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Secure6 Restricted keys

Secure6 Restricted keys

Secure6 is a restricted keying system designed and available to locksmiths in Australia and New Zealand.

The design of the key is protected against illegal duplication until 2024. This gives peace of mind that your keys can not be duplicated by a key cutter or locksmith. Only the locksmith authorised to cut extra keys for the restricted system will duplicate the keys. The keys will only be duplicated once the identification of the system owner or authorised person is confirmed.

restricted lock cylinder

Secure6 Lock and barrel

This makes handing a key to a tenant, contractor, real estate agent, friend or any other person a lot safer. Locks do not have to be changed as you can be confident the keys were not duplicated by a key cutter.

restricted key

Secure6 key blank 6 pin

There are a wide variety of lock barrels available for the Secure6 restricted key system. The lock barrels are made in Australia to suit our specific needs. Barrels are made for Lockwood locks, Abus, Schlage, Whitco, and many more brands of locks. With so many lock barrels available there is no limit to where you can use the secure 6 restricted key system.

House doors, Commercial doors, glass doors, padlocks, security screen doors, Euro locks, deadlocks, block locks, lockable bolts, utility locks, garage locks, car park entry, gates, foyer entry, fire doors, apartment doors, electronic switch locks, etc can all be placed on a secure6 restricted key system.

series 6 locks Brisbane

A Secure6 key can work in many different locks

You can easily make just one key work in all secure6 locks. Even locks of different brands will now be able to open on the same secure6 key. As the lock barrels are replaced to all the same profile there will be no limits to the keying possibilities. Locks can be master keyed for a large commercial building or hotel with levels of access to suit your building.

restricted key profile

Side warding of key

The secure6 keys are made from hard nickel silver. Nickel silver is strong and hard wearing. The series6 keys will not break like brass or steel keys can. In heavy use areas the keys will not wear down and will maintain their accuracy for years to come. The keys are made by Silca in Italy and are milled very precisely to ensure quality of the lock system.

restricted key lock cylinder

Secure6 lock cylinder

The lock barrels are each made to exact specifications and to very tight tolerances. The lock barrels can have hardened inserts installed to prevent drilling the barrels out. The unique profile of the key and warding inside the lock barrel insure no other key will fit into this lock.

restricted key end profile

warding profile of key

When a secure6 system is installed, it is often possible to use the existing locks in a building and just change the lock barrel. The lock barrels are designed to match up with the most common locks in Brisbane. This can save a lot of money in the installation of a restricted key system as only a new lock barrel is required.

plastic inserts secure6 Brisbane

Plastic inserts for secure6 keys

The keys can have a colourful plastic insert in the head of the key. This is for easy identification of a certain key. Certain levels of master keys can each have their own colour, or you can have a colour for each person with a key. The head of the secure6 key is larger then most standard keys. The larger head makes it much easier to operate the secure6 locks.

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Code keys for safes

Code keys for safes

Many locks are stamped with a key code number but key codes alone are of little use. Extra information is usually needed to cut a key to code. A call to cut keys for room safes in a hotel was one such call that extra information was needed.  With no code information available these code keys needed a different approach.

key cut to code for safe lock code keys

Often a brand name of a safe, the make and model of a car or brand of furniture is also required to cut a key to code. The brand of the hotel room safes were an after market obscure brand that had no link to the locks that were fitted to the safes. The safes locks were all marked with a four number code between 1000 and 6000. The code numbers were a bit of a give away as to their meaning. The numbers seemed to be a direct code. A direct code is a code number that is also the cuts of the key. Such as 5226.

lock follower and key

As there were quite a few safes to cut keys to, being able to cut them to the code number would save time and money for the hotel owner. The problem with these safes was that there was no reference to the space and depth dimensions of the keys. If you do not know accurately the space and depth of the keys, then cutting keys accurately is not possible.

pick safe lock

In order to cut the keys to code, one of the locks was removed from the safe. The lock was then taken apart carefully, not to disturb the combination of the lock pins.

lock barrel for safe and key

Once the lock was apart, the key dimensions were deciphered and a code card made up for a code machine. This is a fairly old code machine that is used in one of our mobile locksmith vehicles. This code machine is a punch machine and uses no electricity. It is perfect for use on a job site to cut keys to code.

making code card for safe key

Once the code card was created, the keys could easily be cut to the code numbers on the front of the locks.

code card for sutting safe key

The keys all worked perfectly and the hotel owner was very happy that his safes could have new keys cut for them easily. Now if ever a key is lost for these safes, a new code key can quickly be produced from the code stamped on the lock.

Most codes keys can be cut a lot simpler then the keys for these safes. If keys are needed to code or even if no code is present on the lock our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane are always able to help.

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Making parts from recycled PET

Making parts from recycled PET

Custom Parts Manufacture

As locksmiths we always require custom parts to suit a wide variety of applications. Parts that are critical to security need to be made from aluminium, stainless steel or other metals to suit the particular requirement. Many parts however can be made from plastic. Parts such as lock packers, card reader housings, etc.

PET recycled from plastic drink bottlesAs much as possible we use PET recycled plastics to make parts we require. PET is recycled from common drink bottles that could otherwise end up in landfill. Using recycled PET is in line with our Brisbane locksmiths environmental guidelines to use recycled products where practical.

Printing with recycled PET is more challenging then other plastics such as PLA. PET is very fussy about temperature, extrusion speed, print speed and moisture.

Here are some tips for printing with recycled PET.

Make sure your filament is dry. In Brisbane, the air is very humid and the PET will suck up the moisture very fast. Keep the filament vacuum sealed when not in use. If it gets moisture in the filament, dry it thoroughly before use in a suitable oven.

Print on heated glass. Heat the glass until you get a firm hold from the PET. If the part lifts at the corners, add more heat to the glass to make it stick.

Printed parts are easy to remove from glass. Simply let it cool to room temperature and the part will release by itself.

3d printed PETG too fast

PET Printed too fast

Get the extrusion temperature right. PET generally needs to be extruded within a 15 degree temperature variance. This temperature will vary between different types of PET. Generally printing at around 245 degrees will give the best results and layer bonding.

Don’t print too fast. Trying to print PET too fast will give very bad results. Blobs, strings and very bad bonding is all that you will get with fast printing. The speed is easy to adjust with PET. Just run a test to set the speed. There is a sharp increase in quality when the print speed is just right.

Pet gives a strong well finished part. I would encourage people to use recycled plastics or biodegradable plastics when ever practical.

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Find a locksmith on Google

Find a locksmith on Google

Finding a real locksmith on Google

fake locksmith in Brisbane GoogleHow do you know you have found a real locksmith when you do a Google search?  Well its not that easy.  In Brisbane locksmiths can be quite difficult to find!  Doing a search for locksmiths on Google pulls up 1000’s of results.  Actually 21,300,000.  This is great if you are looking for information on locksmiths.  Google’s main purpose is to give you relative sites to your search term.

The problem is Google is now much more then a search engine.  They actively promote businesses on their search pages which is a great revenue stream for Google.  In promoting businesses, Google are aware that the results they return should reflect what people are really searching for.  You search for a locksmith, then you would expect to be given a choice of locksmiths.  Especially locksmiths in your local area.

The problem is that when you do a search for locksmiths, you get very few real locksmiths in the top results.  You are mostly seeing SEO website builders who have promoted a website, which is usually full of spam.  Many are easy to spot.  They have menu’s full of repeated terms.  such as Locksmith Albion, Locksmith Bardon, Locksmith Carindale, etc.   The real locksmiths just dont have the time or money to spend on their websites.  The promotion of a website is a full time job if you want to get on the front page of the results.

The real locksmith companies in Brisbane, are almost impossible to find.  Even doing a search for their names will bring up a range of results.   Its really hard to find a real locksmith.

Then there is Adwords.  You just dont know who will be advertising on Adwords.  They dont even have to operate in Australia!

Map listings.  Most map listings are fake.  Some even go so far to take the address of a real locksmith!  Most of the SEO locksmith sites have multiple map listings under different suburbs.

The best advice i can give is try to find a real locksmith company in Brisbane.  Licensing means very little and is easy to obtain.  I recommend asking to see a trade certificate.  At least you should know if your locksmith is a genuine locksmith.


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Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing locks 24 Hours

Changing Locks Brisbane Locksmith

Lock Pinning Kit

Often when we change locks on a house or business in Brisbane it is so the occupants can be sure that other people with keys to their doors can not open the locks. This is by far the better type of lock changing job we do. Getting locks changed to avoid future problems is smart and should be done when ever you move to a new house, shop or office or when ever you dont want someone to come back into your home or get through your doors.

As we are a twenty four hour locksmith, we get jobs all hours of the day and night. The night time jobs are almost always emergency locksmith jobs where people are in some type of predicament and they need help from a locksmith in Brisbane. These types of jobs often are because their keys have been stolen and there is an urgent need to secure the home or business as it is more then likely the thief will return.

Lock cylinder showing coloured pins brisbane locksmithChanging the locks is either done in two ways. Either the lock or lock cylinders will be replaced or the lock pins will be changed to a new key combination. There are reasons for doing either type of lock changing. If a lock is damaged or broken then replacing the lock or cylinder is a must. Sometimes it is even less expensive to replace the cylinder then to repin or rekey the lock. If time is of the essence, some locks are better to be replaced as they can be time consuming to disassemble.

The advantages of just replacing the pins in locks are that the lock does not have to be replaced. Some locks are no longer made and impossible to replace. If the lock is not a standard fitting then the holes in the door would need to be repaired. Some locks are also very expensive. Replacing an entire lock is often just no cost effective. Even though some locks can be replaced with cheaper versions, the cheaper locks are never as good a quality as the more expensive higher quality locks. Going cheap on security on a home or business can lead to some very bad outcomes.

Our locksmiths in Brisbane always consider the most cost effective way to change your locks. If changing the locks is too time consuming or not a viable option, then new lock cylinders can be the better option.

Locks changed Locksmith Brisbane lock shop 24 hour locksmithsIn Brisbane, rekeying the locks quite often is the better option. The major advantage is that you can have all the locks on your doors with the same key or even master keyed. Simply replacing locks will give a different key for each lock. Our Brisbane locksmiths can change the locks all to the one key to make it much simpler for you to operate your locks. There is never a need to go searching for the correct key for the lock.

With our after hours lock service we are always mindful of your costs and try our best to give you the best solution. Our locksmith vans are all equipped to change locks in the middle of the night and we carry all the parts and replacement cylinders and locks needed for Brisbane. Getting people out of a bad situation and changing their locks 24 hours if they have been burgled or keys stolen is a big part of our 24 hour locksmiths job.

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Locksmiths in Brisbane

Locksmiths in Brisbane

The Locksmith’s Trade is of  Greater Significance

When did you see a person with a huge bunch of heavy keys? Perhaps such things belong to museums now with all the automatic doors around us and the keyless locks that have become ingrained in the modern psyche. Yet somewhere deep within a few locks and keys stir the memory, maybe of times gone past when the traditional lock was still in vogue as they still are in many parts of the world today.

With all the sweeping changes taking place in trendy thinking and language practice, does that term ‘locksmith’ exist any longer is the big question. Well, the essentials of safe keeping do exist. Fortifying a residential building from burglars or the bank safes, businesses of a million colors, health centers, educational institutions and fitness clubs, too many entities in fact need safety services. Thus Brisbane locksmiths remain busy 24/7unlike the idea that locks and locksmiths are a dying breed.

While it is true that the traditional heavy metal locks are gradually phasing out in favor of more advanced technology like computerized locking systems, the same crucial question remains. Whether it is a manually operated car door or a centralized locking system, the purpose and the justification remain quite the same. Time and styles have changed a hundred fold yet universal values continue to rule our hearts.

Locksmith Brisbane serivces fixing door lock and opening locked doorLocks function more significantly than ever nowadays with the steady rise of crime in almost every part of the globe. While law enforcement agencies sweat it out, locksmiths are called out often to the job, sometimes in the dreaded night. What happens when keys are misplaced or lost as happens every now and then? Breaking locks to gain illegal entry is the first thing that happens everywhere! The functions of the locksmith then involve a lot more than making locks and keys. Repairs and duplicate keys, fortification systems to prevent malpractice, supervision of work to adhere to standards, manipulating designs to avoid forgery, working to specifications- locksmiths have a lot to do certainly.

Just remember that each part of the house, office, factory or sensitive administrative building has its own security system, whether quaint or digitally advanced. Whether the old fashioned key opens the door, a combination of numbers or a card swipe, the purpose remains essentially the same.

Where would the world be without all those safety devices? Though the term ‘locksmith’ continues to be used, the meaning has changed over the centuries to accommodate a range of sophisticated security devices that continue to advance technologically. Look at the security features in your own home and how dependent we have become each day in the search for a peaceful productive life of ethics, values and intimate concerns.

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Changing Locks When Moving

Changing Locks When Moving

Rekeying locks in Brisbane

Changing locks in Brisbane, QLD, when moving to a new home or unit apartmentThere are many places you can see advertisements about locksmiths. It is very important to know whether they are reliable. Especially when we move to a new place. Locks play an important role. If we are going to a new house and there is a lock installed already it is better to change the lock. A reliable locksmith is very necessary to change the lock. There are different types of locks and the locksmith should know more about installing it. There should not be any damages in the place where the locks are installed. Whether it is garages or houses there should be security everywhere. There are many precious things kept inside and nothing should be stolen or lost due to lock problems

The locksmith also should be from a reputed company, reliable and experienced. He should be updated with the types of locks introduced in the market. There are many brands of locks in the market which makes the customer difficult to decide about the quality. Price and quality are the major factors to be seen in locks. The locks are made of metals and are mostly robust. If the keys are lost it is very necessary for the house owner to change the locks. Changing locks requires a lot of experienced locksmiths.

Locksmiths are well versed in removing any type of locks so it is better to call an experienced locksmith who is reliable. Taking the help of friends or relatives in choosing the locksmith is very helpful. There are many locksmith names in the yellow pages and directory but it is necessary how far they are reliable. The charges also have to be considered as the locksmith may ask a huge amount when we are very much in need like when we have lost a key. It is better to discuss about the fees before hiring a locksmith.


If any worker in the office or at home has left forever then it is better to change the locks which he was handling for safety. If the house is given for renovation to a contractor then it is better to change the lock as no one can be relied. When the tenants have left the house it is better to change the lock as they might have got a duplicate key and it may become a trouble in future. There are many reasons where in the locks have to be changed, but it has to be done with a reliable person.

Instead of blaming for any misfortune it is better to do the prevention. Rather than repenting for not changing the locks it is better to change it in the correct circumstances. Changing locks is a small process which may reduce any future difficulties.

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Jobs that Locksmiths Do

Jobs that Locksmiths Do

Locksmiths in Brisbane


Brisbane Locksmith Services

It is difficult to tell when your door lock, window lock or car lock could get damaged. You could also misplace your keys and get locked out of the house, car or garage. If such a problem occurs, get the services of a locksmith.

Who is a locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional technician who is trained to make locks, open locks without keys and design new keys.

What is the job of a locksmith?

The job that locksmiths do is very important. They are the professionals you should see when you get locked outside your home, garage or vehicle. They do more than just picking locks. These experts also make duplicate keys, change locks, alter, repair and install locks, install home safes and re-key all types of locks.

Key cutting services

A trained locksmith is able to cut keys for any lock type you own. If you need a new key for the back door, garage door, gate, cabinet door, padlock or any other area, simply call a professional key cutting company. Some companies can be hired to replace car keys as well.

Secure home safe installation

Most homeowners have safes that are not safe and reliable. If your safe is unsafe and it needs to be repaired, or you want an installation of a new safe, just find a professional locksmith to assist you. A good locksmith will choose a safe that is suitable for your needs and then fit it properly. This is to keep a burglar away if they break into your home. Locksmiths can come in handy when you want to open safes, move big security safes or vaults or do a fresh installation.

Auto locksmiths

What use is your vehicle if you cannot open its doors and drive? Locking yourself out of the car is not the only problem you could suffer. You could break your key and a piece of it is left inside the lock. What’s more, a key could be stolen or get dropped where it cannot be recovered. Locksmith services can be so inevitable when you have an issue with your car lock or keys. The good news is that locksmiths are trained to replace your keys, repair your car keys fobs, program your transponder keys, program your remote keys and extract broken car keys. They can also make car keys for any car model and have mobile services.

Windows and door locks

Locksmiths’ most popular service entails the standard UPVC door and window locks on residential properties. They will install, repair, sell and maintain your UPVC locks.

Gate and garage door locks

As long as you have a key it could break, get stolen or lost. This includes your garage door and gate keys. And if you get locked outside your property gate you cannot get inside. The same case applies if you accidentally lose your garage door key. With a good garage door and gate locksmith company you can have the problem solved in no time and avoid inconvenience. A perfect company will even install electronic access control systems.

Why buy locksmith services?

The obvious reason is so that you can access the place you are locked out of. One mistake you do not want to make is to wait until you lose your key or break your key to replace it. You can find a good locksmith now and ask them to make a duplicate key for your car, home, garage or gate. This new key can be saved for a rainy day. Perfect locksmiths can be contacted even when you are stuck at night. They will bring you help in no time and in the case of a car they will offer a free towing service.

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Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers

Upgrade your key operated lockers to an electronic lock!

Lockers fitted with Code Locker Locks

After – Fitted with Code Locker Locks

lockers with standard locks

Before – Lockers with standard locks

If you are looking for an electronic lock for lockers then the Code Locker series of locks is what you have been looking for. Open the locker with an electronic code rather then a key. This is a great improvement for most environments lockers are used. There is no need to carry a key while you work out and you can keep the peace of mind that the lock cant be picked open and your valuables stolen.

The Code Locker lock can be fitted to more then just lockers. It can be fitted to a range of metal cabinets and cupboards starting at a thickness of just 1mm. It replaces any existing cam lock and has a 2 screw secure mounting. The code locker is a heavy duty lock designed for commercial applications.

Being fully electronic there is no need for keys. The Code Locker takes 2 x AAA batteries which gives at least 40,000 opening cycles before battery replacement.

For access control the Code Locker is able to be master keyed with a master code, individual codes as well as a one time user code. The master code could be known to management only and the user is given the individual code to operate the locker on a daily basis.

The Code Locker series of locks makes lost keys and worn locks on lockers a thing of the past. No more key cutting and there is no more need to carry a key. This makes everyone’s life much simpler and saves money in the long run. It also makes your patrons much happier with the service you are providing.

The Code Locker series of locks is available now. Please feel free to make an inquiry. We can supply and install the Code Locker locks to your lockers at a very reasonable price.

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Commercial Latching Lock

Commercial Latching Lock

Self closing commercial or shop front door lock

Most commercial doors used in shop fronts in Brisbane use a standard design. They are glass doors with an aluminium frame. They contain toughened glass and made to withstand heavy traffic and the rigours of a commercial environment. A Lockwood lock specially designed for a shop front door is usually installed as standard.

Lockwood Commercial Door Latching Lock

The standard Lockwood lock used for a shop front door will have a lever handle on the inside with a oval key cylinder on the outside. When locked these locks throw a bolt up into the strike plate of the door jamb or in the case of double doors the locking bolt is locked into the opposite door.

The problem that is often faced with shop owners and commercial business is that these locks are either always open or in the locked position. You can not make these locks latch closed.

There is a Lockwood lock specially designed for shop front doors that solves this problem. This lock is designed with a latch bolt instead of a throw bolt. The latch bolt allows for the door to latch closed when the door is shut. Lockwood have designed this door lock to fit inside a commercial aluminium frame door and give security a shop or commercial premises requires.

The Lockwood commercial door latch can be used in a few different situations. It is possible to install the lock so it can be opened with handles on each side of the door or just with a key to unlock on the outside. It can even be installed with a hold back cylinder so that during opening hours the door is always free to push or pull open.

Commercial doors need to be compliant with local Brisbane fire codes and national standards for fire doors. The Lockwood commercial latching lock is generally fitted with an escape function to comply with fire escape legislation. The particular building specifications always need to be taken into account when choosing the locking function for the door.

This lock also comforms to Australian Standards AS4145.2-2008, AS4145.2-2008 and AS4145.2- 2008. Wich gives it a security level of SL8 with an anti-drill lock cylinder. A D8 level for durability and C6 anti-corrosion durability.

This latching lock can be fitted in place of the standard swing bolt lock. It can be fitted with a wide range of high security locking cylinders including Kaba, EVVA and Registered Key systems. It can also be keyed alike to other locks in the building or master keyed as required. It can also be used in conjunction with access control systems and push button code locks.

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