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Sliding door locks Brisbane

Sliding door locks Brisbane


Sliding doors in Brisbane

A horizontal sliding door, which is suspended or mounted on a track or railing is what we commonly refer to as a Sliding Door. In the first century, the Romans used sliding doors and many pieces of evidences found in Pompeii, Italy.

The types of Sliding doors:

  • Arcadia Door

  • By-pass Door

  • Pocket Door

The Sliding doors commonly used where space is constrained like Shower Rooms or Elevators. The Glass Windows, Wardrobe door, and compound wall gates are some of the examples.

Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock

Onyx Lockwood Sliding door lock

This sliding door lock is ideal choice for the terrace or patio-type sliding doors with more secure and safer. A harmonious look and you can get the status of the lock even at a glance. This is suitable for wooden and aluminum sliding doors. The patio sliding door lock is easy to fit in new or retro fit type.

Onyx Functionality?

  • Two beaks locking type – More security
  • Door close Detect button DCD is added feature
  • Lock alert indicator, ease, and smart
  • Two stage key locking for safety.
  • Safety release is an added feature
  • Ergonomic sliding snib

Onyx Mortise Patio Sliding Door Lock

The ultimate secured and modern rich looking mortise sliding door locks available with two point combinations. In the special case, you can get four point combinations as the optional request. It is easy to operate with a Knob or key, very much suitable for wooden doors or aluminum doors of 45 mm thick.

Sliding door lock functions

  • A concealed mortise lock with onyx style
  • Anti slam feature protects the lock beaks from damages.
  • The Twin beaks kept opposite sides, prevent door from lifting off from the track
  • Lock indicator to show the status at a glance.
  • Improved square drive screws for perfect fitment during the installation
  • 5 pin cylinder is standard
  • Zinc Di cast construction with Brass cylinders.
  • Nonlocking and Dead locking options available


Lockwood Sliding Security Screen Door Lock

Lockwood Security door lock

This Sliding security screen door lock, designed and produced in Australia with stringent quality standards. It qualifies AS 4145.2-2008 standards of Australia and extraordinary performance. The reliability is extremely good on this lock. The best lock for domestic and residential uses.


Why use a Lockwood sliding door lock in Brisbane?

  • Two choice of privacy lock and deadlock
  • Two stage key locking.
  • Model suits for both left and right and opening doors.
  • Snib version and inside snib locking facility
  • Stainless steel parrot beak dead-latch
  • 3 point kit – optional for premium security
  • Polyester powder coated and plated finish available
  • Lock mechanism in Zinc – Die cast
  • Easy to install as new and retro
  • Suits for 20 mm door thickness
  • The inside lever key locked can check at a glance
  • Locking facilities from both inside and outside

Cavity Sliding Door Locks

Lockwood cavity sliding door lock

The most pleasing, aesthetically good, is new innovative in sliding lock family in Australia. It combines easy to use and elegance looks to use in domestic applications.

Problem solved for replacement cavity doors Brisbane!

  • Specially designed for Australian market
  • Easy to accommodate 54 mm door with 60 mm backset
  • Useful for residential applications
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Lockwood Lock West End

Lockwood Lock West End

Keys and Lockwood Deadlock fitted to aluminium door

Lockwood Deadlock fitted to Anodised Aluminum door

Lockwood Security suits this West End Property

Colour Matching and style are not something locksmiths are greatly known for. I just wanted to post a photo of the lock we fitted to this West End home. The home has Black anodised bi-fold doors and the customer wanted a lock that was not going to stand out. Most locks for these doors come in a standard Satin Chrome finish or a Polished Brass style finish. Finding a black colour lock to suit doors like these is not always an easy task.

Matching the colour of a black door with a brown lock

Lockwood deadlock matched colour

Not sure if you can easily tell from these photos but the lock we fitted is actually brown in colour. These brown locks actually look very good on a black anodised or powder coated aluminum frame. The dark colour is a much better choice then a standard Chrome or Gold finish.

The lock we fitted to these doors is a Lockwood 355 deadlock. These are a high security deadlock that positively lock the deadlock and the strike together so they can not be pulled apart without first unlocking the lock. They are well suited to this particular type of bi-fold door and can be used on a sliding door or a swinging door as well. These doors were built in a way that they could only be opened and locked from inside the house. The Lockwood 355 deadlock allows the doors to be opened from both the inside and outside.

The double cylinder deadlock when fully deadlocked can only be opened with the keys. Even if a burglar breaks into the home, the door can not be opened. With out easy access, the burglars movements are restricted and he will not be able to carry items through the door. As other doors in the house also have deadlocks, it becomes a struggle for the burglar to work effectively.

Bi-fold door fitted with lockwood 355 deadlock for added security

Lockwood 355 Deadlock inside view

The Lockwood style keys are the most common type of key style in Australia. There are a large range of branded locks here that will work on the same key type. This makes it easy to have locks changed to all suit the same key. The lockwood locks also have the Kinetic Defence system which can make lock picking and lock bumping very difficult.

Different types of doors require different types of locks. If you consult a qualified locksmith then you should always be informed which locks will suit your particular door. On a door such as this bi-fold door a regular deadlock just could not be fitted. I am really happy this home owner had one of our qualified locksmiths install this lock. Fitting the wrong type of lock to this door would have been a real nightmare for the owners of the home.

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Locks changed after Break-in

Locks changed after Break-in

sliding door lock in Brisbane made from plastic

Plastic Sliding Door Lock

Plastic sliding door locks

Just been to another break and enter in Brisbane where we had to replace a sliding door lock. They also needed their locks changed due to some keys going missing. This is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately but the owners of this apartment were quite surprised to see just how easy their door lock was to smash.

The reason it was so easy to smash the lock is because the lock on the sliding door is made of plastic! You can see in the top picture, the handle is made from plastic. These plastic locks we try to replace whenever it is possible with a better lock made from metal. The plastic is way too easy to crack and break when a little force is applied. This lock was broken and it did not even look like any tools were used.

Housing for sliding door lock made from metal.

Metal Sliding Door Lock

Often when new doors are installed, the locks used are not of good quality. Saving a few dollars by fitting a low quality lock might give a door company a small price advantage over its competition but sometimes it is the home owner who pays a much higher price when the lock fails in a break in attempt. A higher quality lock may have withstood the break in attempt and saved the owner of the home many thousands of dollars.

There are many good quality sliding door locks available for Brisbane homes. A deadlocking lock for a sliding door will make if much harder to open the door, even if the thief is on the inside of the door! A good quality lock cylinder is also something to consider. Sliding door locks sold in hardware shops often have a very cheap cylinder that can be forced open with a screwdriver. Sliding door locks can in most cases also be keyed alike to other locks in the home. Less keys means less worries and if your locks are keyed alike and you need them changed in a hurry it is usually a much faster process then if all the locks are on different keys.

Plastic locks are pretty much the nastiest things you could have to secure your sliding door. Check with your locksmith to see which quality locks are available for your particular door type.

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