Police sexual assault not investigated

Police sexual assault not investigated

Mr Fitzgerald backed calls by the former head of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, David Ipp, for the establishment of a federal anti-corruption agency with the powers of a standing royal commission.

Owner of 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane is siding with Tony Fitzgerald and Independent Commission Against Corruption, David Ipp, for the establishment of a federal anti-corruption agency with the powers of a standing royal commission after what he calls the most repugnant display of police abuse of powers against an employee of his 24 Hour locksmith business in Brisbane.

On February 5 2015 one of our senior tradesmen locksmiths was doing a routine call to a customers home for a locksmith service. After completing the job in Keeling Street Coopers Plains, our locksmith was met by a police car screeching around the corner with lights flashing. Our locksmith was ordered to place his hands on his car and was searched.

His locksmith car was searched, but the officers on the scene were not happy at that! They called in more officers, and more officers and even more officers! They all came and searched the tradesman’s car in search of something? Our locksmith asked over and over, what they were doing and what they were looking for and got no response from Tamryn Ellingworth, the officer who appeared to be in charge. More then 7 officers were called in to search our locksmiths car!

This went on for over two hours out the front of our clients home. Our locksmith asked the police if this had anything to do with the client, which the police answered no.

The police called in a police dog and put it through our locksmith car! Our locksmith asked them not to put the dog in the car, but they didn’t listen.

The police took sensitive business records from the locksmiths car, still with no explanation. They then attempted to hack our locksmiths phone!

After this horrendous ordeal, they then called in another officer from the Mount Gravatt police station to sexually assault our locksmith! This happened in the middle of the street in suburban Coopers Plains.

After our locksmith had been raped, he was then privately photographed, by police and told he was put onto a list! Our locksmith believes this to be an unofficial list kept by police. Some sort of dark list of people the police are out to get.

At the end of this police threatened my locksmith and left. When returning to his locksmith car, he found all the electrics in the car not operating. The police had pulled out wiring from under the dash, making indicators and the dash board not work.

Outraged, of what happened to our employee, while on his day to day job, a complaint was made the very next day at the Mount Gravatt police station.

Now you would think that sexual assault in company by a group of armed police officers would be taken seriously. Alas, the police to our knowledge have never investigated this brutal attack by their own force. Even after making a complaint to the CMC, our employee has heard no response from the police.

It would seem the police take assault, sexual assault, deprivation of liberty, searching without reasonable suspicion,searching without a warrant, destruction of property by police, theft of business records, theft, no respect of dignity, causing maximum embarrassment, exposing our naked locksmith in a public street, not giving a reason for searching, detention on the street for over 2 hours as not serious. Whether it is that they don’t take rape of a man serious? Or whether it is because it was by a pack of police officers, we do not know?

My employee has after many months of leave, finally returned to work, although still not able to work in the same capacity he is slowly recovering. He relates his attack by police as a gang attack like you would see in a war zone in parts of Africa. A gang of thugs raping helpless civilians.  He can not be sent to any jobs where police may be present for fear of being assaulted again.  He says he can now relate to rape victims who are not taken seriously by police.

By the way.  This was all taking place at the time of a notorious car chase of a stolen car from Sunshine Coast to NSW, where the NSW police stopped the car as soon as it crossed the border.   Why couldn’t the QLD Police stop the stolen car?  Well, I would not believe the official story.  Most of the police on duty at the time were with our locksmith performing this illegal search and assault!   Mount Gravatt was the best place on the Pacific Motorway to stop the stolen car.  The lanes go from 4 to 2.  Of course they had a more serious master criminal at large, yes a locksmith performing his work!  Great work coppers!

This is why we are backing the establishment of a federal anti-corruption agency. The police are not capable of investigating, when their own officers are involved in a crime.

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Brisbane Robberies

Brisbane Robberies

We have seen an increase in the number of robberies in Brisbane and would advise people to take extra care with their keys.

Thieves have a standard operating procedure of stealing house and car keys then loading up the car with stolen goods from the house. Cars with trailers are also being targeted. I believe trailers can easily be resold interstate without many checks on the trailers’ history. Thieves targeting particular cars is still continuing and extra care needs to be taken with both car keys and house keys.

Many late model cars can be opened and stolen without the keys being present. Extra precaution with these cars is advised. Lock the car in a secure garage or behind a secure gate will help. Not leaving the keys near the front door may also hinder access to your keys electronic signal.

Thieves do return when keys have been stolen so always make sure you change your locks after the theft of keys to stop easy entry into your home or business.

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How to steal a car


Cars stolen by remote control

Well this is not really a guide to steal a car. It’s a warning to people out there with late model cars that dont want them stolen. Actually any car with remote start. By remote start, I mean keys that dont have to be inserted into the ignition to start or keys where you just have to be close to the car to open the doors. A large number of cars now have this technology including Lexus, Nissan, Subaru, GM and many more. They are convenient and practical and there is no mechanical lock which is pretty cool!

So what kind of idiot dreamt this system up?

Car key for Nissan for Locksmith Brisbane

Remote car key

Lets think about this logically for a minute. Cars in the early 90’s had no type of electronic device built into their starting device. They just had a mechanical key. The mechanical lock could be defeated by force and it was just a deterrent to slow down thieves. Given enough time the mechanical lock could be broken or the lock picked and the car could be stolen.

In the mid 90’s car manufacturers introduced the first transponder chips which were integrated into the keys of the car. The transponder chips were moulded into the keys and worked in conjunction with the mechanical locks. The transponder was not battery powered. It was powered by induction from a coil around the ignition lock. How could you steal a car with this type of system? It wasn’t easy! Even if you had a replacement transponder chip and the programming equipment, you needed the actual physical key to turn in the ignition to program the new chip into the system. The time to steal a car just increased dramatically plus there was a high level of technical difficulty in making the key and programming the new transponder into the car. As a result, there were virtually no cars stolen by “hot-wiring”.

So now for some reason car manufacturers decided the mechanical key was of little use. It was the electronics that were securing the car. The electronics were pretty advanced. The key sent a message to the car, then the car sent a message back to the key for verification, then the key sent back a verification code. No other key or hacker could work out the encryption, so it was all secure. Great technology! But for some reason these tech geniuses didn’t realise the biggest vulnerabilities of cars security systems. Locksmiths have known this ever since the first mass produced lock was released more then a hundred years ago. I didn’t realise it was such a big secret but apparently car manufacturers don’t know it!

The secret is this. If a lock or a car or any electronic security device is mass produced it has a big security flaw. If you can buy or acquire one of these devices you can dissemble it and diagnose its weaknesses. Once you can defeat one of these locks, cars or security devices then you can defeat all of them! So learn how to break into one car, you can break into every model of that vehicle.

cars stolen in Brisbane

How to steal a car

So car manufacturers went from mechanical key in the 90’s to Mechanical and electronic key in the mid 90’s and are now employing electronic key only. So they have gone from moderately secure to highly secure to ? Yes, unknown.

Car manufacturers I have to inform you that your electronic security was never secure! People have been hacking your systems from the start! Locksmiths have basically become hackers of car electronic security systems! They had to! For a locksmith to make a key to a car they not only had to cut the mechanical key, they had to be able to recode or reproduce the electronic security system. How do you think that happened? Yes, it was because once you could bypass one particular car model, you could bypass them all.
So now cars just have an electronic locking system. There is nothing else to bypass. How secure did they really think their cars would now be? Well I am sure they now know just how secure their cars with electronic locking and remote start are as they are being stolen in large numbers!

So the point to this whole article is to inform owners of vehicles with remote opening and remote ignition start that they should be very careful and probably look at getting some other type of locking device for their cars.

The key and car both transmit an RF signal or radio signal. The signal coming from the key is quite weak. That is why the car only opens when you are close to the car. It only starts the car when the key is close to the car. So you walk away from the car and the key will no longer open or start the car. Even if someone scans the code of the key, they cant open or start the car because it needs two way communication to verify the transmitted code.

So the key has a weak signal and you need it to be close to work. How would anyone solve this problem? Maybe with some of the oldest technology in the history of electronics? The very thing that makes every radio work! Yes! You guessed it! An amplifier! And a transmitter! All you need to make the car open and start is to retransmit the signal which is transmitted by the car and the key. This is exactly what is being done to steal these nice new cars. The beauty of this is that you dont need to even break anything, pick a lock, reprogram the car, or anything really. You just pick up on the signal from the key, transmit it to the car and drive off.

You can be in your house with the keys on the kitchen bench and your car can be on the street. As long as the signal from the key can be picked up by a transmitter, the car can be open and driven away. You can be in a shopping centre have the car locked and be happily shopping while your car is being driven away.

Is it a reality? Yes, it is! We have been called to jobs in Brisbane where people have had their cars unlocked which are still in their garage. They think they have been broken into as they are sure they locked their cars. They really did lock their cars. Their cars were remotely unlocked, probably from someone driving down the street with a transmitter! Of course if your car is in the garage it cant be started if a button inside the car has to be pushed.

Can you stop this from happening? I would think maybe? Maybe if you shielded your keys in a RF container? Maybe get a steering wheel lock? (Not a good look on your new Mercedes) . Maybe contact your car manufacturer and ask why your car was made so insecure? Maybe they can replace it with a car that has a mechanical key?

So if you have a car that you think is vulnerable to this type of attack, take extra precautions to keep it safe! If it is stolen and there is no sign of forced entry and you have all sets of keys with you, then your insurance company might not believe you that it was stolen? Oh yes, insurance companies are aware this is happening and they do generally need proof the car was stolen.

Happy motoring!

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Break-ins over the Holidays

Break-ins over the Holidays


Breakin and locks changed Brisbane

Locks Changed

Locks Changed Brisbane

We would urge people to take extra precautions over the holiday period. We have attended too many home break-ins and it is only the start of the Easter Holidays. Thieves don’t take holidays and are looking for easy targets. Unlocked doors and windows can be inviting and even when people are at home they should take care.

The last break-in we attended a bunch of keys were stolen from the home. If keys are stolen then there is a high chance that the thieves intend to return. They can enter the home at any time they choose. Now that they know exactly what goods are inside the home they can come prepared to steal exactly what they want.

FullSizeRender(30)Changing the locks prevents re-entry to the home. When the locks have been changed the old, stolen keys will no longer work in the locks. The inside combination of the locks are changed so only a newly generated key will work in the locks. If you hold this new key then the thieves key can no longer open the door.

We have also seen situations where car keys have been stolen with the intent of returning to steal the car. Securing the garage door has prevented this from occurring. Police have reported that certain cars such as Nissan Patrols’ have been recently targeted by thieves in the Brisbane region. The cars or car parts can be sold for a profit in overseas countries.

I hope this holiday season is a safe and secure time of year for you and your family. burglar

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Locks changed after Break-in

Locks changed after Break-in

sliding door lock in Brisbane made from plastic

Plastic Sliding Door Lock

Plastic sliding door locks

Just been to another break and enter in Brisbane where we had to replace a sliding door lock. They also needed their locks changed due to some keys going missing. This is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately but the owners of this apartment were quite surprised to see just how easy their door lock was to smash.

The reason it was so easy to smash the lock is because the lock on the sliding door is made of plastic! You can see in the top picture, the handle is made from plastic. These plastic locks we try to replace whenever it is possible with a better lock made from metal. The plastic is way too easy to crack and break when a little force is applied. This lock was broken and it did not even look like any tools were used.

Housing for sliding door lock made from metal.

Metal Sliding Door Lock

Often when new doors are installed, the locks used are not of good quality. Saving a few dollars by fitting a low quality lock might give a door company a small price advantage over its competition but sometimes it is the home owner who pays a much higher price when the lock fails in a break in attempt. A higher quality lock may have withstood the break in attempt and saved the owner of the home many thousands of dollars.

There are many good quality sliding door locks available for Brisbane homes. A deadlocking lock for a sliding door will make if much harder to open the door, even if the thief is on the inside of the door! A good quality lock cylinder is also something to consider. Sliding door locks sold in hardware shops often have a very cheap cylinder that can be forced open with a screwdriver. Sliding door locks can in most cases also be keyed alike to other locks in the home. Less keys means less worries and if your locks are keyed alike and you need them changed in a hurry it is usually a much faster process then if all the locks are on different keys.

Plastic locks are pretty much the nastiest things you could have to secure your sliding door. Check with your locksmith to see which quality locks are available for your particular door type.

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Internet Dating Nightmare

Internet Dating Nightmare

Internet Dating DIsaster

Internet Dating Disaster

Emergency locksmith jobs in Brisbane can happen for so many reasons. One of the scariest situations I have seen in a long time is where a ladies keys went missing while she was on a date with a gentleman she met on an internet dating site.

As the lady did not have the keys to open her door, she had to call our 24 hour locksmith service to let her back inside her house. We opened the door for her but that was not the end of her problems although she had a spare key for her locks. Her date had dropped her to her door after their meeting and knew where she lived. Only being on a first date, the lady was not sure of the gentleman’s intentions. If he had the keys to her house then he had access at any time of the day or night.

Luckily this lady was smart enough to have all her locks changed which was an easy task for our locksmiths as she had previously had the locks keyed alike to just the one key. The locks were all changed within an hour and the lady felt much more secure knowing that the old key would no longer open her door.

Our Brisbane locksmiths get called to many situations such as this. Changing the locks after the keys have been stolen is a simple process that not only protects property, it also protects people and can put their minds at ease knowing that they are the only person with a key to their home.

By far the most common situations of stolen keys happen in nightclubs and bars. The theft of a wallet or purse with a key inside is a very serious matter. If you have your identity with your keys, then the thief knows where you live and can have access to your home whenever they please. Changing the locks after the theft of keys and reporting the theft to the police would be the first things I would do in this situation.

I very much hope that people are careful when meeting someone online and take all the precautions they can to be safe.

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How to Pick a Lock

How to Pick a Lock

lock picking made easy

How to Pick a lock

Picking Locks

Picking locks is the technique used to open a lock without a key by lining up all the pins or discs to allow the lock barrel to turn. Well, we have all seen it in movies. You just grab a bobby pin out of your hair and stick it in the lock and Hey Presto!! lock opens… Uhrrrrr If only it was that easy!

So how do you pick a lock? Well if you type “How to pick a lock” into Google you get 121,000,000 results!! So you don’t need me to tell you.  Sites on lock picking are all over the net.  Anyway here is the top YouTube video result for “how to pick a lock”.  This explanation is not from a locksmith!  It is just some guy who bought a lock pick set online!

Well, the reason for this post was not to show you how to pick locks. It was more along the lines of how easy are door locks to pick in Brisbane. I say Brisbane, because the types of locks used for a particular region, city, country, etc differ quite a bit. So lets use Brisbane as a case study, because that is where I live.

I will try to be as honest as I can with regards to just how easy or hard locks are to pick. Even though I pick locks professionally as a 24 hour locksmith, I still have a pretty good idea just how hard it is to pick locks for an amateur lock picker.

Lock pick set to pick locks you can buy online.

Lock Pick Set for sale on the internet

Lock picks and picking tools can now be purchased on the internet which will open a range of locks in Brisbane. Sounds scary? Well, yeah, it is very scary! A lot of people might not know this? Even if they do know, then it might be a case of, well, my neighbors have the same locks. Why would a burglar target my home or business? There is truth to this. A lot of break ins are just random and not targeted. So having a lock on your door that can be easily picked open does not mean you are going to get broken into. Neither does leaving your door unlocked.

Some places are targeted for break and enters. Especially businesses that keep a high dollar value of stock or that are a high value target for thieves. I often see business premises that are locked up with a low quality lock that could easily be picked by amateur thieves.

I was going to try to go through some of the common key operated door locks that are sold at the large chain hardware shops and let you know how hard they are to pick open.  But there is no point to singling out any particular lock.  Truth is, just about all the door locks sold by the major chains are easy to pick with tools readily available on the internet!!
Before information and tools was easily available over the internet, it was a different story. But the truth is the door locks have not changed in their designs. It is not that they are any more insecure then they were 20 years ago. It is just that it is a lot easier to buy lock picking tools and find the information to use them. So I would have to say that most of the door locks sold by major hardware shops are not secure enough to fit to peoples homes or business.

Easy to pick open entrance lock set from hardware

Entrance Lock Set you might buy at a Hardware Shop

There are a few door locks sold by the major hardware shops that are not easy to pick. They are mainly the Lockwood range of domestic locks with Kinetic Defence cylinders. The Kinetic Defence cylinders use a very simple and effective pin design that makes them harder to pick open. Many locksmiths can not even pick these locks and have to drill the cylinder out if they need to open a locked door. Our 24 Hour Locksmith can pick Kinetic Defence lock cylinders, using specialised tools that are not available over the internet.

Lock from hardware shop easy to pick

What are you getting when you buy a lock at a hardware shop?

Is price a good guide of a quality lock?

No! Many expensive key operated door locks sold in hardware shops are still very easy to pick the lock cylinders. Basically most of the pin tumbler locks operate in the same way and these locks are easy to pick with low cost tools.

Can anyone pick a lock?

Yes and no. The tools make it possible for anyone to pick a lock with a little practice. The more practice you have at picking locks, the better you will get. Picking locks is a skill that is learned over time and when you get proficient at picking locks there is a much higher chance of picking each lock you come across. As a professional 24 hour locksmith, our skills at picking locks have to be of the highest standards. We need to be able to pick every lock that we possibly can to perform our job. An amateur lock picker might only be able to pick a percentage of the locks a professional locksmith can.

Are commercial locks any harder to pick?

Lock easy to pick on commercial door

Standard Pin Tumbler Commercial Door lock Cylinder

Many standard commercial locks use the same pin tumbler mechanism as domestic doors. These standard locks are just as easy to pick as domestic locks.
There are of course high security locks that can not be picked with tools bought on the net. Many businesses do use high security lock cylinders and are secure from these types of attacks.
Just simply having a heavy duty shop front lock fitted to your door, does not mean that your lock can not be picked! The lock must be changed from the standard pin tumbler cylinder to a high security lock cylinder that can not be picked.

I have a registered key system.

Restricted registered key lockwood Australia

Registered Key by Lockwood

There are many types of registered key systems on the market. Some use a high security cylinder that is practically impossible to pick. These are the best lock cylinders to have on your doors. Why you would secure your doors with anything less is a mystery to me. The cost is not that high, and the fact that it can not be picked open with tools you buy online makes these locks more then worth their value.
Some types of registered key systems use lock cylinders that are easy to pick. While others are very difficult with off the shelf products you buy on the net. It is very hard to tell the difference between an easy to pick registered key system and a difficult to pick system. It is not about the quality of the lock or price. It mostly comes down to weather the locksmith sold it as a difficult to pick lock cylinder or just a “Registered Key Lock System”. Locksmiths who know what they are doing can make registered keys locks very hard to pick. Sadly, most locksmiths do not ensure registered key lock cylinders are difficult to pick at all.

I have a deadlock on my door

Brava deadlock deadbolt


Ummm Off the shelf deadlocks from hardware shops generally use the same Pin Tumbler Mechanism as other easy to pick locks. Deadlocks with a standard lock cylinder are no harder to pick with a tool bought over the internet then any other type of door locks.

Security Screen Doors

door with security lock

Security Screen Door

I have a $1000 stainless steel mesh door installed. It even stops attacks from “Bowling Balls” 🙂
I love that add!! If ever I get attacked by a bowling ball, I know I will be safe 🙂
Seriously, most of the security screen doors are installed with disc tumbler lock which is almost in the class of “Able to be picked with a bobby pin” These cheaper screen door locks might keep out flies, but spend $5.99 on the internet and buy a lock pick and you will have these doors open in a few seconds.
Screen doors also have a better lock cylinder that can be installed which is a Pin Tumbler lock. These locks are generally a little harder to pick. They are still easy enough to pick with tools you can buy on the internet.
Security screens can be placed onto a high security cylinder that can not practically be picked. You will only find the high security cylinders available from locksmiths.

Electronic locks

electronic lock Brisbane

Electronic door lock with key override

There are still very few homes fitted with electronic locks. Even though they are available at a reasonable price many locksmiths do not recommend them as a good alternative. Most electronic locks have their own unique vulnerabilities for which are not generally in the public domain so discussing ways to defeat electronic locks is out of the scope of this post.
One thing most electronic locks do have in common is that they also have a key override. If the override key is simply a standard pin tumbler lock, then being able to pick these locks is generally as easy as any other pin tumbler lock. This kind of makes any security feature of an electronic lock obsolete.

Electronic locks generally can be unreliable. Batteries go flat and many electronic locks just fail. Most electronic door locks have the batteries on the inside of the door, so a key override lock cylinder is an important feature.

Not all electronic locks are terrible. We fit a range of electronic locks that are reliable. We are careful to select locks that can not be bypassed or easily opened as many electronic locks can.

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Changing locks

Changing locks

Changing locks with a Brisbane locksmith.

Did you know that your locks on your house our unit can be changed to a new key combination. This will stop all the old keys from working in your locks. Here at 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane this is a daily and nightly job for us. Yes, even in the middle of the night people need locks changed. They usually need them changed because someone stole their keys. This can be after they have been burgled or after a break and enter into their home. Sometimes keys are the only thing stolen during a break in. The keys can be used to re enter the house or apartment at a convenient time for the thief especially without the knowledge of the owners or tenants.

Fire Door Lock change locks

Fire Rated Door Lock

When changing the locks on a house or apartment a locksmith usually doesn’t change the entire lock. Only the combination of the lock has to be changed. The lock cylinder is pulled apart and given a new lock combination by a skilled locksmith. Changing the combination of the lock cylinder is generally much cheaper then replacing the entire locks on the doors. Even when new locks are supplied, more often then not they still need to be changed to suit a specific key.

Usually when changing locks it is convenient to have all the locks in a home on the one key. A Brisbane locksmith can change the locks and keys so they all match to the same key combination. A house with quite a few locks can be a nightmare if all the locks are on different keys. This makes finding the correct key for the lock very difficult and requires a large bunch of keys to be carried. When a locksmith changes the locks to the one key he makes the locks no less secure. All the parts inside the lock are still securely locking the cylinder. The lock just has the same combination as other locks in the house.

Even locks of different brands can be placed on the same key. Our Brisbane locksmiths know which locks can be placed on the same key. Sometimes a new lock cylinder will be required in order to have the locks all keyed the same. We carry an extensive range of new lock cylinders for this purpose and can easily swap a cylinder to make all the locks match on the one key. A complete lock may in some cases be needed to match all the locks to the one key. Our locksmiths also carry locks for this purpose. If a non stocked lock is needed, we can order and replace your locks fast.

Locksmith Entrance Door Lock

When changing locks a new set of keys is required. Our locksmiths can cut keys on site for your locks. We can also cut keys to code when needed for specific keying systems. Code keys are more accurate as they are cut to the manufacturers specifications. If you have a worn key or a key that is sticky or clicky, ask our Brisbane locksmith if you need a key cut to code.

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Police want home cameras

Police want home cameras

Just was reading a story from Brisbane Times Newspaper entitled “Improved security behind dropping crime rate, say crims”.  Well, not sure if i agree with them on that topic but that is not what this post is about.   In the Brisbane Times article there was a video.  Not really related to the story. Here is the link to the Brisbane Times story..

police security camera watching Brisbane homes

The police officer Lance Bowman of Calamvale police says “We find that a lot of private residents have CCTV and we can map our offenses such as break and enters and by getting the addresses of where private CCTV is we can put it on our system and overlay the maps so that if we have a break and enter in an area we can overlay where the CCTV is and hopefully catch some images of the offender or the vehicle they were driving in.  It may not be that place that has been broken into, but it may be a neighbour and the offender has to go past that place potentially during the course of leaving or going to that offense.”

So inside a story about dropping crime is the video of how police need private CCTV to catch criminals!

The use of private CCTV in peoples homes is a slippery slope.  Maybe Lance Bowman and the QLD Police have a completely honest and legitimate reason for wanting to use CCTV.  But the abuse of this power is so evident that the people of QLD should be very worried in my opinion.

What happens to the data the police collect?  Do the police have the legal right to people’s CCTV data?  What about voice recordings?  What about cameras inside peoples homes?  Will they sell the data?  Will they track every vehicle with the data? Will they use facial recognition with the data?   Who can access this CCTV data?

So many questions need to be answered on this use of personal CCTV footage.  Do the police expect residents to volunteer the use of their private CCTV cameras? Or are they wanting laws to change to make the camera’s available in peoples homes without a warrant?

What is a CCTV anyway?  Does that give them access to your laptop camera? the camera on your phone? I seriously think the police need to rethink the use of private CCTV.   Better they put their effort into real police work and gain the respect of people in the community.   Police need to grow up and stop training officers to sit on their bums!  Gaining respect of the community is the best police tool police have at their disposal.  Policing is very much a hearts and minds game and seeing the police as Big Brother who is watching the citizens makes them so much less human.  Policing should be about gaining the support of the people, not watching them.




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Electronic Security Vulnerabilities

changing locks

changing locks to the one key

There has been a large increase in electronic locking devices over the recent years.  Some of these locks are quite good and keep things secure.  Unfortunately some electronic locks leave a building vulnerable to a range of attacks.
The price you pay for your electronic locks has no real bearing on the level of security you receive.  This might sound like an odd statement, but it has been proven to be true over and over again.  Some of the most expensive locking devices and installations might leave you open to easy opening techniques that a thief can take advantage of.
While i do not want to get into the particulars of the vulnerabilities of the various locking devices.  There are many reasons why your building may be vulnerable.  Most are very basic security issues such as using the wrong locks with electronic devices, Incorrect installation of the lock and strike,  the locks have not been maintained and leave the door with a vulnerability.
I would recommend getting your electronic locks checked by a professional locksmith who specializes in gaining entry into such doors.  This might sound like a sales pitch, but it can be a serious problem.  The installer of you electronic locking system is probably not the best person to ask on your systems faults.  They are probably not going to point them out to you or they are probably not going to know.  Make sure the locksmith is a professional and is serious about finding your weaknesses.  Many locksmiths will send an apprentice out with little knowledge.  Make sure if you get a locksmith out they are serious about your security.

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