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Tiltadoor lock kit

Tiltadoor lock kit

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock kit

There are still many tilt-a-door garage doors in operation through out Brisbane and Australia. The tilt-a-door pre-dates the panel lift door and even the roller door. The tilt a door opens on a hinge system that lifts the door directly overhead so a car can be driven into the garage.

This locksmith tilt-a-door lock kit comes with everything you need to replace or fit from new the locking system on door. As it is all in the one packet, it is often better to buy the kit rather then replace just one part of a worn out locking system.

The kit comes with the main T handle, the inside lever assembly, the wire, 2 latches and all the fixing nuts and bolts.

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock key

Lenlok tilt a door lock with Lockwood compatible key

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock fixing stud

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock fixing stud

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock

Lenlok tilt-a-door handing plate

Lenlok tilt-a-door handing plate

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock wire

Lenlok tilt-a-door lock wire

Lenlok tilt-a-door latches and inside handle

Lenlok tilt-a-door latches and inside handle

The main star of the kit is the T handle. This is an upgraded version of the original T handle lock. This lock is much more solid and has a better internal locking system. It can be rekeyed to match other locks in the home. It uses a Lockwood style C4 key which is by far the most used key in Brisbane. Your locksmith can advise you on rekeying locks to match the one key. The T handle lock is handed, meaning that it will turn either to the left or right to unlock. The handing can be easily changed by adjusting the handing plate at the back of the lock.

The wire that comes with the lock will suit all standard size tilt-a-door’s. Some doors are made wider then standard and the wire will not be long enough to suit some of these double car garage doors. The wire is secured at both ends with wire clamps which are included in the kit.

The latches are standard design for all tilt-a-door locks. They are zinc plated for rust protection and should last for the life of the door.

The inside handle assembly is simpler then the original tilt-a-door design. It is held on the back spindle of the T handle with a clamp. The inside handle assembly has pre drilled holes for the wire to pass through. The wire is only clamped at either end of the latches to give equal tension to both latches.

For a tilt-a-door with broken wire, worn out lock, bent handles, etc, this lock kit is a good investment. Replacing all the suspect parts with this lock kit will ensure the door keeps working for many years to come. Ask a locksmith for more information regarding the replacement of locks on garage doors. There are many different types of locks that your locksmith keeps to replace all doors.

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Lenlok Roller Door Lock

Lenlok Roller Door Lock

Lenlok make a large range of locks for garage doors. When you are thinking of changing your roller door lock, dont go past this Lenlok roller door lock.   This is the heavy duty model with removable cylinder.

As locksmiths we are often called to change or rekey locks on roller doors. When a client pays us good money to change the keys on a roller door lock, they want to be sure the old keys will no longer work in the lock.

turning knob lenlok roller door lockThe problem with most standard roller door locks is that they use a wafer or disc lock which offers little security. Even when the combination of the lock cylinder is changed there is a chance that another key will still operate in the lock. This is due to the poor tolerances in the cylinder, soft materials used in their construction, low number of disc combinations and wear in the lock cylinder.

As there are problems with rekeying roller door locks (and other similar lock designs), we will usually recommend that the lock be replaced with a more secure type of lock. This is not because we want to sell more locks. It is due to the high chance of an old key or random key working in your roller door.

front cover plate lenlok roller door lockThe Lenlok heavy duty roller door lock is one choice you have when a new roller door lock is required for your door.

The Lenlok roller door lock does not look too much different from standard roller door locks. Although there are a couple of features that make this lock far better then standard disc type locks.

The Lenlok roller door lock has a completely replaceable cylinder assembly. There are various cylinder types that can be fitted to the lock. The more secure locking cylinder is the pin tumbler cylinder. The pin cylinder uses pins as used in most other house and commercial lock cylinders.

key and lock cylinder lenlok roller door lockA pin tumbler cylinder makes it much harder to force with a screw driver or other tool. Compared to disc locks, a pin cylinder is a great upgrade for a roller door.

A pin cylinder can also have its barrel changed to suit a range of registered key systems. It can even be replaced with a high security lock barrel for the best security. The standard pin cylinder can be changed to suit a Lockwood style C4 key. The C4 key is the most common key used in Brisbane for house doors and commercial doors. It is possible to have a house changed to suit just one key. Even the garage door can be on the same key.

This lock also comes with 2 locking functions. For a garage you want to access from the inside such as one connected to the house, the lenlok roller door lock can be set to be opened with the turning knob on the inside of the lock. This gives free access to open and close the lock from the inside of the garage.

turning knob lenlok roller door lockIf the garage has no other access doors or the lock is fitted to a storage room, the lock can be set to operate as a deadlock. When the lock is operating as a deadlock, the inside turning knob will no longer open or close the lock. The lock must be opened and closed using the key from the ouside or the inside. Deadlocking adds increased security for storage areas. When unlocking with a key from the inside a “reverse key” is used. The reverse key only operates the lock on the inside of the door. This is because a reverse broached key only will slide into the inside of the lock.

There are a few different model designs of the Lenlok roller door lock. They are designed to match existing roller door locks. The main difference is the length of the arms and size of the face plate.

Our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane carry a range of Lenlok roller door locks to suit different door types. Call us anytime for replacement roller door locks or to have your lock changed.

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Changing remote opening doors

Changing remote opening doors

Need to change Remote?

Remote opening doors in Brisbane are common place. Most garage doors and gates open by a remote control. They are convenient as we do not have to get out of our cars to open the the gate and door.

remote lock changed on gate and garage door locksmith Brisbane

New remotes an be purchased and added into a door in most cases quite simply. Although there are some remote doors that require specific tools and that are not easy to program. Some remotes require the opening of electrical boxes and can be tricky to program.

Most doors have 2 different programming procedures which you will need to know if you are changing the code of the doors. You can either program in additional remote fobs or delete all existing remote fobs before programming. With the robberies in Brisbane it is common practice to delete the old remotes out first. The programming procedure for all doors is very different so you need the correct programming procedure for your door.

Key fobs also are very different. Even if they look the same or are of the same brand it is common that the electronic code is different. Make sure you have the right remote to match your door.

If you are deleting all the remotes from the door try to test with an old remote to make sure they have all been deleted. Some doors give little indication that the remotes have been deleted and it is hard to know if the programming procedure has worked correctly.

Always contact your local Brisbane locksmith for changing remotes on garage and gate remote opening doors.

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Garage door security

Garage door lock. Old type of roller door

Old style garage door lock

Garage doors are often an overlooked part of the home security.

If the garage is not attached to the main house then it might not be thought of as a safety issue. Maybe the garage door lock should be more attention paid to it as the value of goods kept in the average garage can be quite high! If it is worth putting a lock on the door then it is probably worth making sure a burglar can not easily break into the garage.

Lockwood 001 deadlock

Lockwood Deadlatch

As a Brisbane locksmith we are often called to secure garage doors after a break and enter. Often the garage door is fitted with an inadequate lock which does not keep even then most novice thief from easily entering. An older garage in Brisbane often is fitted with a latch type lock which can be defeated with tools as simple as a credit card. One way of changing the locks and upgrading a door like this might be to fit a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch or a Deadbolt which will stop an easy door opening attempt. The type of door and door frame can dictate the best type of lock to be fitted in a specific situation. A garage such as a Titan Shed made from colourbond steel might need a specific lock type to suit a steel plate door such as a Lockwood 355 Deadlock.

The main door on a garage or shed should also be a concern. A lock that can be opened with a screwdriver or random key is not very secure. This is the type of lock people say only keep the honest people out. A true security lock with a brass cylinder is a much more secure lock and will be able to withstand a forced attack that most standard garage door locks will not. The keys for a number of standard locks are very insecure. Often times a Unit block of garages will be able to be opened with keys from other units. This is a good indication that the lock is very insecure and should be replaced.

Brisbane Locksmith quality L Handle lock in box

Brass Cylinder Garage Door Lock

There are a range of garage door locks available that take a more secure cylinder and have a much more solid lock design. Fitting a better lock to the door is an easy way to greatly upgrade garage security. A qualified locksmith can show if there are vulnerabilities in your garage or shed security. Leaving a garage insecure is really just leaving the security to chance. Personally I have found chance does not favor many people. Being prepared is always a better way to deal with your locks and security.

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Garage lock repair

Garage lock repair

Broken key in roller door

Roller door broken keyIt is easy to break a key off in a roller door. All you have to do is leave the key in the lock and roll the door up. This is a very common occurrence especially if you are not use to removing the key. It happens a lot when you have just moved into a new house of unit with a roller door garage door.

The photo is a picture or an old B&D roller door lock with a broken key sticking out of the lock. This key was not broken by rolling up the door. This lock is about 40 years old and has been operating perfectly with daily use for all that time. The lock was made by Lockwood and is a Pin Tumbler lock. The key in this lock can be removed in 2 positions which make the door either locked or unlocked. The lock has 2 separate sets of top pins.

The reason the key broke in the lock was because the plate at the back of the lock which connects to the locking arms or the garage door had come loose. The screws after 40 years finally worked their way loose. This caused the plate to turn further then it should and the key got stuck in the lock and the extra force applied to the key to try to remove it caused it to break.

The lock was repaired by adding a drop of lock-tite and tightening up the screws. The lock was still in good working order and should last quite a few more years yet. This garage was a double garage with twin roller doors. Both roller door locks operated on the same key. The other roller door was still working flawlessly.

These garage locks could have easily been replaced with a more modern type of lock. A preferred lock is one that could be keyed alike to the rest of the house. Having the whole lock on the same key is much more convenient and when replacing garage door locks it makes sense that this is a good time to upgrade to a one key for the whole house system of locks and keys.

The locks on these roller door locks continue to work well and the customer was satisfied and happy to keep their old roller door locks. Lets hope they get many more years out of these 40 plus year old locks.

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Awesome Garage Door Lock

Awesome Garage Door Lock

Well, not just for garage doors.

This is one garage door lock our Brisbane locksmith has dubbed “Awesome” for many reasons and one is that it will fit a wide range of applications. It can replace just about any T Handle or L Handle lock easily, applications include garage doors, meter boxes, electrical cabinets, storage cabinets, utility rooms, RV’s, camper-vans, trailers, machine doors and so much more. Our locksmith in Brisbane is always finding so many more awesome uses for these L Handle locks.

Brisbane Locksmith quality L Handle lock in box

Ok, I admit, it looks like just any other lock. Not very awesome right?

I could tell you they are easily reversible by just loosening a screw and setting the handing position. So you dont have to buy either a left or right hand lock and that they can be set to be used as either a 90 degree turn or a 180 degree turn very simply.

Locksmith Brisbane guide for rehanding L handle lock

Locksmith in Brisbane L Handle lock rear view

Still not awesome enough? ok…

The cylinder used in these locks is one of the most awesome aspects. This cylinder can be changed to suit the keys to a large range of house and unit keys available in Australia. What our Brisbane locksmith finds most awesome about this aspect is that he can make all locks on peoples homes suit the one key. That’s right, 1 key for your doors, screens, deadlocks, and garage and switchboard. Even window locks and letterbox locks can be on the one key.

L handle Lock and key from Locksmith Brisbane

It that is not awesome enough, the locking cylinder in this lock can be changed to suit most popular restricted key systems. A new cylinder can even be installed for high security locks such as bilock, medeco and abloy systems. Ask our Brisbane locksmith for more information on making all keys in your home work on the same key.

If having one key for all your locks in you home is still not awesome enough then consider why upgrading and replacing your old T or L handle locks might be worth while.

L Handle Locksmith Brisbane Lock with key


It should be very awesome news if you have an old tilt-a-door garage door or just about any other type of similar handle. This garage door lock come standard with a 6 pin Lockwood compatible key and cylinder. Compared to the standard tilt-a-door locks these things are like a rock. They are tough to pick, the brass cylinder makes forcing the cylinder not an option. They potentially have 10,000,000 possible key combinations. The key and lock is not going to wear, allowing other keys to open the lock. They are made much more solid and robust then most other T and L handles on the Australian market. That’s pretty awesome right?

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One thing you should think about in Storm Season

One thing you should think about in Storm Season

There is one specific type of job we get called out to quite a bit after a lightening storm.

locked out of garage
That is to unlock houses because the power has gone off.  Why?  Well, a lot of people drive out of their garage and click the remote to lock their door.  They don’t take a set of keys with them, only a garage remote.
Usually the remote is all you need to get back inside your house.  Except for when the power goes off, or a lightning strike makes your garage opener malfunction.  If your garage opener is all you have to unlock your house then you are going to be stuck outside.   As most storms happen in the late afternoon most of our calls to open a locked house in this situation happen at night which is not the best time to be locked outside.
All you really need to be prepared for this lockout situation is to have an alternative entry into your home.  A set of keys is not reliant on the power being switched on and will always give you access in any situation.  It is not expensive to get an extra set of keys cut for your house or apartment and it will save you money and the inconvenience of being locked out after a storm or power failure.
On some properties and townhouses you might even be locked out of your main gate or foyer door if there is no power.  Going keyless is great, but just check your entry requirements and find out what you need to do if there is no power.   Hopefully we wont have destructive storms this Summer although it is pretty much impossible to predict.  Being prepared is the best strategy.

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