carbine double cylinder deadbolt

Carbine Deadbolt Double Cylinder

Why does the Carbine deadbolt sold by our Brisbane locksmiths sell better then large company brand name locks?

The Carbine double cylinder deadbolt has been one of our best selling deadbolts now for many years. This comes to no surprise to our Brisbane locksmiths. The Carbine deadbolt has many features other brand name locks just don’t have. What you see with locks is not always what you expect.

carbine deadlock for wooden doors. Carbine deadbolt high security Brisbane locksmithsThe Carbine double cylinder deadbolt is easy to install. It comes with instructions and a drilling template. The template can be placed on a door and drill holes marked with a punch. It can also be fitted in place of other locks. The holes match up to a standard entrance lock pattern used on a majority of Brisbane and Australian doors. A 52mm holesaw, 25mm boring bit, hammer, chisel, Philips screwdriver, punch, and drill is all that is needed to install this lock.

The locking bolt for the Carbine deadbolt is made from brass with a hardened steel insert. The hardened steel insert hinders attempts of sawing the bolt in half with a hacksaw or similar tool. The bolt assembly is a heavy duty. It works with a clear, crisp movement and is of high quality.  The bolt can be adjusted to suit 60mm or 70mm backsets.

The inside and outside cylinders of the Carbine deadbolt contain a removable all brass cylinder. The cylinder comes standard with a Lockwood compatible barrel. The C4 keyway of the lock matches the most common keyway used in Brisbane. The cylinder can be easily changed or rekeyed to match another key. It can also be master-keyed as the lock barrel is of high quality with good tolerances.

The lock barrel can be replaced with a high security barrel or registered key barrel. It takes a PD barrel which is a common barrel type used for many other locks in the Carbine range. The entire cylinder assembly can also be replaced with a high security cylinder. A high security cylinder makes the Carbine double cylinder deadbolt much more secure from lock picking and lock bumping attacks.