you one of those people who has been lying awake in bed just pondering the question “Can a lock barrell be 3D printed ?”  Well your question has now been well and truly answered.  Our 24 hour locksmiths have successfully 3D printed a range of lock barrels in different broachings.  Broaching to suit even high security registered key systems!

   3D printed lock barrel Brisbane locksmith       While these lock barrels are made of plastic, it is possible and cost effective to have the barrels 3D printed on a higher end metal 3D printer.  A metal printer can make the lock barrels as well as the entire locks out of materials such as Brass or Stainless Steel.  With additive manufacturing hardened anti-drill obstructions can even be added to the lock barrel.  This would give the lock a higher degree of security then many standard lock barrels.

Why would a locksmith want to 3D print lock barrels? Lock barrels are easily replaced in most locks.  A new lock barrel can be added to a lock to match the broaching of a different key.  Replacing all the lock barrels for a series of locks can make the locks all work on a new uniquely warded high security key.   The ability to reproduce a lock barrel to match a key system can unlock lucrative opportunities with already installed security key systems.

IMG_5008The bigger picture is that smaller companies can manufacture a lot more unique products that either did not exist or were not available or practical to manufacture using other techniques.

As additive manufacturing matures the security a locksmith can offer their customer becomes much more unique.  Custom broaching for locks is just the start.  Completely new lock and key designs can be prototyped quickly and manufactured on demand.  Where once locksmiths were tied to security key systems manufactured by large multi-national companies it is now becoming possible for small companies to manufacture on demand security products to suit a specific customer.

While Our plastic lock barrels might just be prototypes,  Production 3D printed parts are not far away.


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Ikonic Entrance Lock Bunnings

Ikonic Entrance Lock Bunnings

Why wont my locksmith fit locks i bought from Bunnings?

We all love Bunnings Hardware and a lot of the products they sell are great quality.  Even a lot of their cheaper products are of good quality.   I have an Ozito cordless drill that has worked flawlessly for 2 years now.  Even though it was cheap, it has been a great product.

When it comes to security, buying a cheap lock from Bunnings is probably not the best idea.  Even though it is cheap and looks good on the outside, inside it might not be up to the job of protecting you, your family and your property.

The Ikonic entrance lock from Bunnings is a good example of a shiny looking lock that should not be fitted to an exterior door of a home for security.  This lock fails the most basic security requirements expected of a entrance lock set.  Even fitting this lock to an interior door in a house or apartment isn’t something i would recommend.

This post was inspired by a customer who had bought these locks from Bunnings and wanted us to fit them to his house.  In good conscience as a tradesman locksmith, I could not fit these locks to his home.   As these locks look very similar to locks of better quality, it is hard for a consumer to tell the difference.  Recommending to a customer to buy more expensive locks that look very similar, i am sure they sometimes think we are trying to up-sell them for no reason.

There are usually very good reasons for not recommending certain products.  The Ikonic entrance lock for example has a low quality locking cylinder and the handles can actually be pulled off with little force.   Comparing it to other similar entrance locks, there is no doubt this lock is a bad choice for security and safety.

But the lock has a three year warranty!  Yes it does!  The warranty is not the issue when it comes to security.  The damage that could be caused by this lock failing to stop a simple burglary vs a $10.50 warranty??  A burglary can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars!  Why take the risk buying a cheap lock at Bunnings?

I dont know of any trade qualified locksmiths that would give bad advise regarding the selection of suitable locks for your home or business.  If you are calling someone that is not a tradesman, then you might end up with a $10.50 lock on your door?  Actually with locks, it is not even a case of “You get what you pay for”.  There are some very expensive locks available at hardware shops that are of such poor quality, locksmiths scratch their head and wonder why they are even being sold.  Just because it is shiny and expensive, doesn’t always correlate to a quality security product.

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Making parts from recycled PET

Making parts from recycled PET

Custom Parts Manufacture

As locksmiths we always require custom parts to suit a wide variety of applications. Parts that are critical to security need to be made from aluminium, stainless steel or other metals to suit the particular requirement. Many parts however can be made from plastic. Parts such as lock packers, card reader housings, etc.

PET recycled from plastic drink bottlesAs much as possible we use PET recycled plastics to make parts we require. PET is recycled from common drink bottles that could otherwise end up in landfill. Using recycled PET is in line with our Brisbane locksmiths environmental guidelines to use recycled products where practical.

Printing with recycled PET is more challenging then other plastics such as PLA. PET is very fussy about temperature, extrusion speed, print speed and moisture.

Here are some tips for printing with recycled PET.

Make sure your filament is dry. In Brisbane, the air is very humid and the PET will suck up the moisture very fast. Keep the filament vacuum sealed when not in use. If it gets moisture in the filament, dry it thoroughly before use in a suitable oven.

Print on heated glass. Heat the glass until you get a firm hold from the PET. If the part lifts at the corners, add more heat to the glass to make it stick.

Printed parts are easy to remove from glass. Simply let it cool to room temperature and the part will release by itself.

3d printed PETG too fast

PET Printed too fast

Get the extrusion temperature right. PET generally needs to be extruded within a 15 degree temperature variance. This temperature will vary between different types of PET. Generally printing at around 245 degrees will give the best results and layer bonding.

Don’t print too fast. Trying to print PET too fast will give very bad results. Blobs, strings and very bad bonding is all that you will get with fast printing. The speed is easy to adjust with PET. Just run a test to set the speed. There is a sharp increase in quality when the print speed is just right.

Pet gives a strong well finished part. I would encourage people to use recycled plastics or biodegradable plastics when ever practical.

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Find a locksmith on Google

Find a locksmith on Google

Finding a real locksmith on Google

fake locksmith in Brisbane GoogleHow do you know you have found a real locksmith when you do a Google search?  Well its not that easy.  In Brisbane locksmiths can be quite difficult to find!  Doing a search for locksmiths on Google pulls up 1000’s of results.  Actually 21,300,000.  This is great if you are looking for information on locksmiths.  Google’s main purpose is to give you relative sites to your search term.

The problem is Google is now much more then a search engine.  They actively promote businesses on their search pages which is a great revenue stream for Google.  In promoting businesses, Google are aware that the results they return should reflect what people are really searching for.  You search for a locksmith, then you would expect to be given a choice of locksmiths.  Especially locksmiths in your local area.

The problem is that when you do a search for locksmiths, you get very few real locksmiths in the top results.  You are mostly seeing SEO website builders who have promoted a website, which is usually full of spam.  Many are easy to spot.  They have menu’s full of repeated terms.  such as Locksmith Albion, Locksmith Bardon, Locksmith Carindale, etc.   The real locksmiths just dont have the time or money to spend on their websites.  The promotion of a website is a full time job if you want to get on the front page of the results.

The real locksmith companies in Brisbane, are almost impossible to find.  Even doing a search for their names will bring up a range of results.   Its really hard to find a real locksmith.

Then there is Adwords.  You just dont know who will be advertising on Adwords.  They dont even have to operate in Australia!

Map listings.  Most map listings are fake.  Some even go so far to take the address of a real locksmith!  Most of the SEO locksmith sites have multiple map listings under different suburbs.

The best advice i can give is try to find a real locksmith company in Brisbane.  Licensing means very little and is easy to obtain.  I recommend asking to see a trade certificate.  At least you should know if your locksmith is a genuine locksmith.


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Brisbane Robberies

Brisbane Robberies

We have seen an increase in the number of robberies in Brisbane and would advise people to take extra care with their keys.

Thieves have a standard operating procedure of stealing house and car keys then loading up the car with stolen goods from the house. Cars with trailers are also being targeted. I believe trailers can easily be resold interstate without many checks on the trailers’ history. Thieves targeting particular cars is still continuing and extra care needs to be taken with both car keys and house keys.

Many late model cars can be opened and stolen without the keys being present. Extra precaution with these cars is advised. Lock the car in a secure garage or behind a secure gate will help. Not leaving the keys near the front door may also hinder access to your keys electronic signal.

Thieves do return when keys have been stolen so always make sure you change your locks after the theft of keys to stop easy entry into your home or business.

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Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers

Upgrade your key operated lockers to an electronic lock!

Lockers fitted with Code Locker Locks

After – Fitted with Code Locker Locks

lockers with standard locks

Before – Lockers with standard locks

If you are looking for an electronic lock for lockers then the Code Locker series of locks is what you have been looking for. Open the locker with an electronic code rather then a key. This is a great improvement for most environments lockers are used. There is no need to carry a key while you work out and you can keep the peace of mind that the lock cant be picked open and your valuables stolen.

The Code Locker lock can be fitted to more then just lockers. It can be fitted to a range of metal cabinets and cupboards starting at a thickness of just 1mm. It replaces any existing cam lock and has a 2 screw secure mounting. The code locker is a heavy duty lock designed for commercial applications.

Being fully electronic there is no need for keys. The Code Locker takes 2 x AAA batteries which gives at least 40,000 opening cycles before battery replacement.

For access control the Code Locker is able to be master keyed with a master code, individual codes as well as a one time user code. The master code could be known to management only and the user is given the individual code to operate the locker on a daily basis.

The Code Locker series of locks makes lost keys and worn locks on lockers a thing of the past. No more key cutting and there is no more need to carry a key. This makes everyone’s life much simpler and saves money in the long run. It also makes your patrons much happier with the service you are providing.

The Code Locker series of locks is available now. Please feel free to make an inquiry. We can supply and install the Code Locker locks to your lockers at a very reasonable price.

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How to steal a car


Cars stolen by remote control

Well this is not really a guide to steal a car. It’s a warning to people out there with late model cars that dont want them stolen. Actually any car with remote start. By remote start, I mean keys that dont have to be inserted into the ignition to start or keys where you just have to be close to the car to open the doors. A large number of cars now have this technology including Lexus, Nissan, Subaru, GM and many more. They are convenient and practical and there is no mechanical lock which is pretty cool!

So what kind of idiot dreamt this system up?

Car key for Nissan for Locksmith Brisbane

Remote car key

Lets think about this logically for a minute. Cars in the early 90’s had no type of electronic device built into their starting device. They just had a mechanical key. The mechanical lock could be defeated by force and it was just a deterrent to slow down thieves. Given enough time the mechanical lock could be broken or the lock picked and the car could be stolen.

In the mid 90’s car manufacturers introduced the first transponder chips which were integrated into the keys of the car. The transponder chips were moulded into the keys and worked in conjunction with the mechanical locks. The transponder was not battery powered. It was powered by induction from a coil around the ignition lock. How could you steal a car with this type of system? It wasn’t easy! Even if you had a replacement transponder chip and the programming equipment, you needed the actual physical key to turn in the ignition to program the new chip into the system. The time to steal a car just increased dramatically plus there was a high level of technical difficulty in making the key and programming the new transponder into the car. As a result, there were virtually no cars stolen by “hot-wiring”.

So now for some reason car manufacturers decided the mechanical key was of little use. It was the electronics that were securing the car. The electronics were pretty advanced. The key sent a message to the car, then the car sent a message back to the key for verification, then the key sent back a verification code. No other key or hacker could work out the encryption, so it was all secure. Great technology! But for some reason these tech geniuses didn’t realise the biggest vulnerabilities of cars security systems. Locksmiths have known this ever since the first mass produced lock was released more then a hundred years ago. I didn’t realise it was such a big secret but apparently car manufacturers don’t know it!

The secret is this. If a lock or a car or any electronic security device is mass produced it has a big security flaw. If you can buy or acquire one of these devices you can dissemble it and diagnose its weaknesses. Once you can defeat one of these locks, cars or security devices then you can defeat all of them! So learn how to break into one car, you can break into every model of that vehicle.

cars stolen in Brisbane

How to steal a car

So car manufacturers went from mechanical key in the 90’s to Mechanical and electronic key in the mid 90’s and are now employing electronic key only. So they have gone from moderately secure to highly secure to ? Yes, unknown.

Car manufacturers I have to inform you that your electronic security was never secure! People have been hacking your systems from the start! Locksmiths have basically become hackers of car electronic security systems! They had to! For a locksmith to make a key to a car they not only had to cut the mechanical key, they had to be able to recode or reproduce the electronic security system. How do you think that happened? Yes, it was because once you could bypass one particular car model, you could bypass them all.
So now cars just have an electronic locking system. There is nothing else to bypass. How secure did they really think their cars would now be? Well I am sure they now know just how secure their cars with electronic locking and remote start are as they are being stolen in large numbers!

So the point to this whole article is to inform owners of vehicles with remote opening and remote ignition start that they should be very careful and probably look at getting some other type of locking device for their cars.

The key and car both transmit an RF signal or radio signal. The signal coming from the key is quite weak. That is why the car only opens when you are close to the car. It only starts the car when the key is close to the car. So you walk away from the car and the key will no longer open or start the car. Even if someone scans the code of the key, they cant open or start the car because it needs two way communication to verify the transmitted code.

So the key has a weak signal and you need it to be close to work. How would anyone solve this problem? Maybe with some of the oldest technology in the history of electronics? The very thing that makes every radio work! Yes! You guessed it! An amplifier! And a transmitter! All you need to make the car open and start is to retransmit the signal which is transmitted by the car and the key. This is exactly what is being done to steal these nice new cars. The beauty of this is that you dont need to even break anything, pick a lock, reprogram the car, or anything really. You just pick up on the signal from the key, transmit it to the car and drive off.

You can be in your house with the keys on the kitchen bench and your car can be on the street. As long as the signal from the key can be picked up by a transmitter, the car can be open and driven away. You can be in a shopping centre have the car locked and be happily shopping while your car is being driven away.

Is it a reality? Yes, it is! We have been called to jobs in Brisbane where people have had their cars unlocked which are still in their garage. They think they have been broken into as they are sure they locked their cars. They really did lock their cars. Their cars were remotely unlocked, probably from someone driving down the street with a transmitter! Of course if your car is in the garage it cant be started if a button inside the car has to be pushed.

Can you stop this from happening? I would think maybe? Maybe if you shielded your keys in a RF container? Maybe get a steering wheel lock? (Not a good look on your new Mercedes) . Maybe contact your car manufacturer and ask why your car was made so insecure? Maybe they can replace it with a car that has a mechanical key?

So if you have a car that you think is vulnerable to this type of attack, take extra precautions to keep it safe! If it is stolen and there is no sign of forced entry and you have all sets of keys with you, then your insurance company might not believe you that it was stolen? Oh yes, insurance companies are aware this is happening and they do generally need proof the car was stolen.

Happy motoring!

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