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Commercial Latching Lock

Commercial Latching Lock

Self closing commercial or shop front door lock

Most commercial doors used in shop fronts in Brisbane use a standard design. They are glass doors with an aluminium frame. They contain toughened glass and made to withstand heavy traffic and the rigours of a commercial environment. A Lockwood lock specially designed for a shop front door is usually installed as standard.

Lockwood Commercial Door Latching Lock

The standard Lockwood lock used for a shop front door will have a lever handle on the inside with a oval key cylinder on the outside. When locked these locks throw a bolt up into the strike plate of the door jamb or in the case of double doors the locking bolt is locked into the opposite door.

The problem that is often faced with shop owners and commercial business is that these locks are either always open or in the locked position. You can not make these locks latch closed.

There is a Lockwood lock specially designed for shop front doors that solves this problem. This lock is designed with a latch bolt instead of a throw bolt. The latch bolt allows for the door to latch closed when the door is shut. Lockwood have designed this door lock to fit inside a commercial aluminium frame door and give security a shop or commercial premises requires.

The Lockwood commercial door latch can be used in a few different situations. It is possible to install the lock so it can be opened with handles on each side of the door or just with a key to unlock on the outside. It can even be installed with a hold back cylinder so that during opening hours the door is always free to push or pull open.

Commercial doors need to be compliant with local Brisbane fire codes and national standards for fire doors. The Lockwood commercial latching lock is generally fitted with an escape function to comply with fire escape legislation. The particular building specifications always need to be taken into account when choosing the locking function for the door.

This lock also comforms to Australian Standards AS4145.2-2008, AS4145.2-2008 and AS4145.2- 2008. Wich gives it a security level of SL8 with an anti-drill lock cylinder. A D8 level for durability and C6 anti-corrosion durability.

This latching lock can be fitted in place of the standard swing bolt lock. It can be fitted with a wide range of high security locking cylinders including Kaba, EVVA and Registered Key systems. It can also be keyed alike to other locks in the building or master keyed as required. It can also be used in conjunction with access control systems and push button code locks.

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Gate lock repaired

Gate lock repaired

Gate lock on aluminium front gate

Gate Lock

This gate lock was a rather easy job.

It just needed adjusting, which was a simple job because the gate was fitted with an appropriate lock.

As a locksmith we get many calls regarding gate locks. There are 2 main problems that we get a lot of calls about with gate locks and they both can be caused by the wrong type of lock being fitted to the gate in the first place.

The number 1 problem with gate locks is that the lock and the strike which the latch hooks into are not lining up anymore. This causes the gate not to close properly or latch into its correct position when closed. It can also cause the gate to bind and stick when closing. This is more common on gates then it is on a house door due to the gate being outside and more exposed to the weather. Also because the foundations for the gate or fence might not be as good as the foundations for a house. Gates can also not be made and fitted as well as a house door. All this combined can cause a gate and the lock to move out of alignment and cause many problems over time. Especially with the weather here in Brisbane. We have periods of rain and periods of drought and heat.

The number 2 problem with a gate lock we get calls about is due to the gate lock being exposed to the weather. Locks designed to be used on house doors should not be used on gates. House locks are not designed to be weather resistant and will fail fairly quickly. There are special types of locks that are resistant to the weather that are suited to a gate. Either Stainless Steel locks or Special types of plastic locks are well suited to the outdoors environment of a gate. Gate locks also need cleaning out regularly. They have animal infestations such as gecko’s in the locks, ants, wasps and many other insects like to make their home inside a gate lock.

Both the above problems with gate locks can be fixed by having a lock that is suited to the outdoors and designed for the gate you intend to fit the lock to. Overcoming the movement and weather resistance of gates and locks is the biggest consideration when choosing a gate lock.

The other important consideration with a gate lock is what is it used for? Many gates in Brisbane are used for pool fencing. Pool fences need to have specific child proof locks which are in line with the pool fencing regulations. Some gates such as on apartment blocks need to adhere to fire exit regulations and need a lock with an escape lever handle that is always free to open from the inside. Other locks for gates are for security and need to be locked on both sides so the gate will not open from either side.

If you are having a gate fitted or made specially it is paramount that you know what function the lock needs to have before the gate is made. This is so that the gate lock fittings can be made correctly to suit the lock you require. It can be difficult to change the fittings later if you need to put a different locking system on the gate. Always consult your locksmith for the correct type of lock that will suit your requirements, budget and gate.

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My lock wont fit the holes in my door

My lock wont fit the holes in my door

Entrance lock latch size

Often as a Brisbane locksmith we come across odd size door locks. The most common type of lock to have an unusual size is also the most common. It is the knob or lever entrance lock set. These locks are seen on most houses and apartments and commercial buildings throughout Brisbane and Queensland.

two different types of entrance lock latches for doors by Brisbane locksmtih

60mm and 70mm latches

Most doors on houses are fitted with a standard 60mm latch. To measure the backset of the door lock, the measurements are taken from the centre of the door knob to the edge of the door. So if you draw a perpendicular line 60mm back from the edge of the door, the line should run straight through the centre of the lock.
The problem you face when buying a lock from a hardware shop is that they generally only come with a 60mm latch. Some locks do come with an adjustable 60mm or 70mm latch but often these latches are not as robust as the not adjustable latches.

lock latch long

Long Tie-bolt latch

Doors are not just fitted with 60mm or 70mm latches either! Many doors on units are fitted with a 127mm latch. There are even doors where the handle is fitted in the centre of the door making the latch over 400mm.

There are two main types of entrance locks which we sell. They are Tie-Bolt and Cylindrical. Mostly we try to use cylindrical where possible, due to the smoother operation of the lock. We keep different size latches for each type of lock.

The tie-bolt locks simply have a different size latch for each different backset they are used for.

70 mm latch for entrance lock

Entrance lock with 70mm latch


127mm latch

Entrance lock with 127 mm latch using extension tube


The tubular locks are a little different. The tubular locks are available in either a 60mm or 70mm latch. Then different size extension tubes are used to make the locks to the exact size you need. The tubes come in different sizes and adding them to either the 60mm or 70mm latch we can make them fit any size backset we need.

Many locks of fire doors and unit doors use a 127mm latch.  Always make sure you use a qualified locksmith when a lock needs replacing on a fire door.  A fire door needs the correct lock and latch which have to have the correct fire rating for the particular door.


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Lock Bumping

Lock Bumping

lock bumping brisbane locksmith

Lock bumping a deadlock

You are probably not the only person with a key to your house or business.

Lock Bumping is a covert way to open a lock when you do not have a key. It is similar to lock picking in that it is used to open doors and all types of locks. Lock Bumping and Lock Picking are not the only way to open a lock without a key but lock Bumping is a problem for most houses and businesses as no real skill is required to open a door and some of the most well made locks can be unlocked with the bump key method.
Burglars can cut a Master Bump Key to open 95% of locks in Australia.
Bump keys were made known to the mainstream due to the information going viral on the internet. Using bump keys is so easy, people started making videos and uploading them to youtube and tutorials on how to make bump keys were available of forums and how to sites. The spread of the information over the internet led to many high profile manufacturers feeling that their locks were from the dark ages as they were way too easy to open. Even very young kids could now open their locks.

Bump proof lock.  Abloy key

Abloy key for a bump proof lock

The bump key can be made from just about any old key that inserts into the lock. All you need to do is file it down the correct way or cut a key and you have made a bump key. To bump open a lock a bump hammer is used to tap the key which lines up the pins inside the lock cylinder. Many locks in Brisbane are vulnerable to bump keys including most regular deadlocks, security door locks, commercial locks, registered key systems and unit door locks.
Common locks sold in hardware stores still have no resistance to lock bumping. There are locks now available in Brisbane that can not be bumped. There are high security locks sold by locksmiths which can not be bumped and which are practically pick proof. A high level of bump resistance can be achieved if you have your locks changed to a bump proof system. High security locks are a little more expensive then regular locks and it depends on weather you are concerned with this security risk in your home or business as to weather you request bump proof locks.

Home door that might be easily bumped open

How to know if your lock has been bumped?

One of the biggest problems with lock bumping is that it leaves no visible signs of your lock being picked. There are no break and enter marks on the door and no sign of a thief entering your home or business. For insurance companies this is a problem. If there is no sign of a break-in then how do you prove it? The lock bumping phenomenon has forced many businesses and home owners to upgrade and have locks changed to a higher security lock cylinder. If you are in doubt weather your locks can be picked or bumped you should consult a qualified locksmith for more information.

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