Are Trafic Updates Worth Following?

Are Trafic Updates Worth Following?


Finding a place or address with a GPS is one of the best advances in navigation since the invention of the map.  In Brisbane we dont have the biggest traffic problems.  Well not compared to other cities and countries.

GPS Map view for fastest route to destination

So do the trafic updates really help to avoid the standstill traffic on our roads?  Well I am writing this because I find them more of a nuisance then anything else.  The traffic updates do locate the problem areas on our roads, but often the new route is worse then the blocked road!  Just what i find anyway.

The problem is that the new route usually takes you through a congested set of back streets because the traffic problems are usually at peak hour times of the day.  The back streets are not where you want to be at peak hour times.  Often it is easier to just stay on the main roads and you will get to the destination faster.  This is not always the case but more then not it is true.

There have been a few times in the case of an accident where the detour set by the GPS has really saved time.  I really love the GPS traffic updates for this reason. If only they could get smarter with their detour routes.

Well Obviously it is up to the driver to decide which way to go.  Not taking the advice of the GPS during peak hour traffic times is usually advisable, as long as you know where you are headed.  Just never trust a GPS completely.  At times it will lead you down the wrong path for sure.


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