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Euro Cylinder Repinning tool

Euro Cylinder Repinning tool

Euro Repinning Tool


Euro Repinning toolThis is a post mainly for locksmiths.  Euro cylinders can be a pain when a top pin falls out.  Trying to get a pin or all the pins back into a Euro cylinder can be a challenge.  The pins have to be put back in from front to back and a regular follower will not work.  You have to repin the lock using a “wire” type follower.  It is just a lot of hassle.

3D Printed Euro Tool

This is a simple tool i use to repin euro cylinders.  It is 3D printed and the one shown here is made from PETG plastic.  It takes about 10 minutes to print and you can print more then one at a time.  I actually reccommend printing a few at a time just to give the plastic time to cool as it is printing.   You can also print it using a 3D printing service.   You can download the STL file here >– Euro Repinning Tool –>

Easy to make locksmith tool

It would also be easy to make this tool from an existing lock barrel.  You really need a lock barrel with a long back (or front) that will stick out of the cylinder a bit when the tool is inserted.   You would need to mill out the slot in the centre which might be difficult.   The printed tool is easier to make and easier to replace.

To use this tool

  • make sure the springs do not stick up too far above the shear line.  Springs sitting flat at the shear line are preferable.
  • Insert top pins into the pin chambers of the repinning tool
  • insert the tool into the lock and rotate so the pins and springs are aligned
  • line up the pins with the top pin chambers and push the pins down with a pick or piece of stiff wire.
  • rotate the repinning tool so the top pins line up with the slit in the tool
  • insert a euro follower into the slit in the tool as you would with a lock barrel
  • remove the tool.
  • Insert barrel with correct bottom pins

Euro Repinning tool and lock

Works on all lock spacing

The barrel i am using has no spacing markings.   For me it was not needed as it is just a simple matter to line up the pins.  If the lock you are repinning has different spacing to the tool, it is simple to pull the tool out slightly as you are pushing in the pins.  The euro repinning tool works on different spaced locks.

5 or 6 pin

You can use the tool on a 6 pin lock even though it is a 5 pin tool.   You load the first 5 pins.  Then you load the tool with the last pin only.  The tool will push down all the front pins as the last pin is loaded.

Hope this might help some locksmiths out there.   Have fun repinning these locks!



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5 ways to open a safe

5 ways to open a safe

If you have a safe that is locked and cant be opened then there are a few things that you can try to open the safe yourself.

Safe for Security documents

Security Safe

1 Check Batteries

If the safe is battery powered, then the batteries are the first think I would check. Most safes have a removeable cover or a removeable combination pad where the batteries are kept. Replacing the batteries in most safes does not affect the memory. If the dial is removable, be careful not to pull any wires as this could cause other problems. It is best to use alkaline batteries for most safe locks.


2 Bag caught in door

A money bag or other item can get caught in the door of a safe. If your safe is very full, there is a higher probability of this happening. If the safe door was hard to close the last time you used it this could give a hint to this problem.
Putting pressure on the door or jiggling the door back and forth while trying to open the door is worth a shot. The bag or stuck item will be putting extra force on the door and lock and might not easily be overcome by extra pressure.


3 Cant dial up the safe

If the safe has a combination dial and you just cant dial it open then it is possible there is a malfunction in the lock. Combination locks are precise mechanical devices that will not operate correctly without regular service.

Sometimes the combination wheels be the problem. They can spin sometimes over spin or get stuck. Try dialing the combination very slow. This can stop the over spin of the combination wheels. Also try dialing the combination fast, or with a bit of a snap. This can help if a combination wheel is stuck. Also try dialing the combination a little off the number. Just half a number to the side can be enough to allow the safe to open.


4 Stuck or broken boltwork.

The boltwork in a safe can sometimes get bent or stuck. Especially if the door is slammed with the boltwork in the locked position. If jiggling the door or adding pressure to the door does not work, try giving the door a tap with a rubber mallet. This jolt can be enough to get the door open. Give the safe a tap on the sides. Never hit the lock itself!


Key Override.

Many document safes have a key override. The key is usually under a cover on the front of the safe. Many people do not even realise their safe has a key override but it can be very important if there is a malfunction in your document safe. Just as long as the keys are not kept inside the safe itself!T


These are all basic steps that might save you from calling a locksmith to open your safe or vault.  If these fail to open your safe or you have lost the keys or combination then it might be time to consult your locksmith.  24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane are always available to consult on your safe or vault problems.

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Don’t pay more

Don’t pay more

Would you expect to call a tradesman locksmith after hours or on the weekend and be charged more?

Cheap locksmith 24 hours

24 Hour Locksmith

We find our customers often remark at how we can be a cheap locksmith on after hours service. The truth is we are not a cheap locksmith! We just charge the same price for after hours work as we charge for in hours work. We never set out to be cheap.

Our locksmith service is set up a little different to other locksmiths in Brisbane. As we are a 24 hour locksmith, our rates don’t go up! We dont have to send a tradesman out on penalty rates because our standard hours of operation are 24 hours. It’s not brain surgery to work out why you would be charged more by other locksmiths. They work hard all day, then they are expected to do a double shift when you call them after hours. To compensate they have to charge you the customer a higher rate.

Our locksmiths only work a standard shift. To them an after hours callout or weekend callout is a part of their weekly work roster. We don’t see our customers as targets that must be charged more for an after hours service.

So if you are wondering why our prices are lower then other locksmiths its not because we are a cheap locksmith. Our prices just don’t increase when you have an emergency.

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Logan Central Nightmare

Logan Central Nightmare

Emergency Locksmith

Cheapest Price Locksmith cost more then bargained for!

Around midnight we were called to an apartment at Logan Central to unlock a door. It was a standard sounding type of locksmith job, so we thought.  We unlock a lot of doors!  Most of them are to help people get back inside when they accidentally lock their keys inside. This job was different!

When we arrive to unlock the door, our client informs us that their new deadlock was fitted earlier that day. They are quite frantic as their dog is locked inside the apartment and they have been trying to get the door open for the last 7 hours! They even tell me that they had another Logan locksmith out to open the door, but he left because he could not get the door open. The customer even has the keys to the lock, so at this stage this was not a normal every day door unlocking job.

The key works in the outside cylinder of the door. But the key will only turn a tiny amount in each direction which would indicate that there is a problem inside the lock. The lock that is fitted to the door is a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch. This type of lock has an outside cylinder that is connected to the inside lock mechanism via a long tail-piece and the cylinder is screwed to the inside of the lock with 2 screws. Maybe the cylinder is not lined up with the inside of the lock? Maybe the door has dropped and the latch is binding inside the strike? Nothing really makes sense with this lock.

The only way we can get this lock open is to remove the outside cylinder. This requires drilling the outside cylinder off the door. Not something we ever like to do! Our business is based on our locksmiths being able to open locks without damage. Unfortunately in this case there is no easy way to open the door. Drilling a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch is not an easy task! The cylinders are made from some pretty hard materials!

After the lock cylinder is removed first thing that is noticed is that the tail-piece is way too long. The tail-piece should be cut to a length to match the door thickness. Peering through the cylinder hole we can also to our amazement see that there is no tail-piece receptor in this lock! Maybe it fell out? This lock is very strange indeed!

A tool is made up to pull the bolt open through the cylinder hole. With the tool inserted a twist is all that is needed to open the door. The door swings open and the customer and their dog are reunited. They were so relieved to finally get back into their home.

The lock is then removed from the door for investigation of what went wrong. It was very obvious what the problem was with this door. The lock was fitted to the door but the actuator which withdraws the bolt when the outside key is turned was not fitted! The tail-piece of the cylinder was not even cut down. The small amount of movement we could feel with the key was due to the tail-piece of the outside cylinder jambing inside the inner workings of the lock. The piece that was missing from the lock is a large piece! The size of a golf ball! Not something that could be easily missed during installation.

The really disturbing part of this installation is that the lock was never tested from the outside! If the so called locksmith had have tested the lock with the key, then they would have realised that the lock was never going to work. It worked from the inside but as soon as the door closed, there was no way to get back in from the outside. How a tradesman could have not checked this is beyond me.

It turned out that the locksmith that had fitted the lock earlier that day was advertising the cheapest prices. It’s not the customers fault of course! They just saw someone advertising a $55 callout fee and thought it was a bargain. The locksmith was not a qualified locksmith. Judging by this job, I doubt they had ever done any kind of locksmith work before at all. I am just so happy that we could get the lock open, replaced and working properly. It saved these people from spending the night on the stairs outside their Logan Apartment.

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Locks changed after Break-in

Locks changed after Break-in

sliding door lock in Brisbane made from plastic

Plastic Sliding Door Lock

Plastic sliding door locks

Just been to another break and enter in Brisbane where we had to replace a sliding door lock. They also needed their locks changed due to some keys going missing. This is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately but the owners of this apartment were quite surprised to see just how easy their door lock was to smash.

The reason it was so easy to smash the lock is because the lock on the sliding door is made of plastic! You can see in the top picture, the handle is made from plastic. These plastic locks we try to replace whenever it is possible with a better lock made from metal. The plastic is way too easy to crack and break when a little force is applied. This lock was broken and it did not even look like any tools were used.

Housing for sliding door lock made from metal.

Metal Sliding Door Lock

Often when new doors are installed, the locks used are not of good quality. Saving a few dollars by fitting a low quality lock might give a door company a small price advantage over its competition but sometimes it is the home owner who pays a much higher price when the lock fails in a break in attempt. A higher quality lock may have withstood the break in attempt and saved the owner of the home many thousands of dollars.

There are many good quality sliding door locks available for Brisbane homes. A deadlocking lock for a sliding door will make if much harder to open the door, even if the thief is on the inside of the door! A good quality lock cylinder is also something to consider. Sliding door locks sold in hardware shops often have a very cheap cylinder that can be forced open with a screwdriver. Sliding door locks can in most cases also be keyed alike to other locks in the home. Less keys means less worries and if your locks are keyed alike and you need them changed in a hurry it is usually a much faster process then if all the locks are on different keys.

Plastic locks are pretty much the nastiest things you could have to secure your sliding door. Check with your locksmith to see which quality locks are available for your particular door type.

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Rollers for sliding doors

Rollers for sliding doors

roller for sliding door. replaced by 24 hour locksmith Brisbane

Broken sliding door roller

Rollers on sliding doors and security screen doors can cause a lot of problems with the locking of a door. As the rollers wear out the door can drop and the lock does not line up with the strike causing the lock to stick, bind, be hard to close and open and to break.

Broken rollers cause the track to wear out as well. If a roller stops rolling it will get a flat spot and start gouging out the metal of the track and can cause holes or bumps in the track which will not allow the door to roll correctly. A heavy door will be very hard to open and close if the rollers have a flat spot and do not roll correctly.

24 hour locksmiths Brisbane replace roller with flat spot on sliding door.

Roller with Flat Spot

A roller with a broken edge will always cause the door to fall off the track. This is very common on security screen doors. Replacing the rollers is usually all that is needed to fix this problem. A broken edge can also make a door easier to force open. A sliding door can be forced off the track if the roller is broken. Most sliding doors lock at 3 points. The edge of the door where the lock engages. The back of the door where the back edge engages into a slot and the bottom of the door where the rollers hold the door on the track. If the rollers are broken, the bottom of the door is a weak point in the security of the door.

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Gate lock repaired

Gate lock repaired

Gate lock on aluminium front gate

Gate Lock

This gate lock was a rather easy job.

It just needed adjusting, which was a simple job because the gate was fitted with an appropriate lock.

As a locksmith we get many calls regarding gate locks. There are 2 main problems that we get a lot of calls about with gate locks and they both can be caused by the wrong type of lock being fitted to the gate in the first place.

The number 1 problem with gate locks is that the lock and the strike which the latch hooks into are not lining up anymore. This causes the gate not to close properly or latch into its correct position when closed. It can also cause the gate to bind and stick when closing. This is more common on gates then it is on a house door due to the gate being outside and more exposed to the weather. Also because the foundations for the gate or fence might not be as good as the foundations for a house. Gates can also not be made and fitted as well as a house door. All this combined can cause a gate and the lock to move out of alignment and cause many problems over time. Especially with the weather here in Brisbane. We have periods of rain and periods of drought and heat.

The number 2 problem with a gate lock we get calls about is due to the gate lock being exposed to the weather. Locks designed to be used on house doors should not be used on gates. House locks are not designed to be weather resistant and will fail fairly quickly. There are special types of locks that are resistant to the weather that are suited to a gate. Either Stainless Steel locks or Special types of plastic locks are well suited to the outdoors environment of a gate. Gate locks also need cleaning out regularly. They have animal infestations such as gecko’s in the locks, ants, wasps and many other insects like to make their home inside a gate lock.

Both the above problems with gate locks can be fixed by having a lock that is suited to the outdoors and designed for the gate you intend to fit the lock to. Overcoming the movement and weather resistance of gates and locks is the biggest consideration when choosing a gate lock.

The other important consideration with a gate lock is what is it used for? Many gates in Brisbane are used for pool fencing. Pool fences need to have specific child proof locks which are in line with the pool fencing regulations. Some gates such as on apartment blocks need to adhere to fire exit regulations and need a lock with an escape lever handle that is always free to open from the inside. Other locks for gates are for security and need to be locked on both sides so the gate will not open from either side.

If you are having a gate fitted or made specially it is paramount that you know what function the lock needs to have before the gate is made. This is so that the gate lock fittings can be made correctly to suit the lock you require. It can be difficult to change the fittings later if you need to put a different locking system on the gate. Always consult your locksmith for the correct type of lock that will suit your requirements, budget and gate.

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Garage lock repair

Garage lock repair

Broken key in roller door

Roller door broken keyIt is easy to break a key off in a roller door. All you have to do is leave the key in the lock and roll the door up. This is a very common occurrence especially if you are not use to removing the key. It happens a lot when you have just moved into a new house of unit with a roller door garage door.

The photo is a picture or an old B&D roller door lock with a broken key sticking out of the lock. This key was not broken by rolling up the door. This lock is about 40 years old and has been operating perfectly with daily use for all that time. The lock was made by Lockwood and is a Pin Tumbler lock. The key in this lock can be removed in 2 positions which make the door either locked or unlocked. The lock has 2 separate sets of top pins.

The reason the key broke in the lock was because the plate at the back of the lock which connects to the locking arms or the garage door had come loose. The screws after 40 years finally worked their way loose. This caused the plate to turn further then it should and the key got stuck in the lock and the extra force applied to the key to try to remove it caused it to break.

The lock was repaired by adding a drop of lock-tite and tightening up the screws. The lock was still in good working order and should last quite a few more years yet. This garage was a double garage with twin roller doors. Both roller door locks operated on the same key. The other roller door was still working flawlessly.

These garage locks could have easily been replaced with a more modern type of lock. A preferred lock is one that could be keyed alike to the rest of the house. Having the whole lock on the same key is much more convenient and when replacing garage door locks it makes sense that this is a good time to upgrade to a one key for the whole house system of locks and keys.

The locks on these roller door locks continue to work well and the customer was satisfied and happy to keep their old roller door locks. Lets hope they get many more years out of these 40 plus year old locks.

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My lock wont fit the holes in my door

My lock wont fit the holes in my door

Entrance lock latch size

Often as a Brisbane locksmith we come across odd size door locks. The most common type of lock to have an unusual size is also the most common. It is the knob or lever entrance lock set. These locks are seen on most houses and apartments and commercial buildings throughout Brisbane and Queensland.

two different types of entrance lock latches for doors by Brisbane locksmtih

60mm and 70mm latches

Most doors on houses are fitted with a standard 60mm latch. To measure the backset of the door lock, the measurements are taken from the centre of the door knob to the edge of the door. So if you draw a perpendicular line 60mm back from the edge of the door, the line should run straight through the centre of the lock.
The problem you face when buying a lock from a hardware shop is that they generally only come with a 60mm latch. Some locks do come with an adjustable 60mm or 70mm latch but often these latches are not as robust as the not adjustable latches.

lock latch long

Long Tie-bolt latch

Doors are not just fitted with 60mm or 70mm latches either! Many doors on units are fitted with a 127mm latch. There are even doors where the handle is fitted in the centre of the door making the latch over 400mm.

There are two main types of entrance locks which we sell. They are Tie-Bolt and Cylindrical. Mostly we try to use cylindrical where possible, due to the smoother operation of the lock. We keep different size latches for each type of lock.

The tie-bolt locks simply have a different size latch for each different backset they are used for.

70 mm latch for entrance lock

Entrance lock with 70mm latch


127mm latch

Entrance lock with 127 mm latch using extension tube


The tubular locks are a little different. The tubular locks are available in either a 60mm or 70mm latch. Then different size extension tubes are used to make the locks to the exact size you need. The tubes come in different sizes and adding them to either the 60mm or 70mm latch we can make them fit any size backset we need.

Many locks of fire doors and unit doors use a 127mm latch.  Always make sure you use a qualified locksmith when a lock needs replacing on a fire door.  A fire door needs the correct lock and latch which have to have the correct fire rating for the particular door.


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Locks and Geckos

Keep locks free of pests

In Brisbane we live in an area that has some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world.  The big animals like Kangaroos and Koalas we all love and are proud that they are our Australian animals.  Unfortunately there are some smaller animals that can be a real pest to our houses, especially locks.

Brisbane gecko in lock
Many modern locks are not affected by pests too badly.  They are fairly well sealed and the key hole of most locks is not big enough for too many things to live inside of.  Older mortice locks and rimlocks always were plagued by wasps, geckos, spiders and other insects which found the cavities in doors and inside locks perfect places to build their nests.
Probably the worst places we see insect infestations in locks these days is in patio doors and gate locks.  Insects will build a nest anywhere they can find enough space and are protected from the outside elements.  Gate locks especially are some of the best places for insects to make a nest.  Geckos love to get inside locks to lay their eggs and often when we look inside locks there are numerous gecko eggs which have hatched and have left the shells and debris behind.  Other animals such as wasps can make their mud nests inside the lock as well.
These nests can cause problems if left for long periods and they should be cleaned out when ever possible.  Physically removing the nests is the best way to get rid of them and lubricating the lock after the nest has been removed can remove the gum left behind from nest building.   Spraying insecticide into locks is not a good idea as it can cause the lock mechanisms to corrode and bind.  An approved lock lubricant is  always the best option.

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