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Lockwood 3572 Vestibule lock

Lockwood 3572 Vestibule lock

Lockwood 3572  Review

The Lockwood 3572 mortise lock is one of the most common lock found on apartment doors, government buildings, commercial premises and many other places in Brisbane.  I hope this helps explain a little about this lock

Supplied in a red box

Lockwood 3572 in boxThe Lockwood 3572 mortise lock body is sold  separate to handles, cylinder and turnsnibs.  They are sold separately simply because there are just so many options to choose from in design and function.

The lock body is diecast with a stainless steel latch bolt and a stainless steel deadlatching pin.

On the face of the body it has 2 screw holes for attaching the face plate and 2 holes for cylinder or adapter pins.

On each side of the lock it has a large cylinder hole and a square spindle hole. There are also a couple of adjustment holes and screws and holes for handle mounting


It might look like just any other lock, but the Lockwood 3572 has so many features that I am sure I will miss a few.

Lockwood 3572 latchLets start with the latch. The latch is made from stainless steel and attaches to the inside latch plate assembly via a 12mm rotating shaft.  The bolt can be rotated to suit either an inward or outward or opening door.  The face plate of the lock once fitted locks the latch into the set orientation.

The faceplate also holds the optional cylinder retainer pins in position.  The cylinder retaining pins are a tight push fit.  They are not threaded and require only slight pressure when inserting into a cylinder.

The top adjustment hole is for the “Kick Offf Function”.  The kick off function is not there to remind you when your favorite rugby team is playing.  What it does is “Kick Off” the locking function when the door is closed.  It is designed to stop people locking themselves out.

Lockwood 3572 adjust functionsThe lower adjustment hole is setable with a flat blade screwdriver.  Turning this setting screw will set the lock to have either an escape function where the lock is always free to open or it will make the lock handles lockable.  There is a setable escape function on both sides of the lock for the inside and outside handle.

The square spindle hole is separated in the centre by a dividing plate.  This allows the inside and outside handles to operate independently. So it is possible for the outside handle to be locked and the inside to be free to open the door.

The handle fitting holes are designed to match the various handle designs available to suit the Lockwood 3572.

That is about all the external features of this lock but in no where near explains the functions available.

Other lock options

Lockwood 3572 cylinder retainerThis is where this lock starts to get exceedingly interesting.

For example the locking cylinder comes in satin chrome, bright chrome and polished brass.  They can also be ordered in antique bronze and a whole range of special finishes.  The cylinder can also be an extended cylinder.  An extended cylinder comes in 50mm 62mm 78mm 86mm and 100mm and dont forget the standard 39mm cylinder.

Both the cylinder and snib adapter also have a range of different cams.  There is an X, W, Y, Z and M cam for the cylinders.  There is also a range of 6 different cams available for the snib adapter.  Of course these cams can be used in any combination on the door.  Making over 250 different functions available for this lock, just with cam and snib adapter alone.

Did I mention there is also a round cylinder available for this lock?  There are just so many options for this lock.

Of course there is also a rebated kit avaliable for double doors.

Lockwood 3572 locks and cylindersThen you have the range of high security lock cylinders and registered key systems that also are compatiable with this lock. Compatiable cylinders include Lockwood MT5, Lockwood’s Generation 6, Lockwood twin, bilock, Galaxy, series 6, Salto, Multi lock, MLA DC1, MLA LSGP, Binary Plus, Kaba Expert, Pextra, IP6, IP7, Abloy protec, Abloy protec 2, etc….

Wow there are so many compatible keying systems available with this lock. I cant even list ¼ of them!

Did I mention there is also a 3570 hold back cylinder?  I forget.  There are so many options and functions for this lock.


Lockwood Plate handle Lockwood Rose type handleSorry guys we’re not done yet.  I haven’t even mentioned the handle options!
Ok so I will try to be quick.

So the Lockwood handles comes in 2 main types.  There are handles with a plate extending the length of the lock covering the cylinder hole and the spindle, which is screwed on from the inside.  Then there is the Rose type handles and cylinder escutcheons. These come in 2 separate pieces for the handles and the cylinders.

The variety of handles, knobs, plates, escutcheons, is very large. There are commercial looking levers, plates to suit hospitals.  Modern designs to suit apartment doors, square designs.  Lockwood has a list of handle designs longer then your arm!


Lockwood 3572 face plate satin chromeThe finish of the 3572SC is brushed stainless steel.  The only part of the lock body visible is the plate on the edge of the door.  Of course the handles have so many options in colour and texture the finish will depend on what you require in a lock.  The lock cover plate and strike are mostly seen in satin chrome or polished brass.

ugly score

Is this lock ugly?
I have to give this lock a very low ugly score. Simply due to the number of handle options.  You can choose handles that are to your taste. If you do not like the way it looks you can simply change the handles to something more appropriate.


Is the 3570 easy to fit?

Lockwood 3572 fitting templateOK, this is a mortise lock.  They are one of the most time consuming locks to install from scratch.  A large opening needs to be made in the edge of the door to install the lock.  Lockwood provides a template to help with installation and even part of the box folds out into a template to help with fitting the cylinder holes and handles.


This lock is generally only fitted to a door where a very similar type of lock has been installed.  There are locks made by other manufacturers that use a very similar, if not identical hole pattern to the Lockwood 3570.  The Lockwood 3570 can replace mortise locks made by Gainsbrough, Dorma, Kaba and others.

Uses – types of doors

The Lockwood 3570 can be installed on just about any wooden door.  It can be used on fire escape doors as well as fire rated doors. It is fitted to many apartment doors for this reason.  The fire rating may depend on the type of door the lock is fitted to.  Many specialty fire doors are designed to use the Lockwood 3572 mortise lock.

It is used on commercial doors as well such as hospitals, shops, factories, storerooms, fire escapes and a whole lot more.  It is also fitted to doors in homes around Australia.


Lockwood 3572 turn snib adaptorAs there is such a wide range of cylinders for this lock, the security of the locking cylinder is very dependent on your choice.  A cheap non original cylinder might be very easy to bump or pick.  A high security on the other hand will make it almost impossible to pick the lock.


The lock when fitted to the door has no points of access for manipulation.  The latch can not be slipped with a piece of plastic if fitted correctly due to the deadlatching pin.  The cylinder hole has no extra gaps for insertion of opening tools.

The type of handles used with this lock can make the lock more secure.  Generally the square plate furniture is recommended over the rose furniture.

If an escape function is used on the inside handle, this can on certain doors make the lock vulnerable to certain types of opening techniques.

A look inside

Lockwood 3572 inside viewAs complicated as this lock seems, it is actually quite minimalist in its design.  Other locks can have many more springs and small parts.
The lock has a die-cast body with mostly stainless steel parts.  The locking bolt mechanism which locks the handles I believe is die-cast although the end which actually contacts the handles hub is steel.  It is really their rather basic design which makes them relatively hassle free.


Lockwood have been manufacturing this type of mortise lock for many years and they have a reputation of being one of the best mortise locks for good reason.  They are an extremely reliable lock.  They are very versatile, have a large array of functions and made heavy duty enough to operate on commercial doors.

As a replacement lock or a lock for a new building the Lockwood 3570 series is definitely a good choice.

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Fire Exit Door Code Lock

Fire Exit Door Code Lock

Brisbane City Fire Door Lock

When I imagine I’ve come across pretty much everything,there will be  a job which causes you go hmm. Have you any idea just what exactly this photograph might be? It is some sort of bookcase correct? Well, not really!! It is a doorway! The entrance features a bookshelf screwed onto it! This cafe includes a area up the stairs for the purpose of entertaining guests. Invited people exclusively are able to walk in through this book case door.

The restaurant needed a quotFire Door Brisbane City to fit a much more easy to get to keyless entry lock to the door. It may well appear to be a book-case but in fact it’s actually a standard commercial swinging door. Because this is a fire escape door, fitting of more security locks has to be authorized by Queensland Government regulators. Not compliant locks might give the operator of this restaurant a substantial fine. There are restrictions to the kind of locks that could be fitted to a alloy frame glass door.

Whenever quoting for a locking strategy for a fire safety door, we also have to think about precisely what the client really wants to accomplish. A good code security lock, that’s suitable for a fire exit door is the thing that the client really wanted fitted to their door. The book-shelf door caused it to be tough to fit a new commercial lock. The back wall surface of the doorway was in fact built in a way that an ordinary security lock was not able to be fitted. This bookcase additionally makes it extremely tough.

In addition we found it necessary to install a door closer on to the fire exit door. The book shelf was actually fairly heavy and made opening up the bookcase door quite challenging. A large fire exit door needs a door closer that will make the door more lightweight to open. To be able to escape by using this fire door is a big health and safety obligation.

In cases where there actually was a fire, the fire exit door must very easily open or always be unlocked very easily with a lever handle or alternatively a panic escape lock. Fire safety exits within the premises have been plainly marked. This bookshelf door will be a important exit in the event of an emergency.

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Fined $40,000 for fire doors

Fined $40,000 for fire doors

A care facility on St Andrews road was fined over $40,000 for having fire doors in poor repair including door closers not working or completely missing.

Fire doors need to be up to building codes and in good working condition. If the fire door is without a door closer or the door is not closing properly, it can put the whole building in jeopardy should a fire break out. Fire doors are designed to seal shut incase of a fire and contain the fire so it will not spread to the rest of the building.

Fire door compliance also requires a lock fitted to the door that is in good condition, working correctly and if fitted by a locksmith the locksmith must be a trade qualified locksmith. Fire door locks need to be tested and rated to suit the type of door they are fitted to. A 2 hour fire rated door needs at least a 2 hour fire rated lock. A 4 hour fire rating on a door means at least a four hour fire rated lock must be fitted. Fitting the wrong lock to the door will make your door non complient and it could cop a large fine.

Deadlocks on fire doors need to be very specific and comply with the standards for your particular fire door. Some fire doors can not have a deadlock fitted to them but can have a much better fire escape lock fitted to keep out unwanted people. Fire doors need to be kept up to standard and maintained regularly.

For more information of fire doors contact your qualified locksmith who will be glad to lend a hand in repairing or upgrading the fire door locks and door closers.

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Logan Central Nightmare

Logan Central Nightmare

Emergency Locksmith

Cheapest Price Locksmith cost more then bargained for!

Around midnight we were called to an apartment at Logan Central to unlock a door. It was a standard sounding type of locksmith job, so we thought.  We unlock a lot of doors!  Most of them are to help people get back inside when they accidentally lock their keys inside. This job was different!

When we arrive to unlock the door, our client informs us that their new deadlock was fitted earlier that day. They are quite frantic as their dog is locked inside the apartment and they have been trying to get the door open for the last 7 hours! They even tell me that they had another Logan locksmith out to open the door, but he left because he could not get the door open. The customer even has the keys to the lock, so at this stage this was not a normal every day door unlocking job.

The key works in the outside cylinder of the door. But the key will only turn a tiny amount in each direction which would indicate that there is a problem inside the lock. The lock that is fitted to the door is a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch. This type of lock has an outside cylinder that is connected to the inside lock mechanism via a long tail-piece and the cylinder is screwed to the inside of the lock with 2 screws. Maybe the cylinder is not lined up with the inside of the lock? Maybe the door has dropped and the latch is binding inside the strike? Nothing really makes sense with this lock.

The only way we can get this lock open is to remove the outside cylinder. This requires drilling the outside cylinder off the door. Not something we ever like to do! Our business is based on our locksmiths being able to open locks without damage. Unfortunately in this case there is no easy way to open the door. Drilling a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch is not an easy task! The cylinders are made from some pretty hard materials!

After the lock cylinder is removed first thing that is noticed is that the tail-piece is way too long. The tail-piece should be cut to a length to match the door thickness. Peering through the cylinder hole we can also to our amazement see that there is no tail-piece receptor in this lock! Maybe it fell out? This lock is very strange indeed!

A tool is made up to pull the bolt open through the cylinder hole. With the tool inserted a twist is all that is needed to open the door. The door swings open and the customer and their dog are reunited. They were so relieved to finally get back into their home.

The lock is then removed from the door for investigation of what went wrong. It was very obvious what the problem was with this door. The lock was fitted to the door but the actuator which withdraws the bolt when the outside key is turned was not fitted! The tail-piece of the cylinder was not even cut down. The small amount of movement we could feel with the key was due to the tail-piece of the outside cylinder jambing inside the inner workings of the lock. The piece that was missing from the lock is a large piece! The size of a golf ball! Not something that could be easily missed during installation.

The really disturbing part of this installation is that the lock was never tested from the outside! If the so called locksmith had have tested the lock with the key, then they would have realised that the lock was never going to work. It worked from the inside but as soon as the door closed, there was no way to get back in from the outside. How a tradesman could have not checked this is beyond me.

It turned out that the locksmith that had fitted the lock earlier that day was advertising the cheapest prices. It’s not the customers fault of course! They just saw someone advertising a $55 callout fee and thought it was a bargain. The locksmith was not a qualified locksmith. Judging by this job, I doubt they had ever done any kind of locksmith work before at all. I am just so happy that we could get the lock open, replaced and working properly. It saved these people from spending the night on the stairs outside their Logan Apartment.

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Lock picked Kangaroo Point

Lock picked Kangaroo Point

door lock opened for student at Kangaroo point. Registered key system lock picked

Door unlocked. Student accommodation lock at Kangaroo Point.

Another student let back in to his room

Providing a 24 hour locksmith service in Brisbane, sometimes it is easy to forget just how essential the service is and how it helps so many people in their daily lives. Helping students to unlock their door is a fairly common type of job for us here at 24 Hour Locksmiths. In Brisbane we have a lot of international students who attend universities who from time to time find themselves in trouble with keys and locks. Often students from overseas countries are surprised that there is a 24 hour locksmith available to help them. Students we let back into their rooms and apartments are always grateful and always a pleasure to help.

Many locks on the doors at Kangaroo Point are a high security profile and contain lock pins that make the locks extremely difficult to open. Luckily this is our job, and bypassing and picking locked doors usually is not a difficult problem. Of course they are not all easy doors to pick the locks on. Some doors take a little longer to open then others but our locksmiths are trained to open even the trickiest locked doors.

This particular locked door uses a Lockwood mortice lock and it has a Registered Key system installed. The keys for this door can only be cut by the locksmith who installed the system. The lock cylinder used a paracentric key way which makes it very difficult to copy a key for the lock and also makes it very hard to insert a lock pick tool into the lock to open the door. Even though the lock was a difficult one to open, it didnt take our locksmith very long to have the door open and the student safe back in his apartment.

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Locksmith locked out

Locksmith locked out

Locked in!

locked inside room with no escape

Room of no escape!

Pretty ironic. 24 Hour Locksmith unlocks a door for someone and gets locked out while leaving the building. Had to phone my customer to let me out! Actually I wasnt locked out exactly.  I was locked inside a room, a back fire escape! While leaving I was following the fire exit signs to exit the building and end up following them into a room that has key locks on each of the exit doors.

Yeah, it is actually funny 🙂 But there is a real serious side to this story. This was a fairly new 4 story apartment building in St Lucia. The occupants of the buildings mostly foreign students. Could you imagine what would happen in a fire or other emergency if they all followed the fire exits? When my customer came to unlock the door for me, he laughed. He said, he too had done the exact same thing as I had done.  Well He didn’t have his keys either!

All buildings such as this one are suppose to get inspected regularly by a fire inspector. My mind boggles at how this building ever passed even a basic fire inspection? Having a common area such as this deadlocked is just insane. Forget the fire regulations. Just common sense would tell you there is a problem with this would it not?

Well, on leaving this building I also saw this unit door, right next to the front door. Apparently deadlocked steel security doors are also allowed on apartment doors? Not sure who the fire inspectors are at this building but it is not the only death trap building I have seen this week. Earlier on, at a house designed for student accommodation, a customer was telling me how a fire inspector had disabled bedroom door locks. The problem was that in disabling them, he made it possible to get trapped inside all the bedrooms!

Fire door with still bars door

unit door with steel bar door and deadlock!

I would suggest to people that they call a trade qualified locksmith when they need their locks repaired or replaced. A locksmith is required to do a four year apprenticeship in which they learn all aspects of being a locksmith. An apprentice receives training from a technical college and has 4 years of on the job training. Many locksmiths specialise in a particular branch of locksmithing, such as commercial, automotive or access control. At the end of their apprenticeship they should be the most knowledgeable tradespeople on the subject of locks. Why would anyone use an untrained person to advise them about their locks and security? Makes little sense to me. I would always check that the tradesperson that comes to my door is actually a trades person and not a pretending to be a locksmith. You pay for a locksmith make sure it is an actual locksmith you get.

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My lock wont fit the holes in my door

My lock wont fit the holes in my door

Entrance lock latch size

Often as a Brisbane locksmith we come across odd size door locks. The most common type of lock to have an unusual size is also the most common. It is the knob or lever entrance lock set. These locks are seen on most houses and apartments and commercial buildings throughout Brisbane and Queensland.

two different types of entrance lock latches for doors by Brisbane locksmtih

60mm and 70mm latches

Most doors on houses are fitted with a standard 60mm latch. To measure the backset of the door lock, the measurements are taken from the centre of the door knob to the edge of the door. So if you draw a perpendicular line 60mm back from the edge of the door, the line should run straight through the centre of the lock.
The problem you face when buying a lock from a hardware shop is that they generally only come with a 60mm latch. Some locks do come with an adjustable 60mm or 70mm latch but often these latches are not as robust as the not adjustable latches.

lock latch long

Long Tie-bolt latch

Doors are not just fitted with 60mm or 70mm latches either! Many doors on units are fitted with a 127mm latch. There are even doors where the handle is fitted in the centre of the door making the latch over 400mm.

There are two main types of entrance locks which we sell. They are Tie-Bolt and Cylindrical. Mostly we try to use cylindrical where possible, due to the smoother operation of the lock. We keep different size latches for each type of lock.

The tie-bolt locks simply have a different size latch for each different backset they are used for.

70 mm latch for entrance lock

Entrance lock with 70mm latch


127mm latch

Entrance lock with 127 mm latch using extension tube


The tubular locks are a little different. The tubular locks are available in either a 60mm or 70mm latch. Then different size extension tubes are used to make the locks to the exact size you need. The tubes come in different sizes and adding them to either the 60mm or 70mm latch we can make them fit any size backset we need.

Many locks of fire doors and unit doors use a 127mm latch.  Always make sure you use a qualified locksmith when a lock needs replacing on a fire door.  A fire door needs the correct lock and latch which have to have the correct fire rating for the particular door.


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