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Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers

Upgrade your key operated lockers to an electronic lock!

Lockers fitted with Code Locker Locks

After – Fitted with Code Locker Locks

lockers with standard locks

Before – Lockers with standard locks

If you are looking for an electronic lock for lockers then the Code Locker series of locks is what you have been looking for. Open the locker with an electronic code rather then a key. This is a great improvement for most environments lockers are used. There is no need to carry a key while you work out and you can keep the peace of mind that the lock cant be picked open and your valuables stolen.

The Code Locker lock can be fitted to more then just lockers. It can be fitted to a range of metal cabinets and cupboards starting at a thickness of just 1mm. It replaces any existing cam lock and has a 2 screw secure mounting. The code locker is a heavy duty lock designed for commercial applications.

Being fully electronic there is no need for keys. The Code Locker takes 2 x AAA batteries which gives at least 40,000 opening cycles before battery replacement.

For access control the Code Locker is able to be master keyed with a master code, individual codes as well as a one time user code. The master code could be known to management only and the user is given the individual code to operate the locker on a daily basis.

The Code Locker series of locks makes lost keys and worn locks on lockers a thing of the past. No more key cutting and there is no more need to carry a key. This makes everyone’s life much simpler and saves money in the long run. It also makes your patrons much happier with the service you are providing.

The Code Locker series of locks is available now. Please feel free to make an inquiry. We can supply and install the Code Locker locks to your lockers at a very reasonable price.

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Letterbox Lock for Security

Letterbox Lock for Security

Letterbox lock – How secure is yours?

combination letterbox lock

Have you ever thought about how secure your mail is?  Well there is a marked increase in the theft from mail boxes lately.  It mostly has to do with identity theft, although there are valuable items posted in the mail every day.  They might not be valuable in dollar terms, but there are many things that are very hard to replace or even irreplaceable that are often posted.  A good letterbox lock might be just the thing you need to put a stop to the theft of your mail.

Identity theft is the stealing of your identity for the purpose of making a financial gain.  When someone can identify themselves as you they can have access to a wide range of activities that will allow them to make a gain at your expense.  This of course will not be good for you.  Even though many times any transactions the thief makes can be reversed, the time and energy you have to make to have these transactions reversed is great.   A thief with just a few of your details can cause a lot of harm.  They might be after your full name, date of birth, address, credit card numbers, account numbers and much more.  Of ten these are things a thief can get from your mail.  Through the stealing of confidential mail it is easy to get information that can aid them in creating a fake profile of you. a Good Letterbox lock may help to stop your information from being stolen

Most standard letterbox locks are far too simple to open without the proper key.  They can be picked open with little knowledge of locks and usually this takes very little time.  In just a few seconds your letterbox might be able to be opened and the mail taken.  Some types of locks used on letterboxes also have a master key.  This key is used to open a whole range of locks.  Imagine how easy it would be to open a whole bank of letter box locks on an apartment building.

There are a range of letterbox locks that are more secure then the standard locks supplied with most letterboxes.  There are some that you can use your own padlock to secure the box, some with a combination letterbox lock built into the lock and some that take a high security key that cant easily be picked open and that cant be opened with a master key.


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