Cordless Key Cutting Machine

Having a key cutting machine that works anywhere without being connected to mains power or power from our locksmith vans comes in very handy. You can take the key cutting machine to any location, which can save a lot of time.

This is an Ilco key cutting machine which I purchased about 25 years ago. It was a dual voltage 240 volt and 12 volt machine. The original motor stopped working quite a few years ago and a replacement 12 volt motor was used for some time. Recently the 12 volt motor also stopped working. So it was time for an upgrade.Back of drill clamp with throttle key 24 hour locksmiths Brisbane

Using a cordless drill would be a practical way to have a truly cordless key cutting machine. Mounting a drill was a fairly straight forward process. There were 2 options to mounting the drill. Either using the drill connected directly to the drive shaft of the machine, or via a belt.

cordless dewalt drill in 3D printed clamp for key cutting machine 24 Hour locksmiths dewalt drill in 3D printed clamp with pully attached key machine 3d printed 24 hour locksmiths key

I chose the belt drive, as mounting the drill directly to the drive shaft had two large problems. It would increase the size of the machine as the drill would have to be added to the side of the key machine. There was also vibration issues as the drill and driveshaft would not align perfectly. A joint between the drill and driveshaft would have to have been used.

A simple drill holder and clamp was designed and made on a 3D printer. A throttle key was also made to turn the drill motor on and off and to control the speed. The drill clamp was made from PETG which should withstand the heat of a hot van in the Brisbane Summer. Holding the drill in place does not require a large amount of clamping force so a PETG clamp works well.

The 3D printable files for the drill clamp can be downloaded from our 24 Hour locksmith account.Key cutting machine with dewalt cordless drill for power supply

key machine 3d printed throttle key 24 hour locksmiths Brisbane

Dewalt drill in 3D printed clamp for key cutting machine 24 hour locksmiths Brisbane

key machine 3d printed clamp with drill

Dewalt drill in 3D printed clamp for key cutting machine 24 hour locksmiths Brisbane with key

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Code keys for safes

Code keys for safes

Many locks are stamped with a key code number but key codes alone are of little use. Extra information is usually needed to cut a key to code. A call to cut keys for room safes in a hotel was one such call that extra information was needed.  With no code information available these code keys needed a different approach.

key cut to code for safe lock code keys

Often a brand name of a safe, the make and model of a car or brand of furniture is also required to cut a key to code. The brand of the hotel room safes were an after market obscure brand that had no link to the locks that were fitted to the safes. The safes locks were all marked with a four number code between 1000 and 6000. The code numbers were a bit of a give away as to their meaning. The numbers seemed to be a direct code. A direct code is a code number that is also the cuts of the key. Such as 5226.

lock follower and key

As there were quite a few safes to cut keys to, being able to cut them to the code number would save time and money for the hotel owner. The problem with these safes was that there was no reference to the space and depth dimensions of the keys. If you do not know accurately the space and depth of the keys, then cutting keys accurately is not possible.

pick safe lock

In order to cut the keys to code, one of the locks was removed from the safe. The lock was then taken apart carefully, not to disturb the combination of the lock pins.

lock barrel for safe and key

Once the lock was apart, the key dimensions were deciphered and a code card made up for a code machine. This is a fairly old code machine that is used in one of our mobile locksmith vehicles. This code machine is a punch machine and uses no electricity. It is perfect for use on a job site to cut keys to code.

making code card for safe key

Once the code card was created, the keys could easily be cut to the code numbers on the front of the locks.

code card for sutting safe key

The keys all worked perfectly and the hotel owner was very happy that his safes could have new keys cut for them easily. Now if ever a key is lost for these safes, a new code key can quickly be produced from the code stamped on the lock.

Most codes keys can be cut a lot simpler then the keys for these safes. If keys are needed to code or even if no code is present on the lock our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane are always able to help.

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Brisbane door open with key

Brisbane door open with key


Key safe targeted in break at Camp Hill, Brisbane

Key safes can be used to keep a spare key outside of a house or apartment for family, friends and workers. However care needs to be taken in their use. House and apartment break ins can happen without the occupants even knowing if a key is stolen.

The majority of key safes use a combination lock or push button lock to secure the contents of the safe. If the key safe is installed outside the home it is possible for thieves to work out the combination and remove the key to from the box. There are various techniques used to work out the combination and some are surprisingly simple.

Before using a key safe always ask the question, “Is it as secure as my door locks”. If the key box is able to be compromised much easier then the locks on your doors then it is a security risk to your homes’ security.

Another problem with key safes is in the way they are installed. If they are bolted to a wall, it is fairly easy to pry the box from the wall and remove the key at leisure. A safe that is attached using a padlock design can be cut off and the key removed. Often when the key safe goes missing people do not notice until it is too late and their home door is opened with the spare key.

In Brisbane, we have seen quite a few homes broken into using a key from a compromised key holder. We have also had to change locks on buildings when a master key goes missing from a key safe. The latest break and enter using a key from a key safe was in Camp Hill. In this case the key safe was broken off the concrete wall and the key removed.

If you use a key safe, be aware of the risks involved and weigh up if it is worth the convenience.

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Copy keys

Copy keys

Keys copy Brisbane

Keys cut in Brisbane locksmith One of the jobs we get called to quite as bit as locksmiths in Brisbane is to repair locks or unlock a door due to a key that is copied very badly.  This especially can happen when moving to a new house or apartment.  The real estate can give a key which they have had cut that is not working in the lock.  As people often move on a weekend, these jobs where people need to be rescued are often when the real estate is closed.   A copied keys accuracy is very important.

Many copy keys are cut on the wrong key blank.  Having the correct blank makes a large difference to the key working or not.  Even if the key fits into the lock, a key cut on the wrong key blank may still not work and your may require a locksmith to unlock the door.   Some key blanks will sit higher or lower in the lock, making the key cuts in the wrong position.   It is easy for an unskilled key cutter to mix up key blanks if they have not seen the type of blank before.

Keys cut for door. Copy keys by locksmith in Brisbane 24 hour locksmithsCutting accurate keys requires accurate key cutting machinery.  Key cutters in shopping centres and hardware shops almost always cut keys by tracing the key which they are given and reproducing the cut key onto the blank using a cutting wheel.  The key cutting machine needs to be very accurate, but unfortunately many key cutting machines are not calibrated correctly.  Often the keys are cut too deep.  There is a better chance of a key working cut deep, rather then shallow.   So adjusting machinery to cut a little deep is often what is done.  Problem is that this does not make for an accurate key.

Key cutting machine Brisbane Locksmith

Locksmiths can cut keys to code.  A cut key to code will be very accurate.  The key is cut to the manufacturers depths on a special code key cutting machine.  Keys cut this way eliminate many inaccuracies.   If a locksmith knows the code of the key, the key can be cut even if the key is not present or lost.  Many registered keys are cut to code, ensuring they are all cut very accurately.

When getting a key cut, it is always advisable to use a trade qualified locksmith.  They are specialists in locks and keys.  A Brisbane locksmith will always give you the best key copy available.


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