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Cyberlock High Security

Cyberlock High Security

Cyberlock is a stand alone electronic locking system that does not require hard-wiring. A no wiring access control system allows locks to be located in any location such as office doors, gates, glass plate doors and even padlocks. There is no expense of running cables and no power outlets required for any Cyberlock lock.


The advantage of Cyberlock does not stop with a truly wireless access control system.

Until nowcyberlock communications, if you installed different types of locking systems you had no choice except to operate and manage them independently. Sitting side-by-side, the result is more expense, more operational work for facility and asset managers, and more opportunities for security breaches.

Cyberlock Access Control

EKA access control solves this through a system that can deliver single, unified access control. Through a hub called Flex, EKA is able to integrate with and manage any other access control system that uses a Weigand — compatible input device-from RFID, to electronic swipe and HID, Maglocks electronic strikes, and even bio-metric devices.


Thcyber keye EKA CyberKey is an electronic, programmable
smart key that cannot be duplicated. Via a
communicator, each key can be programmed with
the permissions for every system lock a key holder
is allowed to access: what locks the key can open,
as well as the days and times each lock can be opened. In this way, each user only needs one key to access any lock in a system, whether it’s a major entry door, or an obscure and remote cabinet padlock. Because it’s electronic, permissions can be revoked.

cyberlock 590 cylinderAdministrators can set key expirations to occur regularly (daily, weekly or more often) and can also do this on an ad-hoc basis when keys are lost. Each EKA key contains four levels of intelligence: encrypted access codes to ensure the key is from the same installation; the unique ID number of the key; access privileges for the user of the key; and storage of up to the last 3,900 events, both entries and denied entries.

The unique exchange of encrypted access codes between the lock and key gives a high degree of key integrity. The encrypted codes ensure keys from other systems cannot work in your system.


The CyberKey

  • Standard, rechargeable and Bluetooth versions available
  • Permanent memory holds access events, even if battery fails
  • Made from impact-resistant nylon for high durability
  • Cannot be duplicated
  • Can be set to expire
  • Water-resistant, coated electronics
  • Sacrificial brass tip prevents wearing of lock
  • Brass tip easily replaced in the field
  • Will not function once expired
  • Can be programmed for one lock, or many locks



cyberlock padlockCyberLocks are the exact dimensions of the mechanical cylinders they replace. They retrofit into the lock hardware with the ease of a mechanical cylinder, and do not change how the lock operates.

More than 300 existing CyberLock designs enable it to be installed in an enormous variety of interior and exterior doors, padlocks, containers and cabinets. There’s no wiring and no battery. All power is provided by the CyberKey: when a key comes in contact with the cylinder, it powers up the lock’s circuitry so key and lock communicate. If the key is not on the lost key list and the permissions are correct, the lock will open.

cyberlock PD cylinderThe circuitry stores four types of information: encrypted codes that ensure only keys within the system work with the lock; the unique ID number of the CyberLock; a record of the last 1,100 entries; and a list of lost keys to eliminate access by any key that is missing or lost.

cyberlock rim cyliderCyberLocks offer superior physical security. They have no conventional keyway that is vulnerable to being picked plus a tamper plug prevents the lock from opening if the front of the cylinder is struck.

Moreover, if torque is applied to cylinder, the front part separates from the back half. The back half of the cylinder expands, causing a brake effect that engages the sides of the cylinder’s case, stopping the rotation and leaving the cylinder in the locked position.



Cyberlock CyberPointsCommunicators underpin the flexibility of EKA Access Control Solution.

A network of communicators (each communicator can be given an IP address) allows users to validate their CyberKeys without returning to where the EKA software is hosted, instantly downloading audit trail data and receiving updated access permissions. Communicators are also designed to recharge rechargeable CyberKeys.

Communicators are so versatile that they can be mounted almost anywhere, maximising ability to control access to even the remotest assets.Single-key vault cabinet. Remote locations such as maintenance sheds often have many people areas requiring access. By allocating a PIN access code or swipe card to each user, one key is shared among many users, yet every user’s access history can be individually audited.

Cyberlock 20-key vault cabinet.

Ideal for large offices, this intelligent key cabinet stores keys in an inactive state. A swipe or PIN code is required to activate a key, and when staff return keys they are deactivated until they are next retrieved.cyberkey vault

Authoriser keypad.

An authoriser keypad is a durable, weather-proof unit that is fitted to the exterior of a building or facility. Users present their key to the authoriser and enter a PIN code to obtain permission privileges.

Mini keyport.

This smaller version of the authoriser can be employed when the additional security of keypad and PIN codes are not required.

USB station.

In a smaller office, when your EKA software might only sit on a desktop, a simple USB station port is a cost-effective way to authorise keys.

Web station.

Web stations multi-point access and updating via cat-5 are ideal for larger, network server systems.

IR encoder.

This compact USB dongle connects to any CyberKeys via infra-red connection. It’s ideal for remote and mobile workers.

Cyberlock Australian-Government

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Locksmith Brisbane Digital Lock

Locksmith Brisbane Digital Lock

24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane Carbine Digital Door Lock Review


Do you need a Carbine Digital Door Lock installed?  Your 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane is readily available to fit this lock to your door.  It is suitable for most types, so it is a very versatile lock.  These include wooden doors.  Such as doors on your home, office, storerooms, care facility and many more types of doors.

Carbine push button keyless lock

Carbine Digital Push Button door lock. 24 Hour locksmith Brisbane

Around 19,000 combinations can be set with this lock.  It is set using a code change panel on the back of the inside of the main lock body.  Therefore the code can only be changed by unscrewing it from the door, making it unable to be altered by users without disassembly.

It is not complicated to fit this lock to a door.  A template provided with the lock makes installation simple.  Rather then being stuck with a 60mm latch, this lock is also available with a 70mm latch.   Other door locks can be made to match this lock’s backset.   The latch is a purpose made latch , therefore only suited to this particular lock.

The Carbine Digital door lock is handed.  The lever handle needs to be repositioned to suit the handing of the door.  Re-handing this lock is simple and the allan-key required for changing the handing is included with the parts in the box.

If you need this lock fitted in the place of an existing lock then it is one of the most versatile locks for this purpose.  Additionally it matches the footprint of the most common lock types used on wooden doors in Australia.  It can replace most entrance locks, lever handle sets and even tubular deadlocks.  Installation requires an extra hole which would need to be drilled for top of the lever handle.




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Changing remote opening doors

Changing remote opening doors

Need to change Remote?

Remote opening doors in Brisbane are common place. Most garage doors and gates open by a remote control. They are convenient as we do not have to get out of our cars to open the the gate and door.

remote lock changed on gate and garage door locksmith Brisbane

New remotes an be purchased and added into a door in most cases quite simply. Although there are some remote doors that require specific tools and that are not easy to program. Some remotes require the opening of electrical boxes and can be tricky to program.

Most doors have 2 different programming procedures which you will need to know if you are changing the code of the doors. You can either program in additional remote fobs or delete all existing remote fobs before programming. With the robberies in Brisbane it is common practice to delete the old remotes out first. The programming procedure for all doors is very different so you need the correct programming procedure for your door.

Key fobs also are very different. Even if they look the same or are of the same brand it is common that the electronic code is different. Make sure you have the right remote to match your door.

If you are deleting all the remotes from the door try to test with an old remote to make sure they have all been deleted. Some doors give little indication that the remotes have been deleted and it is hard to know if the programming procedure has worked correctly.

Always contact your local Brisbane locksmith for changing remotes on garage and gate remote opening doors.

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Digital keyless lock

Digital keyless lock

New locksmith keyless digital lock for Brisbane

Locksmith in Brisbane fits lock to door no keys. push button lock.

There are many different types of digital locks available for doors in Brisbane. Many have problems with reliability and code manipulation that make them unsuitable for commercial doors and as a lock for any real security situation. Here at 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane we now have a code lock that is very well suited to commercial and domestic situations.

inside handle of keyless digital lock in BrisbaneOur newest code locks are fully BCA complaint. They have an inside lever handle that allows easy exit incase of an emergency or fire. This makes the 3303 series code lock suitable for applications such as storerooms and exit doors where free exit is always required.

As a keyless lock solution there are few locks of this class that have an anti-manipulation design built into their mechanism. The rounded push buttons also make manipulation much more difficult then other versions with square buttons. It is very difficult to feel clicks to find the code and therefore a higher level of security is achieved.

The 3303 series of digital lock is tested and rated for 2 hours fire protection making it suitable for a range of fire doors. The inside handle also makes it suitable for a fire escape door in many situations. If you need a lock for student accommodation, short term stay, or any other type of accommodation where fire safety is required, this is a good choice for ease of access and as a safety lock it complies with fire safety and building codes.

how to changed digital lock

how to change the combination on digital lock

changing the combination on our digital lock is as simple as sliding the tab to set the code.

Changing the code of the 3303 series keyless lock is very simple. The code is changed by removing the lock from the door. There are no additional lock parts to remove and not removing of parts with tweezers. The code is changed by simply selecting the code with slide tabs that can be set to 2 possible positions. There is no need to call a locksmith to change the code of this lock. All that is required is removal of the outside code panel and selecting the code you require. The code can be set to any numbers you require. There are no minimum or maximum codes to choose from as with other code operated locks.

The 3303 code lock can be fitted in the place of most existing knob set locks or deadbolts. Fitting can also be done by drilling the holes which are standard for the most common locksets in the Australian market. By making it easy to install, it is possible to replace most existing locks without any additional holes in the door.

The 3303 code lock can be installed by our 24 hour locksmiths in Brisbane and if you require assistance in setting the code our locksmiths are always available to help you 24 hours a day. If you would like to have a 3303 code lock installed, we have them in stock at all times for fast installation.

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Access Control locks

Access Control locks

Keyless locks and access control

The security measures for households and commercial establishments alike have come a long way from a simple plank barring a door. Nowadays, almost everything that needed even the tiniest bit of effort can now be accessed by a tap or touch of fingertips or even a wave of a hand. Our current technology has made everything so much easier for us, so it’s no surprise that even our own safety, our own security has been made easy as well. Though the standard lock-and-key systems are still being used everywhere, a lot of places have since begun the switch from this seemingly old-fashioned system to the more advanced electronic access control system, a seriously more convenient security system especially for those who can never get to keep their keys in place.
The question is… what is access control?

Access control is defined as the ‘selective restriction of access’. In simpler terms, this particular kind of system determines the people who can enter or exit and where and when they can come or go. This kind of security system is more commonly used in commercial establishments and offices to monitor the comings and goings of employees and consumers or customers alike. A not-so-recent innovation in terms of security, this system is efficient in that it has the power to manipulate exactly who may enter and who may leave, so it hardly surprises anyone to find this sort of system in public areas.

If you’re starting up your own business or putting up your own commercial establishment and are in need of an access control system to monitor your establishment, we here at 24 Hour Locksmiths Brisbane can only provide one particular means that can satisfy you just as easily as a public turnstile system—we’re talking about the Kevo Deadlock from Kwikset. This particular security system is enabled by the Bluetooth app in your smartphone, but that doesn’t mean your smartphone alone can access this specific kind of deadlock. In fact, you can choose to either maintain exclusive control over this deadlock alone or to grant other people’s smartphones access to the same deadlock. To unlock the deadlock itself, all you have to do is tap on the lock on your phone’s screen, and voila, it’s that easy! The mobility and efficiency of this kind of security system for a commercial establishment makes it well worth it.

If you want to know more about how the Kevo Deadlock from Kwikset works, or if you want to have it fitted for your business or for your commercial establishment, you may reach us through our hotline 0431-449-201. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed once you have this system installed in your establishment. It only makes your business’ safety and security much easier to maintain and more efficient.

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