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Door Closer Brisbane LocksmithDoor closers are not just used to close a door. Their job is to control how the door closes. If you open and close a door with a door closer, you should notice that the door does not slam shut. It closes at a controlled rate and latches all the way shut. The job of a door closer is so much more then a big spring on the door.

There are two main types of door closers. Pneumatic and hydraulic.

A pneumatic door closer is often seen on security screen doors. It uses air to control the closing of the door. As the door is opened a tube is filled with air. When the door is released a spring pulls the door shut. The air in the tube is compressed by a piston and and slows down the closing of the door. A valve releases air at a controlled rate to slowly close the door. Pneumatic door closers often close faster then hydraulic door closers. As air compresses easily, controlling the door can be difficult. Often these doors bounce when closed as the air compresses and contracts. They are not very suitable for heavier doors which would compress the air much more.

Hydraulic door closers also use a large spring to close the door. The closing is controlled by hydraulic fluid which is pushed by a piston. Since the hydraulic fluid can not compress like air, there is no bounce when the door is closed. They are suitable for heavier doors and the closing can be controlled very accurately.

A Hydraulic door closer usually has two controls for closing the door. They are the closing and latching control. Closing is for the first part of the doors travel. It controls how fast the door closes. Latching controls the last bit of the closing. The latching of the lock can need extra speed to close or it might need a softer closing speed. The latching control will be set to suit your door and the locks on the doors.

Door closers come in different strengths. A door closer used on an interior door which is light needs only a small amount of closing strength. If the door closer is too strong, it will be very annoying and even dangerous with little kids and elderley people. A large front door of a hotel on a windy street will need a very strong closer to pull the door closed. Some door closers are adjustable and can the strength can be set to suit the door.

There are many different types of door closers and the options need to suit the particular door they are fitted to. Disabled toilet doors need a feature to make the door easy to open and there are door closers that do just that! Some door closers have a hold open feature, for when you do not want the door to always close behind you.

Door closers need maintenance. The adjustments need to be kept tuned to suit the door. The lock and latch need to be kept in good condition to aid the closing of the door. The door itself needs to be in good condition and not bind or be hard to open.

The hydraulics in a door closer can wear out or break. In some cases this will cause the hydraulic fluid to leak out of the door closer and you will see the oil seeping from the closer. The closer needs to be repaired or replaced when the hydraulics is not working. There is a strong spring inside the door closer and with out hydraulic fluid the spring will pull the door closed with tremendous force. This can be a dangerous situation. Never take a door closer apart. The spring inside the door closer is very dangerous and can cause injury.

Apartment doors in Australia and fire doors require a door closer. An apartment door is a fire containment door and must be kept closed at all times. The door closer ensures the door is closed and latched. Removing the door closer from an apartment door will make the door non compliant and when inspected, the door will not pass. The door closer on an apartment fire door needs to be fire rated. Door closers suitable for a fire door will have a fire rating usually or either two or four hours. When servicing or replacing a door closer never use a handyman. Only a tradesman locksmith has the qualifications to perform work on a fire door lock or door closer.

For door closer repair or replacement, only use a qualified locksmith. In most states of Australia including Queensland a security licence is also required by the locksmith. Without a security licence large fines are applicable. Our locksmiths are all qualified tradesmen and licenced. If you need your door closer repaired or replaced or a new door closer fitted you can phone us anytime for fast service.

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